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These Farscape transcripts were originally posted at the website 'Pure Pilot', which has disappeared from the internet. All credit for the creation of the transcripts needs to go to Pure Pilot. This archive of someone else's labors has been created in an effort to safeguard the Farscape community's past, as well as to provide a much-appreciated resource for authors. Many thanks to the creators of Pure Pilot in absentia for their hard work and attention to detail.

Those of us in the Terra Firma backroom decided it would be a good idea to have Farscape transcripts archived on the site so that as long as TF is around, there will be Farscape transcripts around. We hope that all Scapers will find them useful and enjoy them. There is a link at the bottom to Xenajules2's transcripts which are Season 3 & 4 with a few Season 2 and PKW hour 1.

When we first archived these transcripts, it was done with little editing. Since then, it has been pointed out that some of the descriptive action text within the transcripts leans heavily toward snarky editorial. Good point. Therefore, the Admin Team has agreed that we should edit out some of the more negative descriptive comments. If you see something that takes an unnecessary stab at a character, let us know by clicking on the 'Report Transcript Errors' link on each episode page and provide the passage and episode in question. We won't guarantee that every item reported will be edited since snark can be in the eye of the beholder, but we will look at it and chances are fairly good that we will delete the passage. What we will NOT be doing is rewriting any of the descriptions. This will be deletions only, and we will note where something was removed from the transcript with the comment '[Edited]'

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Premiere Mind the Baby Season of Death Crichton Kicks
I, ET Vitas Mortis Sons and Lovers What Was Lost Pt 1
Exodus from Genesis Taking the Stone Self Inflicted Wounds Pt 1 What Was Lost Pt 2
Throne for a Loss Crackers Don't Matter Self Inflicted Wounds Pt 2 Lava is a Many Splendored Thing
Back and Back and Back to the Future The Way We Weren't Different Destinations Promises
Thank God It's Friday, Again Picture If You Will Eat Me Natural Election
PK Tech Girl Home on the Remains Thanks for Sharing John Quixote
That Old Black Magic Dream a Little Dream Green Eyed Monster I Shrink Therefore I Am
DNA Mad Scientist Out of Their Minds Losing Time A Prefect Murder
They've Got a Secret My Three Crichtons Relativity Coup By Clam
'Til the Blood Runs Clear Look at the Princess Pt 1 Incubator Unrealized Reality
Rhapsody in Blue Look at the Princess Pt 2 Meltdown Kansas
The Flax Look at the Princess Pt 3 Scratch 'n Sniff Terra Firma
Jeremiah Crichton Beware of Dog Infinite Possiblities Pt 1 Twice Shy
Durka Returns Won't Get Fooled Again Infinite Possibilities Pt 2 Mental As Anything
A Human Reaction The Locket Revenging Angel Bringing Home the Beacon
Through the Looking Glass The Ugly Truth The Choice A Constellation of Doubt
A Bug's Life A Clockwork Nebari Fractures Prayer
Nerve Liars, Guns and Money Pt 1 I Yensch, You Yensch We're So Screwed Pt 1
The Hidden Memory Liars, Guns and Money Pt 2 Into the Lion's Den Pt 1 We're So Screwed Pt 2
Bone to Be Wild Liars, Guns and Money Pt 3 Into the Lion's Den Pt 2 We're So Screwed Pt 3
Family Ties Die Me Dichotomy Dog With Two Bones Bad Timing
The Peacekeeper Wars Hour 1 The Peacekeeper Wars Hour 2 The Peacekeeper Wars Hour 3 The Peacekeeper Wars Hour 4
Miscellaneous Undressed Xenajules Transcripts on erpscapers.com
Seasons 3 & 4, with some S2 & PKW hour 1

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