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Hour 4


(cut to the temple: the Diagnosan is passing some instrument over Aeryn's belly; John is walking around taking stock of the situation and ignoring Grunchlk's attempt to speak to him, despite Rygel's weapon being pointed in his direction - finally he reaches D'Argo)

D'ARGO: I just spoke to Pilot. Said he won't be ready till dawn.

CRICHTON: At least a couple of arns. (he goes back to Aeryn who is now clearly in pain, but holding to her pulse rifle) Is there anything I can do to help?

AERYN: I think you've done enough already. If this was a Sebacean child, a pure one, it would've been born long ago. So, how long is this going to take?

CRICHTON: On Earth it can last days.

AERYN: I have killed men for less. (John moves away, understanding she's not well disposed toward him right now)

GRUNCHLK: Hey, baby birthing was not part of the original deal. Hey, we will be renegotiating.

CRICHTON: (he's found Stark, back from his talk with Muoma) How's it going?

STARK: I'll explain the process as best I understand it. When they finish meditating...

MUOMA: We are ready.

STARK: (he approaches her) High Priestess, prepare yourself. (he removes his mask, while she opens her face: the light emerging from Stark's mask is purple-tinged and bathes Muoma's exposed organ; as with Yondalao's passage, the transfer ends abruptly and Muoma's face closes. She gasps in shock and surprise)

MUOMA: The legends are true. Our heritage, Yondalao's knowledge, lies within me.

STARK: It has left me completely. Will you be able to educate the others?

MUOMA: Of course.

CRICHTON: And make peace?

MUOMA: Our numbers are too few. Many more are necessary to make a lasting contribution.

CRICHTON: We might be able to do something about that. (on comms) Jothee, pick up the phone.

NORANTI: Hello, Crichton?

CRICHTON: Noranti, what the hell are you doing?

NORANTI: Rescuing Eidelons. What are you doing?

CRICHTON: Where's Jothee?

NORANTI: Gone on reconnaissance with his men. Their comms are off.

CRICHTON: What's the situation there?

NORANTI: (she's leading a band of Eidelons through another part of the city) Any Eidelon that isn't already dead appears to be hiding with us. Upwards of 100, I'd say. I'm in charge, Crichton. Jothee has made me an honorary commando.

CRICHTON: Tell me he didn't give you a gun.

NORANTI: Most certainly. But pulse packs are in short supply so it's not loaded.

D'ARGO: Moya won't be able to pick them up all together. She'll barely be able to take us.

CRICHTON: Listen, Grandma, call us when Jothee gets back.

NORANTI: There's a lot happening, but I'll try and remember. I have to go now.

CRICHTON: (to Muoma) We can get you 100.

MUOMA: If we were all to be reunited, peace is possible.

CRICHTON: Just keep doing your thing. We'll get you there. (he goes to Stark and grabs him affectionately by the nape of his neck, holding their foreheads together in a gesture very similar to Zhaan's) Fantastic job. You're the Johnny Appleseed of detente.

STARK: Thank you. Thank you. (a bit puzzled) Johnny Appleseed?

(cut to the exterior of the temple: Scarrans and Charrids are grouping for another assault - inside the temple, the Diagnosan is tending to Aeryn, with little or no results)

AERYN: (to the Diagnosan) Enough! Don't touch me! Everything he does causes more pain.

CRICHTON: This woman could chew her own arm off. What is going on?

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

CRICHTON: No, no. No hablo Diagnosan. (to Grunchlk) What the hell's he saying?

GRUNCHLK: The baby's turned round. In a bad way. Tangled in the cord. (angrily) And the translation is extra!

DIAGNOSAN: (making an effort to be speak in their language) Entangled. Breached. Must manipulate.

CRICHTON: But you can fix it, right? (the Scarrans start their attack and the Diagnosan is the first casualty)

GRUNCHLK: They're here!

BRACA: Return fire!

(a violent firefight ensues)

CRICHTON: (protecting Aeryn and starting to fire at the assailants) Aeryn, get down! You have to give birth!

D'ARGO: Key for their muzzle fire.

SGT. LEARKO: Frelling Scarrans!

SCORPIUS: They will charge! Use your weapon!

CRICHTON: Pip, I need your help. (to Aeryn) Stay down!

CHIANA: We're way outnumbered.

CRICHTON: Our number's about to grow by one. Can you help Aeryn?


AERYN: I'll do it myself.

CRICHTON: The baby is breached.

CHIANA: (half angry, half terrified) I can't birth her narl. I don't want a narl. (Aeryn takes advantage of Crichton's distraction to fire a few rounds) I hate narls. I'm still a narl myself.

CRICHTON: You helped Moya give birth.

CHIANA: I blew out a wall and three tiers.

AERYN: I concur.

CRICHTON: The baby's head is up. It has to be down. Don't make any structural changes. (to Aeryn) I'll be right back. (he reaches D'Argo's side) Mind if I borrow your knife?

D'ARGO: Careful, it's sharp.

CRICHTON: How are we looking?

D'ARGO: Stay here. We're not looking too good.

CRICHTON: (to Scorpius and Sikozu) Scarran experts, what are our tactical options?

SCORPIUS: In this position, very limited.

SIKOZU: A distraction and a break. Some make it, some don't.

D'ARGO: We've got to stay. We've got no choice. Pilot isn't ready.

CRICHTON: You heard the man. Batten down the hatches. We stay and defend.

(Chiana is trying to act the midwife, while Aeryn keeps shooting her rifle)

CHIANA: Crichton! Crichton! (John comes back to them) Uncooperative. Twisted up. She's having it.

AERYN: I need you.

CRICHTON: I'm here, baby.

AERYN: I need you to reload my weapon.

CHIANA: If she keeps firing it past my head, I quit!

AERYN: Fine!

CHIANA: Listen, if she doesn't stay still, I can't do this.

AERYN: If I don't fire, we're dead.

CRICHTON: Sweetheart, for once let me cover you. (to Chiana) Can you do this?

CHIANA: Yes. Maybe if she stays still.

AERYN: Shooting makes me feel better.


AERYN: All right! But do it quickly. (she hands her rifle to John)

CHIANA: Come on. One, two, three. (she pushes on Aeryn's belly, making her scream)

JOTHEE: (on comms) Crichton!

CRICHTON: Jothee, you're back. We were worried about you.

JOTHEE: Biggest threat so far is this crazy old witch you travel with. How're things going?

CRICHTON: We're deep in it. We're gonna try to make a break for Moya. You guys got a plan?

JOTHEE: Found a nice Scarran transport vessel. Should hold all the Eidelons.

CRICHTON: Good luck!

(the fight continues unabated, and in some cases it's not firearms only - it's hand to hand combat - cut to Ahkna's command position)

SCARRAN SOLDIER: I believe one of our empty troop vessels is under attack. Comms went silent after an initial transmission burst.

AHKNA: We have others. Ignore it. How long before your engineers are ready here?

SCARRAN SOLDIER: Moments, Minister.

(cut to the temple)

PK SOLDIER: They're charging!

SCORPIUS: Fall back! Reinforce the defense perimeter. Draw them in!

PK SOLDIER: Move back! Move back!

(Chiana is drawing Aeryn toward the fountain - Aeryn has found another gun and rejoined the fight)

CHIANA: Hey, all right, listen. - We gotta get you in the fountain.

AERYN: What?

CHIANA: Into the fountain.

AERYN: You get in. It's the most exposed position, Chiana!

CHIANA: It's better for the baby. It's cleaner, safer. Hey, do you want this thing out of you or not?

(the defense perimeter is breached and Scarran try to get in)

SCORPIUS: Hold your positions and fire!

(the assailants are met by a ferocious resistance: even Rygel contributes - one of the Charrids is tackled by John, who subdues him and throws him into the fountain - so much for Chiana's cleaner and safer. John rejoins the two women, handing back the rifle to Aeryn)

CRICHTON: Hey, you all right?

AERYN: You all right?

CHIANA: Okay. We're gonna get you up, in the fountain.

AERYN: No! (by now she's constantly moaning in pain)

(cut to the defense perimeter, where the survivors are trying to regroup their forces)

BRACA: Build a barricade.

PK SOLDIER: Yes, sir.

(D'Argo sees Sgt. Learko on the ground, mortally wounded)

D'ARGO: Learko.

SGT. LEARKO: Say hello to the... Kliva for me. Tell him... Tell him it was an honor to serve.

(D'Argo closes Learko's eyes, clearly moved - nearby Scorpius notices a wounded soldier collapsed on the ground and holds him up by the collar)

SCORPIUS: Up. Soldier, your wounds mean nothing! Attend to your position!

GRUNCHLK: Crichton! Crichton! Untie me. Give me a weapon. I'll only shoot myself. Honest!

SCORPIUS: Leave the dead! Reload.

GRUNCHLK: (to Rygel, who's pointing his weapon at him, taking guard duty very seriously) Careful.

SCORPIUS: (to Braca) Captain.

BRACA: Yes, sir?

SCORPIUS: We need as many weapons as possible to the breach holes. Sikozu, I have something for you to do. (they move aside)

CRICHTON: (reaching Stark, who's near the Eidelons) Astro.

STARK: We're... Just a few scratches.

CRICHTON: (to Muoma) How long till first light here?

MUOMA: Another arn at most.

CRICHTON: (on comms) Pilot, Pilot, where are you?

PILOT: I am here, Commander.

CRICHTON: Yeah, and when are you gonna be here?

PILOT: Preparations are almost complete. Perhaps in an arn.

CRICHTON: Hopefully we'll be there.

(cut to Chiana and Aeryn, who's in full labor)

CHIANA: Come on, in you go.


CHIANA: Crichton! Crichton! Come on. Come on, in the fountain. (he joins them) OK. Listen, we need raslak. Lots of it. (John finds a flask on the body of a dead Eidelon) Come on, in the fountain. Here we go, here we go. (Chiana takes a long pull from the flask) Okay. I've untangled the baby. You gotta get her in the fountain. She pushes, you pull. I'm done. (Chiana leaves - with the raslak)

AERYN: You're fired!

CRICHTON: Here, get in the fountain. (he tries to help her inside)

(cut to Scorpius and Sikozu, who seem intent in...extra activities in a secluded corner)

SCORPIUS: You like this?

SIKOZU: It's very inventive.

SCORPIUS: I've never met a spy (he throws her to the ground) more resourceful, more tenacious. (he seems to rip something from her back - Sikozu screams) Scarran comms device.

SIKOZU: What did you expect? How long have you known?

SCORPIUS: Long enough for you to service my desires. Unfortunately, your desires no longer serve my needs! (he holds her up by the hair and throws her against a wall)

SIKOZU: They promised to free my people from their servitude!

SCORPIUS: They will not, and you have ruined something unique.

(cut to the fountain: Aeryn is in great pain and is unable to stand still, moving from one side to the other - John removes her gun belt)

AERYN: What are you doing?

CRICHTON: Hold still. All right, Aeryn, we have to get ready. (he gives her D'Argo's knife)

AERYN: Great. I'll cut it out.

CRICHTON: No! It's for your clothes and for the cord.

AERYN: Oh. Right.

CRICHTON: Whoa, whoa, easy, easy. All right, breathe. Breathe with me. Inhale. Exhale. Does anybody have a plan that doesn't involve the word surrender?

BRACA: (he seems more terrified by the sight of Aeryn giving birth than by the idea of a new Scarran attack) There's absolutely no way we can withstand another assault.

D'ARGO: Agreed. Let's go on the offensive. Bring me every weapon we have. I'm gonna create a little diversion.

CRICHTON: Exhale. With me, with me, inhale.

BRACA: (noticing that Scorpius is back - alone) Sir, where's Sikozu?

SCORPIUS: On her final mission for the Scarrans. (as if on cue, the Scarrans begin their attack)

D'ARGO: Get down! Everyone get down!

CHIANA: Too much fun. Can we go now?

(the explosions are giving them no rest - meanwhile, Aeryn's delivery of the baby approaches rapidly)

CRICHTON: I think it's time to push.

AERYN: I can't!

CRICHTON: You can! You can! Push!

CHIANA: (gives a gun to D'Argo) Here!

AERYN: I feel like I'm frelling helpless.

CRICHTON: You're not helpless. I'm here. Come on, push!

AERYN: Wait. Stark!


AERYN: Stark!!


AERYN: Come here.

STARK: Do you want me to take your pain?

AERYN: No. I want you to marry us.



CRICHTON: Aeryn, we can go to Vegas tomorrow.

AERYN: (screaming, both in pain and frustration) No!

CRICHTON: Marry us! (better not to contradict her...)

RYGEL: (approaching them) Wait, wait, wait.

AERYN: What?

RYGEL: (regurgitating something inside his hand) Ah. Here. It was with the crystals. I kept it moist for you. (Stark hands it to John)

CRICHTON: It's my mom's ring.

AERYN: (sarcastic) That's wonderful!

RYGEL: You didn't think I'd go back into that cold ocean for nothing!

AERYN: Quick, quick!

CRICHTON: (to Stark) Come on!

STARK: (mutters some incomprehensible words)

D'ARGO: Idiot! That's a Sheyang prayer for the dead. (Aeryn slaps him, hard)

STARK: (some more incomprehensible words)

CHIANA: Delvian puberty rite. (another slap)

STARK: Okay, okay. You two love each other?


STARK: Enough to be married forever?


STARK: Then you are. Congratulations. (John puts his mother's ring on her finger)

AERYN: Thank you! (they kiss)

(a violent explosion occurs near them, and some rocky debris hit Rygel, who falls unconscious to the ground)

STARK: (runs to the Hynerian's side) Rygel! He's alive!

D'ARGO: Here, stick him in this bag. We'll carry him. (on comms) Jothee! Jothee!

JOTHEE: (he's leading some Eidelons survivors through the city ruins) Father, I don't think we're gonna be able to get to you.

D'ARGO: If we're gonna make it to Moya, it's gonna have to be further away from the battle.

JOTHEE: Can you get past the Scarran lines?

D'ARGO: Yeah, we got a chance. Yes.

(cut to the fountain: Aeryn is by now screaming beyond control)

CRICHTON: Just one more time!


CRICHTON: Now push! Push, push, push, push! Push! Its head. (he takes the baby out of Aeryn and brings it out of the water) Wow! (he cuts the cord, then looks at the baby in wonder - they both do, as if they can't believe their eyes) We have a son. (he laughs) We have a son!

AERYN: We did it.

CRICHTON: I love you.

AERYN: I love you too. (they kiss, while the child looks at them as if wondering what the fuss is all about) Hey. - Could you do me a favor?

CRICHTON: You name it.

AERYN: Can you get us out of here?


(cut to the battle, which is still raging ferociously - it must be a little later, because we see John advance, shooting with both hands, flanked by D'Argo and followed by Aeryn, who's shooting with her right hand, while her left arm holds her bundled baby, and then everybody else - they all make their way out of the temple, killing everyone that tries to bar their way. In perfect mirror motion, John and Aeryn reload their weapons and resume their progress.)

(cut to Ahkna leading her soldiers)

AHKNA: Fall back! Take high positions! Ambush them in the street.

(cut to a deserted street: Grunchlk is making his painful way out of the rubble, when he sees a prone figure - it's Sikozu, hurt but still alive. Cut to another part of the city, seemingly quiet and devoid of Scarrans.)

CHIANA: Frell! Where are they?

CRICHTON: (cautiously advancing and calling on comms) Pilot, we're on the move.

PILOT: I have to bring Moya's propulsion up to maximum to break free of the seabed.

CRICHTON: No one I'd rather have in charge. We'll be there. (the others advance just as cautiously)

D'ARGO: How's your honeymoon?

CRICHTON: Well, the brochure was better.

AERYN: (signalling the people behind her to stop and looking at the ground) There's too many boot prints, and they're fresh. We're not alone. (an explosion rocks the ground, and she motions the others to take cover) Inside!

D'ARGO: Get back! Get back!

BRACA: There's too many!

D'ARGO: Take cover! Come on, go, go, go! (they all hide behind a makeshift barricade)

CRICHTON: I hear Bolivia is perfect for a honeymoon.

(cut to Ahkna)

SCARRAN SOLDIER: They're pinned down, War Minister.

AHKNA: (speaks a few words in Scarran) Supply the troops in the buildings with missiles.

(cut back to Crichton and Co.)

CRICHTON: We get hit with any more of those missiles, and we are Spam!

BRACA: We'll try for that building. Set up a crossfire so we can move.

AERYN: Go! Cover fire now! (they try the sortie, but the Scarrans fire on them mercilessly - Braca is wounded and Scorpius goes to his rescue)

SCORPIUS: Go! Move out!

CRICHTON: All right, one through twenty. Pilot, what's your E.T.A.?

PILOT: We are lifting off now!

CRICHTON: You can be at the cliff when Moya arrives.

SCORPIUS: Not 'til we clear this path!

CHIANA: Oh, that'll be easy.

JOTHEE: (on comms) Sounds like you guys could use some help.

D'ARGO: Son!


STARK: We thought you were gone.

AERYN: How far away are you?

JOTHEE: A lot closer than you think. (the stolen Scarran ship drops its cloak and prepares to fire on the attackers)

D'ARGO: Okay, everyone down, down. Get down! (Jothee lays down a river of fire)

CHIANA: (egging him on) Again!

JOTHEE: You're good to go. I wish I could pick you up. But along the way, I rescued some stragglers. (we see it's Noranti and the surviving Eidelons) You gonna be all right?

CRICHTON: Yeah. Moya's on the way. Thanks for the help.

D'ARGO: I'm proud of you, son.

JOTHEE: Yeah, it's all genetics, Father. It's like the Luxan lottery.

CRICHTON: Okay, get outta here.

JOTHEE: I'll see you weightless.

CRICHTON: Y'all be careful out there. (to Aeryn) That means you. (they kiss) Let's move.

AERYN: We'll wait for a signal. (the baby starts to cry and she soothes him) Shhh! Now you cry?

(they come out of cover and start toward the direction of the terrace: suddenly, one of the Eidelons supporting Braca is fired on, and falls - they are ambushed by Scarrans. Again. D'Argo shoulders Chiana out of the way of an attacking Scarran soldier)

D'ARGO: Chiana! (he engages battle with the enemy, who sticks some sort of pike into his chest)

CHIANA: (alarmed) D'Argo?!

D'ARGO: I'm fine. Fine. (he takes the metal rod out of his chest)

CHIANA: Frell! (she goes on a rampage and attacks wildly the Scarrans - the group manages to repel them once again; suddenly, John is taken from behind by Ahkna herself: she points a gun at his throat)

AHKNA: At least you die. (Scorpius hisses in rage, then a shot is fired, hitting Ahkna - it's Aeryn)

AERYN: It's a boy... in case you were wondering. (the war minister falls to the ground - dead - Scorpius proceeds to finish the remaining wounded Scarrans and Charrids)

CRICHTON: (to Aeryn) We're gonna have to get to the meeting point. (she gives the others the "all clear" signal - D'Argo falls to his knees)

AERYN: (kneels in front of him) Can you make it? (D'Argo shakes his head, "no")

CHIANA: Hurry up! D'Argo, hurry up. Come on. (she reaches his side, hopeful, while Aeryn gets to her feet, having understood there is nothing to be done for her friend)

D'ARGO: None of that. Someone has to be here. May as well be me.

CHIANA: No way. Hey. We'll fix you up.

CRICHTON: We have to go.

CHIANA: You'll be fine. Come on.

D'ARGO: More Scarrans will be here before Moya is. I'll stay, you go.

CHIANA: No! (John and Stark, who's carrying the wounded Rygel, approach)

D'ARGO: Yes. This won't heal. It won't fix. It won't...

STARK: I'll take your pain.

D'ARGO: No. Pain is good. Means I'm still alive. (Rygel holds his hand toward D'Argo)

STARK: Then let me help you to the other side.

D'ARGO: Frell, Stark! This is the other side. I was hoping to go back.

STARK: Come on, Rygel. (he takes the Hynerian and moves on, sadly)

CHIANA: Hey, hey. Come on, let's go.


CHIANA: Let's go!

D'ARGO: Give me some pulse rifles. Give me some pulse rifles!

CHIANA: Okay. (it's John's turn to kneel in front of the Luxan)

D'ARGO: (to John, grabbing his vest) It's gonna get uglier soon. You better get going.

CRICHTON: You're the closest friend I have.

D'ARGO: You could've done better.

CRICHTON: Nowhere in the universe.

D'ARGO: You got a lot of life to lead, John. Do big things. Do me a favor? (they're holding hands)

CRICHTON: Name it.

D'ARGO: Chiana.

CRICHTON: I'll look after her. I'll take care nothing's gonna happen to her.

D'ARGO: (forcefully) Go away. I wanna speak to Chiana.

CRICHTON: (he laughs with his friend at this final misunderstanding) I'm gonna miss you.

CHIANA: Stop it. No laughing. Don't make him laugh. (she moves John away from D'Argo)

CHIANA: Hey, D'Argo, please don't die.

D'ARGO: We all die.


D'ARGO: I love you.

CHIANA: No, no...

D'ARGO: Take this. (he gives her his Qualta blade) Take this, take this.

CHIANA: I don't want it.

D'ARGO: Take it! John. Take it.

CHIANA: Don't leave me.

D'ARGO: I'll find you.

CHIANA: I love you.

D'ARGO: Come on, I'll find you.

CRICHTON: (grabbing Chiana by the shoulders) The first Scarran you see, you tell him who his daddy is. (he drags away the screaming girl and backs off) Tell him, D'Argo!

PILOT: I'm almost to the surface. Moya senses there are still many Scarran attack ships out there.

(Moya emerges from the ocean's floor toward the sky)

CRICHTON: (he's carrying Chiana in his arms) Get ready to jump.

STARK: What?

SCORPIUS: It's safer to fall into the web than risk being scooped up by it.

RYGEL: Give me the baby.


RYGEL: I'll be hovering. I won't fall. He's safer with me. (John nods in Aeryn's direction and she takes the baby's from around her neck and settles him in Rygel's lap - cut to D'Argo: Scarrans and Charrids advance on his position and he starts firing at them)

D'ARGO: I'm your daddy! (he keeps firing and screaming at his attackers, killing them mercilessly)

(cut to the terrace where the survivors are waiting for Moya)

AERYN: Let's do it. (they all get on the balcony's ledge: in the distance, lit by the rising sun, Moya is approaching)

RYGEL: Good luck.

BRACA: We'll need it. (Moya deploys the docking web and the group prepares to jump)

CRICHTON: On my count. One, two, three... jump! (they jump and are caught by the web)

(cut to space, where the battle is still raging: Moya leaves the planet's vicinity at full speed - cut to Pilot's den, where he's talking to John on comms)

CRICHTON: Pilot, have we heard from Jothee yet?

PILOT: Safe. As is the ship they commandeered to rescue the other Eidelons.

(cut to a corridor on Moya, where John and the others are moving toward Command)

CRICHTON: How soon can we rendezvous? We have to get Muoma into play.

PILOT: We can't, Commander. We're on opposite sides of the battle zone. I'm doing all I can to keep us from being destroyed as it is.

(they all reach command: two Eidelons are carrying Braca, and Aeryn recovers her child from Rygel)

RYGEL: I don't care what you say. He's got my nose.

CHIANA: (she's clearly in shock) The frelniks killed my D'Argo.

AERYN: He wanted you to survive. You have to keep your wits. Come on.

SCORPIUS: Even if these three Eidelons on board are enough, I propose...

CRICHTON: Not now! Pilot, have we heard from Staleek or the grand chancellorette?

PILOT: No, Commander.

CRICHTON: (he stops in his tracks, looking at something) How the hell did this get here? (at the center of the Command chamber there is a strange contraption)

PILOT: The DRD's built it to your specifications.

CRICHTON: What changed your mind?

PILOT: Not what. Who.

CRICHTON: (looking at Aeryn, understanding she might be the one who changed Pilot's mind) It's operational?

PILOT: As far as I can tell.

SCORPIUS: This will make a wormhole weapon, yes?

AERYN: I thought this is what you wanted.

CRICHTON: At the time. Not now. Not ever really.

AERYN: Pilot, can we run?

PILOT: We're too damaged to starburst. And the Peacekeepers and Scarrans seem as intent on annihilating us as they are each other.

CRICHTON: (on comms) Jothee, Jothee, can you hear me?

JOTHEE: Pretty tight over here. I can't make it to you.

CRICHTON: Cut loose. Get clear. You understand me?

JOTHEE: Copy. Everybody safe?

CRICHTON: (he exchanges a significant look with Aeryn) It's a little crazy around here for roll call now. Just get as far away as you can. We'll catch up.

CHIANA: (she screams in rage and sticks D'Argo's Qualta blade into one of the consoles in Command, then moves over to John, and grabs him by the shoulders) Hey, come here. Kill the frellniks. And kill their mothers too. If you can kill them slowly, do it.

RYGEL: Back off, Chiana.

CHIANA: (she turns fiercely on him) Keep away! D'Argo's dead. Do you think I frelling care what I do to you?

RYGEL: (calmly) Yes.

PILOT: (from the den) Ka D'Argo is...dead?

AERYN: Yes, Pilot. (her voice breaks) Saving us. (Pilot looks frozen)

(explosions from the battle keep rocking Moya)

SCORPIUS: (whispering) Crichton... (John is half-kneeling on the floor, clearly in turmoil)

AERYN: (she kneels beside him) Is there another way?

CRICHTON: I don't see one. Do you? It's worse than you think.

AERYN: Is it worse than D'Argo being blown to pieces? Is it worse than our son dying? (she caresses the baby's face with a finger) Is it worse than living with this? (she holds his face between her hands, and he briefly squeezes her hands with his, then he gets to his feet and, under the watchful eyes of Scorpius moves over to the machine in the center of the room: some sort of canopy lowers over the his head and chest and he holds two of the bars which slant down from the canopy. He's bathed by a bluish light. He then addresses Scorpius)

CRICHTON: Come here. Closer. (Scorpius now faces him) You wanna see it? The thing you've been chasing my ass all over the universe for? Torturing me, my wife, my friends for? Wormhole weapon. You wanna see it?



SCORPIUS: I beg you.

CRICHTON: That's not good enough. Say please.


CRICHTON: Pretty please.

SCORPIUS: Pretty please.

CRICHTON: With a cherry on top.

SCORPIUS: With a cherry on top.

CRICHTON: Happy birthday. Now get outta my sight. (Scorpius hisses - John activates the machine and the bluish light intensifies - the scene then cuts to Moya's starburst chamber, where energy is collecting and slowly rising from its depths. Cut back to John: a close-up of his eye shows the energy circle of a starburst reflected in it, then the scene shifts to space, where the starburst energy, instead of propelling Moya away, is directed forward - out into space, where a brilliant blue circle forms.) Behold, the wormhole weapon.


CRICHTON: Yeah. Ain't it beautiful? (he comes out from under the machine, and looks outside from the big viewport)

SCORPIUS: Is this some kind of joke?

CRICHTON: Cosmic. Keep watching. Blink and you'll miss it. There. (the brilliant blue circle flares, changes to a yellowish red and doubles its size) Isn't that sweet? Baby's gonna grow. Pilot, are my comms open? It's time for a birth announcement.

PILOT: Comms are open, Commander.

CRICHTON: Attention, ladies and gentlemen, and all ships at sea. If you look out your front window, you will see, by special request, your very own wormhole weapon. (while he speaks, the wormhole doubles again)

CHIANA: Crichton, what's happening?

CRICHTON: The end of all this crap. Hey, Emperor Sleestak, you big upright iguana. What does it look like from the Death Star?

(cut to the Decimator)

SCARRAN OFFICER: Sir, do you wish to respond?

STALEEK: Yes. Increase fire power.

SCARRAN OFFICER: Increased rate of fire.

STALEEK: And begin reverse thrust. Pull us out of here.

SCARRAN OFFICER: Reverse thrust, one quarter.

(cut to Moya)

CRICHTON: Can I get a huzzah from the grand Peacekeeper bitch? Wormhole at 12:00, Lucy.

(cut to Grayza's carrier)

GRAYZA: Ignore that hail. Continue all guns against the Decimator.

PK OFFICER: Ma'am, that object is beginning to exert a gravitational pull on us.

GRAYZA: Steadily retreat while continuing to fire.

(cut to space, where the wormhole keeps widening - cut to Moya)

CRICHTON: Unbelievable. Nobody has anything to say.

RYGEL: How big is that thing gonna get?

CRICHTON: Big. (cut to space: by now, the wormhole looks like a too-near, too-big sun close to the battlefield - cut back to Moya) Okay, boys and girls, here are the rules. Find a penny, pick it up. Double it. You've got two pennies. Double it again. Four. Double it 27 times, and you've got a million dollars and the IRS all over your ass. (Scorpius looks worried) Round and round and round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows. But it all adds up... quick.

(cut to the Decimator)

STALEEK: What do you mean we cannot reverse thrust?

SCARRAN OFFICER: We can't because it's just not working.

(cut to Grayza's carrier)

PK OFFICER: We're trapped here, ma'am.

(cut to Moya)

CRICHTON: Pilot, how you doin'?

PILOT: Acceptable, Commander. Though Moya and I are beginning to question whether it makes any difference. We have tried to retreat from the wormhole, but are unable to escape.

CRICHTON: I know, I know, Pilot. Our destinies are no longer in our own hands.

(in space, the wormhole looks like a slowly spreading conflagration, and it's already engulfing the nearest ships, pulverising them - then it reaches Qujaga and the planet breaks up in big chunks)

MUOMA: Oh, Diminosh! My world..! (Stark moves to hold her, she looks like she's ready to faint)

(cut to space, the destruction on the fringe of the wormhole goes on - cut to the Decimator)

STALEEK: Cease fire! Cease fire!

(cut to Grayza's carrier)

PK OFFICER: Ma'am, your orders?

GRAYZA: Hold all salvos. Silence the guns.

(in space, the center of the wormhole is like a black hungry mouth, rimmed in fire - the scene briefly cuts first to Staleek, then to Grayza watching the destruction operated by the wormhole - cut to Moya)

RYGEL: What have you done, Crichton?

CRICHTON: (angry, and getting angrier) What did you ask me to do, Sparky? "Crichton, please make the wormhole so we can all have peace." "Crichton, you gotta make the wormhole. We all want peace!" "Crichton, make the damn wormhole. We gotta have peace!" (he faces Rygel, screaming at him) How many times did you say that, Sparky? Pip? Wormhole. Peace. Peace. Wormhole. (he now confronts Scorpius) How many times, mister, "I beg you, please with a cherry on top"? (he turns to Aeryn, whispering in a defeated voice) I'm sorry. I tried to explain it. I tried to tell them all.

AERYN: (she knows she has to be strong for him) You do what you have to do.

CRICHTON: Kiss me. (they kiss, while outside the destruction goes on unabated, then they look at each other, desperation in their faces, and at their child; Aeryn gives him a firmly encouraging look and he moves away from her) Here's how it lays out. Are you listening, Staleek?

STALEEK: I am listening.



CRICHTON: (while he speaks, in the background Aeryn is caressing their child tenderly) Wormhole weapons do not make peace. Wormhole weapons don't even make war. They make total destruction. Annihilation. Armageddon. People make peace.

CHIANA: Crichton, can you stop it?

CRICHTON: I don't know, Pip. Maybe it eats the whole galaxy. Monumental black hole. Giant, swirling headstone marking the spot where we all used to live and play and slaughter the innocent.

SCORPIUS: This is insane, Crichton!

CRICHTON: (barking a laugh) God! Four years on and you're finally getting that. (outside, the wormhole is almost upon them)

GRAYZA: You will not go through with this.

CRICHTON: (angry) I already have!

STALEEK: I agree. You are weak. You will not sacrifice the woman and your offspring.

AERYN: Our son will be raised in peace.

CRICHTON: Amen. You hear that, you bastards? All or nothing. Wormhole doubles two more times, Moya goes first. Twenty seconds later, you join us. Either way, this war is over. Peace! (the firestorm at the edge of the wormhole is getting nearer to the PK carrier)

GRAYZA: (caressing her pregnant belly) For the sake of our children, I will agree to a settlement.

STARK: (he's using the same hand gesture before his face which Zhaan used) May the spirit of peace descend on Staleek. May the spirit of peace descend on Staleek.

CHIANA: (holding one of his hands) Say some for me. I don't know any

RYGEL: If it is the largest black hole, then it's a death worthy of a Dominar.

(the wormhole is now near the Decimator, too)

STALEEK: Peace. Agreed.

CRICHTON: (moving toward the machine) The Eidelons participate? A real peace?

STALEEK: Agreed.

GRAYZA: Stop this thing.

(John goes under the canopy and closes his eyes: the blue light envelops his head and he sees Einstein's face, one hand moving toward him - John screams in pain; Moya is about to be enveloped by the wormhole, when it suddenly disappears. There is an explosion at the back of the machine, while John crashes facedown to the floor)

AERYN: (runs to him) John? John?! John! John! (his eyes are open, but he's unresponsive: Aeryn tries to turn him over, still holding the baby, and screaming. Scorpius turns and leaves the chamber) Somebody help me! (they seem too stunned to move) Somebody help me! (Chiana and Stark break away from their shock and go to her) Somebody help me! Wake up! Wake up! No!

(cut to space: Moya, a PK carrier and Staleeks' Decimator are floating close - cut to Moya's interior: the corridors are a shambles, thrown equipment everywhere, sparks flying, pools of water on the floors. In the room where John is lying motionless, we see a close-up of his face: the eyes are open, but he's not *there*; in Command, the peace treaty is being signed by Staleek and Grayza, with the supervision of Muoma and the Eidelons. Scorpius looks meaningfully first at Grayza, then at the Emperor: both of them appear uncomfortable under his satisfied stare. In John's room, Stark is talking to him)

STARK: Crichton, (he sits beside the bed) whenever we cross paths, I leave the encounter transformed. And no more so than on this occasion. Thanks to you, I have found my own internal peace. (he takes away his mask: no more bright light shining from his face, only what looks like scar tissue) Remember me, John. (he places the mask under John's hand) Till we meet again. (he gets to his feet and leaves, briefly squeezing Aeryn's shoulder: we see now she was in the room - she looks hopeless, but she touches Stark's hand in return)

(in another chamber, Jothee is asking Chiana about D'Argo's death)

JOTHEE: Did he suffer?

CHIANA: Are you kidding? They suffered.

JOTHEE: Are you going to Hyneria? (she nods, and then she turns toward him: she's crying. She then hands him D'Argo's Qualta blade)

CHIANA: He wanted you to have this.

(cut back to John: in a flash we see the inside of his mind - he's in a white room, reminiscent of the final scenes from "2001", wearing a space suit, and Harvey is lying in a bed, like a dying man: his leather mask is whitish-gray, instead of the usual black, and he's dressed all in white)

HARVEY: I had toyed with Slim Pickens on the bomb. Yeeeh ahh! But this feels far more appropriate to the moment. Don't you think? Now that Einstein has removed all wormhole weapon knowledge, my purpose is fulfilled. We've done everything we can together, John. Somehow you'll have to make all your future decisions on your own. (at the foot of the bed there is a black monolith like in "2001") My eradication program has begun to remove all vestiges of me. Soon... I'll be nothing but a pleasant remembrance... of the good old days. (Harvey raises his hand toward John, who stands silently at the foot of the bed, the monolith at his back) Good-bye, John. Thanks for your memories.

(back to the unconscious John: Aeryn is speaking to him, in a tired, broken voice)

AERYN: You did it, John. There's no more dying. You know, it's strange. It almost took me losing this little one to fully understand motherhood. (she's holding the baby in her arms, while sitting on the bed beside John) And I love it. (she kisses the baby's forehead) And all of a sudden three is not such a scary number. (she places the baby beside the unresponsive John) Here we go. Shhh... But no matter how wonderful this is, I will not accept it as a trade-off for losing you. (adjusting the cover around the baby, she gets to her feet and moves a few paces away; suddenly, John takes a startled breath and turns on his side, seeing the baby)

CRICHTON: What are you doing here? (he softly kisses the baby's head, while Aeryn, from her place of observation, watches them with a hand on her mouth to repress her joyous sobs) Boo! Did I scare you? 'Cause you scared me. Shh...Crichton's don't cry...often...or for very long. Where's your mother? (Aeryn now smiles through her tears)

(cut to the terrace: John and Aeryn enter, with the baby in her arms)

AERYN: That's it, open your eyes. You see all these stars? They're yours.

CRICHTON: Except that one. That one's yours. Here. Let's do this.

AERYN: (she hands John the baby) There you go.

CRICHTON: Come here, buddy. Yep. (he places the baby on some sort of altar, covered in soft blankets - they both look at the baby, then John gives Aeryn a nod)

AERYN: Your father and I want you to have the name that means courage and strength. So we have chosen D'Argo Sun Crichton. (there are tears in her eyes)

CRICHTON: Little D, we don't know what life has in store for you, but whatever it is, you'll figure something out. (they smile at each other)

AERYN: But you will never walk alone.

CRICHTON: And God willing, you'll never know war. Instead... (he holds D'Argo up) Come here. Your mother was right.

AERYN: Your mother is always right.

CRICHTON: Get used to that. You ready? (he holds the baby higher, facing the vista of stars from the terrace) This is your playground.

(the camera pans away from Moya and we see the Leviathan move among the stars)

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