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Hour 3


(Previously on Farscape: quick takes from Part 1 bring us back to speed)

(in the cell where the prisoners are being held - and gassed)

AERYN: Breathe, Rygel, breathe. Rygel?


AERYN: He's unconscious. (Aeryn lifts Rygel's body out of the expanding gas) I'm gonna have to get him up, get him out of this gas.

CRICHTON: Gas. Is this stuff flammable?

SCORPIUS: Metaplast preservatives? Combustible. At a very high temperature.

CRICHTON: (grabbing Sikozu's arms) You can ignite it?

SIKOZU: The gas is smothering my receptors.

CRICHTON: Come on, we're gonna get you to higher ground. On my count. One, two, three! (he pushes her up toward the ceiling and Sikozu does her "gravity center shift", hanging down from it)

AERYN: So basically you're going to blow us up.

CRICHTON: Whoa! Whoa!

SIKOZU: I can direct it. Find cover. (the others flatten against the far walls, and Sikozu ignites a ball of fire in her palm, hurling it at the cell's door, which promptly explodes, throwing the Charrid guards to the ground and introducing the title sequence)

(cut to Staleek's command center)

STALEEK: What was that explosion?

AHKNA: Internal. Level 21.

STALEEK: Insurgency teams to containment quarters. All teams, now!

(cut to the Luxan ship)

SGT. LEARKO: Explosion amidship on the Decimator.

D'ARGO: Crichton!

(they lower their invisibility shield and start firing on the Decimator - cut to Staleek's bridge)

STALEEK: Those are not internal.

SCARRAN OFFICER: All systems off-line.

(cut to the exterior of the cell: the prisoner are escaping, Crichton has Rygel in his arms and Aeryn carries the tissue transferral device)

AERYN: Stark, weapons. We all need weapons.

CRICHTON: (holding a weapon in Stark's direction) Feel like killing someone? (Stark growls angrily) Okay, maybe not. (he keeps passing the weapons they acquired to his companions)

SCORPIUS: (he carries the inert Sikozu on his shoulders) We need more than weapons. We need a plan.

AERYN: We have to transfer the baby.


AERYN: His pulse is slowing. He's dying.

CRICHTON: Okay, okay.

D'ARGO: (on comms - while they talk the scene shifts from the Decimator to the Luxan ship) John, Aeryn, are you there?

CRICHTON: I'm hearing dead people. D, how are you alive?

D'ARGO: Long story. Can I give you a ride?

CRICHTON: Absolutely. In what?

D'ARGO: It's gonna be a big surprise. You stay put. We got a fix on you. We'll come to you.

CRICHTON: Right. You heard him, folks. This is the Alamo.

JOTHEE: Brace. (the Luxan ship lands on the Decimator's hull and extrudes some sort of boarding grapples; an explosion clears the way to enter the Scarran ship) Go! (the Luxans initiate their attack, and Jothee addresses Chiana) Chiana, call Peacekeeper Command, confirm our coordinates. Go!

CHIANA: (looking a little bewildered) Good luck.

(cut to the Decimator: the Luxans are making their way inside - cut to Staleek's command)

SCARRAN OFFICER: Luxan commandoes confirmed aboard, sir.

STALEEK: Secure my ship!

(back to the corridor outside the cells: John is feeling Rygel's pulse)

CRICHTON: Aeryn, we gotta hurry. I'm losing a pulse here.

SCORPIUS: Here they come!

AERYN: Ready when you are. (John is preparing the transferral device, while the other engage a fire battle with their jailers)

CRICHTON: Man, am I glad you're not awake for this. All right. You might feel a little pressure. (he clearly inserts one end of the device into Rygel, who screams in pain) Hold still. Hold still!

(cut to a corridor: Ahkna and several guards are moving toward the cell block)

STALEEK: (on comms) War Minister Ahkna, report.

AHKNA: Positioning to cut them off now!

(back to the cells)

CRICHTON: I'm really sorry about this, baby.

AERYN: Just get it right the first time.

CRICHTON: Nobody gets it right the first time.

AERYN: (firing a few shots down the corridor) Wait! (she stops just long enough to let him use the device, under the curious and bewildered stare of Stark, then she grunts in pain)

CRICHTON: Are you okay?

AERYN: (smiling) I'm pregnant. (John smiles at her, and they kiss)

SCORPIUS: I'm running out of ammunition.

SIKOZU: As me. (the firefight goes on furiously)

AERYN: (to John) Well done.

CRICHTON: Thank you.

(cut to the Luxans, progressing through the ship's corridors, then back again to Crichton and the others)

CRICHTON: Rygel, you all right?

RYGEL: (exhausted and hoarse, but clearly relieved) Thank you.

CRICHTON: He's out again.

STARK: What is this? Whatever you put in my head is gonna explode!

CRICHTON: You're not gonna be the only thing around here exploding if D'Argo doesn't show up.

D'ARGO: (speaking through the grate in the floor: he's on the deck under them) Stop acting like a bunch of losers and look down!

CRICHTON: Hey, the cavalry's here.

D'ARGO: Okay, stand back. (the Luxans fire their weapons at the grate, with no results) It's no good. We can't get through.

AERYN: It's Dorian ore. It's pulse resistant.

CRICHTON: How are we supposed to get to you?

D'ARGO: I don't know. All the lifts are sealed. We better make it quick. Our surprise is wearing off.

SCORPIUS: (rips the cooling rod - it's now bright red - from his head) Stand aside!

D'ARGO: (understanding that Scorpius means to throw the rod at the grate) Get back! (the grate explodes)

CRICHTON: All right, ladies and children first. (Aeryn jumps through the hole, and runs to D'Argo's side, kissing his cheek)

D'ARGO: You look great.

AERYN: I'm pregnant again.

D'ARGO: Congratulations.

STARK: (backing away from Crichton's helping hands) Don't you touch me! (he falls backward through the hole)

CRICHTON: (sending Rygel, throne and all, toward the waiting hands) Catch! (to Scorpius) Feel free to stay and cover our retreat. (he jumps down, and finds himself face to face with Jothee) Holy crap! It's good to see you, Jothee.

D'ARGO: Yeah, who'd have guessed?

JOTHEE: Good to see you too. We done?

D'ARGO: Quick! Go, go, go, go!

(they start retreating toward the Luxan ship, and keep firing at the Scarrans and Charrids trying to stop them.)

D'ARGO: Get out! Go! Get outta here! Move, move!

(cut to Staleek's command center)

STALEEK: Damage repair immediately. The Peacekeeper armada is sure to be on its way. And we are sitting fodder! Move!

(cut to the Luxan ship: our heroes are at the airlock)

JOTHEE: Coming through!

AERYN: (pushing Rygel's throne sled inside) Here.

JOTHEE: Go, get in! (they pile inside the ship, and one of the Luxan soldiers is wounded by a firing Scarran, who's killed by the rest)

CHIANA: (closing the airlock door) You guys are a mess. (the ship detaches from the Decimator's hull, engaging its engines)

SGT. LEARKO: Everybody hang the frell on!

CRICHTON: (to Jothee) You've grown, dude.

JOTHEE: Yeah? Well, it's the armor. I'll take over, Sergeant. You take care of the engine.


AERYN: (to Jothee) So was this a planned reunion? (he doesn't answer, neither does D'Argo, looking halfway between angry and embarassed)

CHIANA: Hey, Stark! (the Banik wards her off, he looks very agitated)

CRICHTON: (to Jothee) You got any backup out there?

JOTHEE: Well, they can't maneuver or fire so we're good to go.

AERYN: Nice work, Kliva.

JOTHEE: Yeah. Well, the old man had a lot to do with it. (D'Argo looks on him darkly)

(cut to the Decimator)

SCARRAN OFFICER: Peacekeeper armada confirmed on scanned perimeter. (Staleek send a reproachful look at Ahkna, who hangs her head)

(cut to Moya: in the maintenance bay, Sikozu is repairing Scorpius' cooling system)

SIKOZU: Tell me. When will we stop following this Human and start imposing our agenda on him?

SCORPIUS: (breathing in relief, now that the rods are working again) We already have.

SIKOZU: Crichton insists he will not build a wormhole weapon. He insists he can't.

SCORPIUS: Human insistence. Nothing more than a futile attempt to avoid action they insist they will never take!

SIKOZU: He will help us?

SCORPIUS: Never. (he takes down the shoulder straps in Sikozu's top - she smiles) But he will help Aeryn and his new child.

SGT. LEARKO: (his voice reaches D'Argo through comms in Moya's Command, while the Luxan ship leaves the hangar bay) Luxan penetrator out and away. See you back in on Qujaga.

D'ARGO: Safe journey. Can I speak to Jothee?

JOTHEE: (appearing at his shoulder) Sure. You need a guide to get through Peacekeeper-controlled space.

D'ARGO: (walks a few paces away, not facing his son) Chiana was the first person since your mother that I really cared about.

JOTHEE: I'm glad you and Chiana are back together.

D'ARGO: Day by day. Trust takes time.

JOTHEE: Yes, it does.

(cut to John and Aeryn's quarters: she's sleeping and it must be a few days after, since her belly is quite distended by advanced pregnancy - Aeryn scratches it absently while turning in her sleep; John sits at the table, near his chess set, but he's deep in thought. He sees flashes of the destruction of the Scarran Dreadnought operated by Talyn John, superimposed on images of the sleeping Aeryn - then we see him in the Center Chamber, looking on a distraught Stark)

STARK: I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. Can't do that, can't do that. I can't do it.

(cut to one of the hangars: John, wearing his leather duster, is approaching his module, lightly caressing the fuselage as he walks; he looks pensive, and determined, then he starts the engine, and we see the module leave Moya. D'Argo is in command, hailing him, and Aeryn joins him.)

D'ARGO: John, where are you going? John?

AERYN: John, we can see the comms are open. Would you answer please? (John hears them all right, and he cuts the comms)

D'ARGO: John!! (from the main screen they see a wormhole opening, and the module entering it)

AERYN: Frell! (cut to a video transmission from Braca, still stationed on Qujaga the message is directed to Maryk's carrier, now under Grayza's command)

BRACA: Scarrans continue to fight. It is clearly Staleek's vanguard. We're outnumbered and under attack. The command carrier is heavily damaged. We are unable to defend it.

PK OFFICER: (approaching Grayza) Ma'am, the grand chancellor is dead.

GRAYZA: A great tragedy for our people. Arrange a ship-wide memorial service. And set a course for Captain Braca's location immediately.

PK OFFICER: With respect, ma'am, High Command is sending Vice Chancellor Vosler...

GRAYZA: Don't let the belly fool you, Lieutenant. You were aware of my status?

PK OFFICER: Commandant, ma'am.

GRAYZA: Within this battle group, who outranks me?


GRAYZA: Then send apologies to the vice chancellor for the extra distance he will have to travel. And set a course for Captain Braca's location now.

PK OFFICER: Ma'am. (he prepares to relay her orders)

(cut to Staleek's Decimator)

AHKNA: Your assumptions were correct, Excellency. My spy informs me that the water planet Crichton previously visited was populated by a species called Eidelon.

STALEEK: (rising from his throne) Yes. Same as the frelling creature they brought on board to cloud my mind.

AHKNA: Obviously a plan to defeat us with trickery.

STALEEK: All speed to the water planet. Crichton is no longer our only threat. Inform me when every single Eidelon is dead. (Ahkna nods)

(cut to the wormhole John has created: he's travelling through it, and it soon becomes clear his destination is the Ancient Einstein's realm. John lands in the usual ice and snow-covered island)

CRICHTON: Einstein! It's time!

EINSTEIN: (appearing out of nowhere at John's back) Indeed.

CRICHTON: Unlock the knowledge. I have to make peace.

EINSTEIN: (slowly approaching John) Time...



CRICHTON: Bandits.


CRICHTON: Wounds all heels.


CRICHTON: Rosemary and...


CRICHTON: Time ends.

(Einstein reaches out to touch John's forehead - cut to the wormhole opening again near Moya: the module comes out of it - cut to Moya's corridors: John is stumbling through them, and is met by Scorpius)

SCORPIUS: Crichton, you possess it, don't you?

CRICHTON: (fending him off angrily: there is a wound over his left eyebrow, and it's bleeding profusely) Don't... touch me!

SCORPIUS: The secret to victory. The violent path to peace. (he's gloating, and John keeps backing away from him - sudden cut to John's mind: the location is what appears as a construction site, John and Harvey are wearing business suits, and Harvey arrives in a limo, with two women, and dons a hard hat)

HARVEY: Congratulations, John! Damn, it's big! It's bigger than big! (he unrolls some blueprints on the car's hood - behind them is a big sign) These wormhole weapon plans are complicated. But I think we can build it to budget.

CRICHTON: My head is killing me.

HARVEY: Give the man a hard hat. (one of the women complies, and John, whose forehead is wounded as in real life, throws the hat away) Oh, you MBA types.

CRICHTON: I didn't get this for you.

HARVEY: Ladies. This project, John, is for both of us. "Coming this year, Wormhole weapons to the stars. Harvey and John's Construction and Engineering. " (the sign comes completely into focus, while the two women make some sort of "presentation show")

CRICHTON: John and Harvey.

HARVEY: I can make us a new sign. You agreed to do the job, John. Now we gotta build it.

CRICHTON: We're on my time table. You're fired! (cut back to reality: John's walking alone on Moya and he's met by an angry Aeryn - they reach their quarters)

AERYN: John! You went there, didn't you?

CRICHTON: I went the whole way there.

AERYN: I didn't want you to do that.

CRICHTON: Yes, you did. Everybody wants to see the great big wormhole weapon.

AERYN: No, I want to see war turned into peace.

CRICHTON: (he's thrown off his duster and makes a move toward the washbasin, to take away the blood, probably, but stops and turns to Aeryn) War and peace. War and peace. Did you know that Woody Allen's version is better than Tolstoy's because it is funnier? And absolute power corrupts absolutely. (he searches the room until he finds his journal) Where the hell's my pen? Where's my pen?

AERYN: This is what you want. This is what YOU want!

CRICHTON: No, Aeryn, it is not what I want! It's just that fate keeps blocking all the exits. And no matter what I do, I just keep circling closer to the flame.

AERYN: Then pull back. (she sits on the bed, with some difficulty because of her big belly) This war is not your responsibility.

CRICHTON: (he's kneeling in front of her) You and the baby are my responsibility. And how am I supposed to protect you from the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans and the Tregans and the lions and tigers and bears? (takes out Winona) With this? This gun? No gun is big enough.

AERYN: We still have Stark and the Eidelons.

CRICHTON: It's not enough. (throws down Winona and opens the journal in front of her face) This, THIS is enough. Wormholes. What's inside my head. This is ugly, and it is malignant. - But it will protect you and the baby...

AERYN: Ah, you see? You don't just protect me. We protect each other. (she stops: clearly she's feeling something from the baby) Did you feel that?

CRICHTON: (his hands are on her belly, and he looks almost reverent) It kicked.

AERYN: I can really feel it alive inside me.

(cut to the Center Chamber: Chiana is trying to feed an unresponsive Stark as if he were a baby; nearby Rygel is sobbing)

CHIANA: Here, Starky.

JOTHEE: (about Rygel) I don't remember him being like this.

CHIANA: Nobody does. Toad, what's with the waterworks?

RYGEL: I miss the baby!

JOTHEE: What baby? He had a baby?

CHIANA: It's kind of a twisted story.

STARK: (still staring into space, but making sense) It's the chemical imbalance in his system from carrying the child. He will recover eventually. (even Rygel is surprised enough to stop crying)

CHIANA: Stark, are you all right?

STARK: I'm...quite...fine.

(cut to Pilot's den - John is showing Pilot a projection of the wormhole equations, with the help of 1812)

CRICHTON: I can't do this without your help, Pilot. Yours and Moya's.

PILOT: This will be used as a weapon, against others?

CRICHTON: Worse case scenario, yeah.

PILOT: If I understand correctly, it has the power to kill tens of thousands.

CRICHTON: (turns 1812 off) For starters.

PILOT: Are you capable of using this?


PILOT: (lowering his head and looking troubled) Then I don't know you as I thought. (first John rests his head on an arm, then takes Winona and points it at Pilot) So you'll be starting with me then? (his voice is calm but there is a trace of contempt)

CRICHTON: Someone points a gun at your head, Pilot, what do you do? What do YOU do? You defend yourself. And that is why we have to build this.

PILOT: No one has a weapon pointed to your head.

CRICHTON: God, Pilot! Everybody's got a weapon pointed at my head!

PILOT: There are other options.

CRICHTON: Why don't you explain that to the millions of people who will die in the meantime.

PILOT: Is that truly your concern? Or is it Aeryn and your un-birthed offspring you wish to protect?

CRICHTON: That's my family, Pilot. (he goes over the console and stands beside Pilot, placing both hands at the sides of its head) Everything begins with family.

(cut to space: Moya is coming out of starburst, and is fired on by several small ships cut back to the den)

PILOT: Scarrans!

(cut to space, where a battle is raging between Scarrans and Peacekeeper - cut to Command, John arrives on the run while some explosions rock the Leviathan)

CRICHTON: What the hell is happening?

AERYN: We're in a crossfire.

CRICHTON: What are the Scarrans doing here?

D'ARGO: Pilot, get us out of here.

CRICHTON: How're the Eidelons holding up?

PILOT: Their city is also under attack.

(Moya is violently rocked by the attack: evasive maneuvers don't seem to have any effect)

D'ARGO: Pilot!

PILOT: There are too many of them!

RYGEL: What? No hailing? Not even on our part to surrender?

(suddenly, something changes in the noise of Moya's progress through space)

D'ARGO: Pilot, what are you doing?

PILOT: Not me! It's Moya!

(cut to space, where we see Moya passing through the combatants and heading toward the planet at breakneck speed)

SIKOZU: She's heading into the ocean!

CRICHTON: Crap! (pushes Aeryn against a wall, and tries to shield her with his body) See? Fate.

(everybody is tossed about by the explosions and Moya's dive and then the Leviathan plunges into Qujaga's ocean - a few rivulets of water start seeping inside, the amount ever increasing - the light are critically dimmed)

RYGEL: Can Moya do this?

D'ARGO: She's done it. She should be watertight.

RYGEL: Should be?

CRICHTON: Harpoon holes notwithstanding.

SIKOZU: Don't fool yourselves. The pressure differential down here compared to the vacuum of space is huge! We will flood!

AERYN: Pilot, where is Moya intending to go exactly? (no answer) Pilot?

(cut to the ocean's floor, where Moya settles heavily with a dull thud)

D'ARGO: Welcome to the bottom.

CRICHTON: Pilot, we have light showers in here. What are we seeing everywhere else?

PILOT: (from comms) Sikozu's assessment is accurate. Many tiers are taking on water.

AERYN: If we're going to make peace, we have to get Stark to the Eidelons.

D'ARGO: Okay. How do we get back to the surface?

CRICHTON: Transport pod.

RYGEL: If Moya's not watertight, then transport pods won't be either.

SIKOZU: Well, we'll have to make one watertight. Come along.

(there's a roaring sound, and everyone realises one of them is missing)

AERYN: Where is Stark?

D'ARGO: Stark!!


PILOT: I can't locate him, Commander.

D'ARGO: Chiana?!

CHIANA: (from one of the corridors, already flooded to mid-calf) Yeah, right here. Don't get your mivonks in a twist.

D'ARGO: Are you all right?

CHIANA: Yeah, I'm fine. But Stark went completely fahrbot when he heard the Scarrans blowing the Hezmana out of the Eidelons.

D'ARGO: Where is he?

CHIANA: Don't know. I'm on tier 7. Hard to track him through the water.

D'ARGO: I'll check the lower tiers.

CRICHTON: I got topside.

AERYN: We're going to need more weapons on the surface. I'll raid the armory.

CRICHTON: Right. Be careful.

AERYN: I'm pregnant, not incapacitated, John.

CRICHTON: Right. Pregnant. (cut to another corridor, where John is searching for Stark: it's dark and he proceeds with the help of a flashlight) Come on, Stark! Give it up! You act like you're high half the time, but we got an ocean ten feet above our heads. Holy crap. Anybody see him yet?

(the others answer from different parts of Moya, amid more or less intense waterfalls)

CHIANA: Nope, but when I do you're gonna know because I'm gonna rip his arm out.

D'ARGO: Well, he's not on the lower tiers hammond side.

CRICHTON: All right, D. You go to the bow. - I got the aft.

D'ARGO: My pleasure.

CRICHTON: Stark, I know what you're feeling. You got something in your head that everybody wants. Something that...never should've been there in the first place. I promise you, we'll get it out. (John mutters to himself) We damn well better get it out.

(cut to PK battle group - Grayza's carrier)

PK OFFICER: Approaching water planet. One damaged command carrier on scans. Multiple Scarran ships bombarding her.

GRAYZA: Do we have surprise?

PK OFFICER: From all indications, no cannons swivelling to our vector.

GRAYZA: Have you isolated the emperor's vessel?

PK OFFICER: Not yet.

GRAYZA: Then target all craft equally. Shock wears off quickly, ladies and gentlemen.

(cut to Moya in her underwater hiding place - inside the search for Stark continues)

CHIANA: Hey, D'Argo, you know how I change my mind about things sometimes? I get so excited. I say I'm gonna do it and I really...frelling mean it. And then I change my mind completely.

D'ARGO: (stops his search to look her in the eyes) Yes.

CHIANA: Hyneria. (she turns to face him too) I'm gonna do it... with you. - You know why?

D'ARGO: Because you like Hynerians?

CHIANA: Not so much. But I like you. (D'Argo turns her face toward him and they kiss)

(cut to Pilot's den: Aeryn is assembling some weapons, while she talks to her child)

AERYN: Can you hear that? (a DRD whizzes past on some errand) That's just the sound of a DRD. (a distant rumble) And that is the sound of our ship, Moya, under pressure. And the sound of an AKR maximum load ammo pack (she sniffs the cartridge before pushing it into the firing chamber) being chambered into a full-grade field ranger pulse pistol. (she holds her belly, in discomfort more than pain)

PILOT: Are you all right?

AERYN: Yes. The baby is just kicking a lot. (she gets to her feet, somewhat awkwardly) I should go and help find Stark.

PILOT: (hesitant) We said no to John.

AERYN: I know.

PILOT: Moya and I will have no part of mass murder.

AERYN: None of us want to, Pilot. But if we don't, the outcome will be worse.

PILOT: Are not Stark and the Eidelon preferable to the wormhole weapon?

AERYN: Of course, but I'm not sure they can do it. (another sign of discomfort, the baby must be kicking again) You know, we all want the same thing, Pilot. Peace.

(cut to a cargo area: crates and other things are floating in the rising water)

D'ARGO: Stark! Stark!

STARK: (from a dark corner of the room) Hello, D'Argo.

D'ARGO: (on comms) I found him. He's in the lower maintenance bay.

STARK: I'm sorry I ran like I did. It was mindless of me.

D'ARGO: Are you okay?

STARK: Fine actually. Remarkably fine given the responsibility that now resides within me.

D'ARGO: (he keeps approaching Stark, but carefully, as if afraid he might bolt again) So it worked? It's inside you?

STARK: Yondalao's knowledge.

D'ARGO: Stark, we really have to get outta here.

STARK: We're in awfully deep, aren't we, D'Argo?

D'ARGO: Please, Stark, we have to go.

STARK: Water.

D'ARGO: Yeah, there's lots of water.

STARK: More water. (an explosive geyser of water erupts from the floor behind them, and sends them flying)

D'ARGO: Get down!

PILOT: Hull breach on the lower tiers where D'Argo and Stark are!

AERYN: John?

CRICHTON: I'm close and moving. (he runs through the corridors)

CHIANA: D'Argo! D'Argo! (she, too, is converging toward the bay)

CRICHTON: D'Argo! Stark! (he sees Chiana) Pip! Where are they?


CRICHTON: (points in D'Argo's direction - he's lying unconscious over some crates) Here. Over here!

CHIANA: D'Argo, no.

CRICHTON: Look after him. Stark! (he searches the room, then sees Stark lying face-down in the water, the light from his face acting like a beacon) Stark! (John takes the Stykera out of the water, and covers his face with the mask - Stark gasps a lungful of air)

STARK: Thank you.

CHIANA: (to D'Argo) Are you all right? Are you all right?

D'ARGO: (whispering, and a bit groggy) I saw the most amazing thing before I almost died.

CHIANA: What? The vision? The light? Your ancestors?

D'ARGO: No. I saw a big wall of water and the ground as my nose was scraping along the floor. (they both laugh in relief)

CRICHTON: (still holding Stark out of water) Your light. It's not your regular brand.

STARK: Eidelon. Crichton, I'm not afraid anymore.

CRICHTON: Hold that thought 'cause we're going to the surface.

(a pod leaves Moya for the surface - cut to Staleek's Decimator)

STALEEK: (seeing the PK battle group) Grand Chancellor Maryk. Get us into that battle! Nothing matters but the carrier. (Ahkna leaves to relay his orders)

(cut to Qujaga: the pod has landed and the Moyans disembark)

CRICHTON: (to Aeryn) You all right?

AERYN: It's beyond me why women would choose to do this more than once.

CRICHTON: They say three is the magic number.

AERYN: Three is a scary number.

(Scarran small aircraft pass overhead, firing)

D'ARGO: Come on, move! Let's go! Stark, come with me.

AERYN: Stark!

STARK: We're too late.

D'ARGO: We don't know that yet. Come on.

CHIANA: Where are the Eidelons?

SCORPIUS: The Scarran term is nullified.

JOTHEE: (opening his comms) Sergeant Learko, this is Kliva Jothee. Sergeant, are you there?

SGT. LEARKO: (the Sergeant and another soldier come down from the cliff on ropes) More like here, sir.

AERYN: What's the situation?

SGT. LEARKO: Scarrans control the whole of the city. Isolated pockets of Peacekeepers, but they're being steadily neutralised.

CRICHTON: What about the Eidelons?

SGT. LEARKO: Slaughtered, even in surrender. The rest of our men are on the other side of the city searching for survivors.

CRICHTON: We have to get Stark to them.

SCORPIUS: (on comms, while Aeryn moves the bewildered Stark in a more secure position) Captain Braca, are you still alive?

BRACA: Very much so, sir. Good to hear your voice.

SCORPIUS: Your location?

BRACA: The great temple. We're holding out with a band of Eidelons. My requests for reinforcements have been unheeded.

SCORPIUS: There's some on the way right now. Stay tight.

BRACA: Yes, sir.

CRICHTON: Let's move. (to Scorpius) You're on point.

JOTHEE: Sergeant Learko, you go with him. Stark is now our number-one priority.

RYGEL: Stark? How's that for an inversion of normalcy!

D'ARGO: Jothee, don't get shot up too much.

JOTHEE: I was thinking the same thing about you, old man. (they smile to each other)

(cut to Staleek's command center: he addresses Ahkha who's sitting on his big command chair.)

STALEEK: Why can we not immolate that city?

AHKNA: Weapons systems lock is inoperative from the Luxan attack, Excellency.

STALEEK: Excuses aside, I want every single Eidelon eliminated.

AHKNA: (she nods respectfully) It is being attended.

STALEEK: (pushing her roughly back into the chair) That chair becomes you. Reports from prior to our arrival suggest that Crichton and the Leviathan perished in the ocean below. Would you agree?

AHKNA: I would rather have his head as proof.

STALEEK: Once the Peacekeepers have been defeated, I intend to oversee larger galactic governance issues. (while he speaks, she gets to her feet) Bring me Crichton's head and all differences between us will be resolved. (he pushes her again into the seat) Paving the way for you to assume my position, Empress Ahkna. (she nods, preening)

(cut to Qujaga: the Moyans are walking carefully through the war zone - small fires and debris are everywhere)

SIKOZU: Why no opposition on this path?

SCORPIUS: Scarran shock teams containing a small number of troops, delivering a high body count.

SGT. LEARKO: Looks like they went street by street. Extermination pattern.

D'ARGO: Now they're down there. (they all watch from some sort of panoramic terrace at the devastation below them)

CHIANA: How hard's it gonna be for everybody to leave each other alone?

STARK: Impossible, I'd say.

RYGEL: (to John and Aeryn) I would like you to name the baby Rygel.

AERYN: Maybe... if it's a girl.

CRICHTON: All right, folks, when things go to hell in a hand basket, we meet here. It's a good spot for Moya to pick us up with the docking web.

D'ARGO: Okay, everyone, let's move out. (they resume their progress through the war-torn city)

SIKOZU: Very impressive subjugation.

RYGEL: I dread my cities looking like this.

(John notices a strange bundle of rags from which a leg emerges and he calls Aeryn's attention on it: removing a cloak they find Grunchlk and everyone targets him with their guns)

CRICHTON: Hi, Grunchlk, going somewhere?

GRUNCHLK: Oh, I suspect you have some serious issues.

CHIANA: Shoot the traitor.

GRUNCHLK: I'm not a traitor.

SIKOZU: Someone relayed our location to the Scarrans after we left.

GRUNCHLK: Someone else.

AERYN: Have you signalled to anyone that we're here?

GRUNCHLK: Signalled? (he points to his back, where a wound is visible through torn clothing) I'm trying to get away.

SCORPIUS: (none too gently, he examines the wound) From a Scarran weapon.

CHIANA: So? We use that trick all the time.

GRUNCHLK: Look, Missy New Eyes, my dealings with the Scarrans are purely financial.

D'ARGO: Okay, enough talk. Either we kill him or we take him with us.

CRICHTON: Take him.

SGT. LEARKO: Scarrans.

AERYN: Okay, get down. (they hide among the rubble: a contingent of Charrids, with two Scarran soldiers, approaches and moves past them)

CHIANA: We can take those slegnots on.

D'ARGO: A pulse blast would bring 100 Scarrans. They don't know where we are. I wanna keep it that way.

RYGEL: (to Grunchlk, who's trying to put his hands on some food) Don't move.

GRUNCHLK: There's enough here for both of us. (Scorpius grabs him by the wounded shoulder and Sikozu silences his howl of pain with a hand on his mouth - Sgt. Learko gives the all clear)


(the group proceeds cautiously toward the temple)

BRACA: (on comms) Scorpius, there's movement outside the temple.

SCORPIUS: Yes, Captain, we're on approach so hold your fire.

BRACA: Thank Juka. We were worried it was another Scarran insurgency team.

SCORPIUS: Braca, open the door! (the temple's door is raised from the inside and they enter: the situation inside appears quite grim)

BRACA: Good to see you. You're the reinforcements?

CRICHTON: No, we're the band. Looks like Kiss was your opening act.

D'ARGO: Frell, I'm in the wrong band.


BRACA: Six of our troops, two trained Eidelons, four others who refuse to bear arms. The Diagnosan, minimal munitions.

CHIANA: At least the Scarrans don't know we're here.

D'ARGO: Let's keep it that way. Sergeant?

SGT. LEARKO: (pushing Grunchlk toward the PK soldiers) He's a spy. Watch him.

GRUNCHLK: I am not a spy! (he appeals to the Diagnosan) Doc!

(cut to Ahkna and a Scarran contingent, moving through the city's streets)

AHKNA: Emperor Staleek, I report, my spy is trapped inside one of the city's largest edifices. Most interestingly, with Crichton.

STALEEK: So, he lives.

AHKNA: Rectified shortly.

STALEEK: I continue to keep your future seat warm for you.

(cut to the temple)

CRICHTON: Stark, you're the reason we came.

STARK: (to Braca) Is Muoma here?

BRACA: Yes, she's around the corner. (to Scorpius) Do you have a plan?

CRICHTON: We had a good plan till your guys shot us down. I don't suppose they'd loan us a ship, would they?

BRACA: No, I'm afraid Commandant Grayza's focusing on other issues.

CRICHTON: (surprised and annoyed) Grayza...! Grayza...!

BRACA: The grand chancellor's dead.

AERYN: I suggest we observe operation silence. Fortify our defences. (she looks down: a puddle of water has collected at her feet) John!

CRICHTON: Doc! Your water just broke. That means the baby's coming. Doc!

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

CRICHTON: Big baby. That's good.

AERYN: The timing isn't.

SIKOZU: Considering the amount of fire power it take to drop a single Scarran, we're in trouble.

AERYN: We should disassemble the weaker munitions. Make our own shock grenades. (she lets the Diagnosan lead her away for examination)

CRICHTON: Arts and crafts. She's gonna be a great mom.

D'ARGO: She's right about the fortifications.

PK SOLDIER: Captain Braca, Scarrans.

BRACA: Take cover!

CHIANA: Small arms, but a lot of weaponry.

D'ARGO: Everyone, help me close up this door!

(everyone prepares for the coming assault, while Ahkna and her men approach)

SCARRAN SOLDIER: War Minister, the structure is surrounded and primed for takeover.

AHKNA: Excellent. When we attack, the Peacekeeper female is to be left for me.


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