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Hour 1

October 17 & 18, 2004 - US
January 16, 2005 - UK

Writer - Rockne S. O'Bannon & David Kemper
Director - Brian Henson

Cast (Order of Appearance)
Ben Browder . . . John Crichton
Claudia Black . . . Aeryn Sun
Anthony Simcoe . . . Ka D'Argo
Jonathan Hardy . . . (voice) Rygel XVI
Rim McCunn. . . Caa'ta
David Franklin . . . Braca
Wayne Pygram . . . Scorpius/Harvey
Linal Haft . . . Maryk
Gigi Edgley . . . Chiana
Paul Goddard . . . Stark
Hugh Keays-Byrne . . . Grunchlk
Melissa Jaffer . . . (voice) Noranti
Raelee Hill . . . Sikozu Shanu
Sandy Gore . . . Muoma
Lani Tupu . . . (voice) Pilot
Rebecca Riggs . . . Grayza
Stephan James King . . . Pikal
Francesca Buller . . . Ahkna
Duncan Young . . . Staleek
Tammy McIntosh . . . Jool
Ron Haddrick . . . Yondalao
Nathaniel Dean . . . Jothee
John Bach . . . Einstein


(The scene opens on a black background and dripping water, then we see the form of John Crichton, lying on a bed - maybe asleep, maybe not, since there are cuts and bloodstains on his face. Aeryn's voice cuts in, clearly tired and subdued, while the camera walks us through Moya's corridors, which look devastated, debris lying everywhere, sparks flying from broken conduits)

AERYN: You did it, John. All fighting has stopped. There's no more dying. (her voice breaks, she seems barely able to control herself) And all of a sudden...three is not such a scary number. (cut back to Crichton, still motionless on the bed: it's clear something has gone quite wrong) But no matter how wonderful this is, I will not accept a trade-off...for losing you.

(space: a Saturn-like planet circled by a ring of asteroids. While the titles roll, the Scarran armada comes into view and then, from the depths of the ring, the PK carriers emerge and the battle is engaged. The action then shifts to an underwater scene: Rygel is swimming, looking for what appear to be crystals; he picks them up from the sea bottom and from the nearby rocks, then he eats them - adding also a small red and white striped fish for good measure. Finally he surfaces toward a waiting boat)

D'ARGO: I've got you. (hauls Rygel aboard the vessel)

RYGEL: Thank you ever so for your kind assistance.

D'ARGO: Always anxious to lend a hand to a Dominar.

RYGEL: (while Noranti solicitously dries him off) So often I've proclaimed having a belly full of Crichton and Aeryn. Never thought it would be so literal. (to everybody's disgust he throws up his 'catch' on the barge's deck)

CAA'TA: What did you call their species again?

NORANTI: (sucking on one of the crystals, as if to taste it) This is Crichton. He is called a Hoo-man. (another crystal, same procedure) And Aeryn, Sebacean. Definitely Sebacean.

D'ARGO: Rygel, do you have all the pieces?

RYGEL: From under every rock, every crevice, I sifted the bottom sand with my bare hands! Look at my nails!

ALIEN2: Caa'ta, the Leviathan ship has returned. Their transport pod is approaching.

CAA'TA: Order the concealment canopy lowered.

(the boat speeds toward an island, until now rendered invisible by some force shield, while one of Moya's pods comes into view, heading for the same island.

Cut back to space, aboard a PK carrier: Braca crosses the deck while conveying information)

BRACA: Sir, another deep-space contact from Peacekeeper Strategic Command. It's Grand Chancellor Maryk...again.

SCORPIUS: (looks very annoyed, but his voice sounds genially respectful) Grand Chancellor.

MARYK: (more than angry - furious) Where the Hezmana in my orders did you find the phrase "preemptive attack"?

SCORPIUS: The Scarrans are massing for an impending onslaught we all know is coming! A conflict we are ill situated to win. By challenging them before they are prepared, we have a fighting chance.

MARYK: You were sent to gather surveillance—

SCORPIUS: With all due respect, sir, I was sent here to perish at the vanguard of this inevitable conflict. I simply refuse to participate on their terms - or yours!

MARYK: Because of your actions, the Scarran Empire has declared war against us. Do you know what that means, Scorpius? We are now officially engaged in the last war of our era! Congratulations.

(back on the water planet, D'Argo, followed by some of the alien inhabitants, runs to meet Moya's pod, from which an exultant Chiana emerges, launching herself in the Luxan's arms)


D'ARGO: Chiana! Your eyes?

CHIANA: I can see again, D'Argo!

D'ARGO: What happened? How?

CHIANA: He, He gave me n-new eyes.

(Stark descends the pod's steps)

STARK: We found one, yes.

CHIANA: Stark and I found a Diagnosan.

(the Diagnosan comes out of the pod, but misses his footing and falls head over heels down the steps)

D'ARGO: What's wrong with him?

(the last passenger disembarks, an old acquaintance)

GRUNCHLK: Nothing's wrong with him! He's fine.

D'ARGO: Grunchlk, I thought you were dead...

GRUNCHLK: Dead? Me? Hardly at all.

(cut to a big room on the island, full of strange machinery and big vats with plants submerged in water: at the center of the room a device which is twirling the recovered crystals)

NORANTI: (to the Diagnosan, who seems to be playing with them) Those crystals are people's lives. Stop waving that thing around.

D'ARGO: This had better work.

GRUNCHLK: You're lucky to have him, mate. Diagnosans, they're at a premium. Especially now that there's a war on.

D'ARGO: What war?

CHIANA: The Peacekeepers and the Scarrans have declared war against each other.

D'ARGO: Do the Peacekeepers know what they're getting into?

GRUNCHLK: The Scarrans didn't give 'em much choice. They were already taking the galaxy by force. System by system.

D'ARGO: A galaxy-wide war.

(cut to space, where PK and Scarran ships are engaging each other furiously)

PK OFFICER: The Scarran vanguard has breached our defense perimeter.

(Sikozu comes into view: her hair is short and spiky, and her scant leather uniform shows a number of tattoos on her back)

SIKOZU: We've drawn them in sufficiently. The trap is set.

SCORPIUS: (to Braca, commanding a Prowler detail) Captain, initiate the plan exactly as I instructed.

BRACA: All pilots, deactivate targeting in-flight systems.


BRACA: We fly manual from here.

SIKOZU: Fly straight in. Their targeting telemetrics will be corrupted at least two degrees off center by the ambient magnetics. You dare them to hit you.

(the scene shifts from the carrier's command deck to open space, where Braca's Prowler squadron is committing to a new maneuver, coordinated by Scorpius and Sikozu)

BRACA: Red Team, move close to my left flank. Blue Team, on right. Upon signal, execute tiered attack on lead Scarran Dreadnought. Confirm.

PK OFFICER: All armada ships now taking heavy fire, sir.

SCORPIUS: Only for the moment. Stay positioned.


(the attack seems to be successful: the Prowlers advance on the Scarran ship and come quite close, then start to shoot)

(meanwhile, on the water planet, all is ready: two levers are brought together and horizontal bands of light course through the crystals, which are distinctly taking the shape of John and Aeryn as they were when they were disintegrated at the end of "Bad Timing". A few seconds and they are back to life, still kissing - D'Argo exhales a satisfied, relieved breath; they the couple understands something is amiss, and they both react drawing their guns)

CAA'TA: Lower your weapons.

CRICHTON: How long? (while he and Aeryn ask questions, they cover the room with their guns, in perfect synchronicity)

D'ARGO: About 60 solar days.

AERYN: Where?

CHIANA: Still on the water planet.

CAA'TA: Put your weapons down now!

CRICHTON: (to D'Argo) Bad guys?

D'ARGO: Yes and no. They did help us put you back together.

AERYN: Put us back together?

CHIANA: They said it was an accident. You were crystallized.

CRICHTON/AERYN: Crystallized?

CAA'TA: Last warning.

(there is a very tense moment, both John and Aeryn look reluctant about surrendering their weapons, unsure as they are of the situation, then John seems to reach a decision and lets go of his pulse pistol, and the aliens disarm him and Aeryn)

CRICHTON: (to Aeryn) You said yes.

AERYN: I did?

CRICHTON: Sixty days. Any regrets?

AERYN: No. It's going really well.

CRICHTON: Hey, we're gonna get married!

CHIANA/D'ARGO: Congratulations!

(back again on Scorpius' command carrier: Braca is back from his mission)

BRACA: Sir, you were absolutely correct. Their pilots and gunners were no match for ours.

(Scorpius is clearly distracted, his concentration turned inwards, then he holds up his hand, as if to silence Braca)

SIKOZU: Scorpius?

SCORPIUS: Prepare to withdraw.

BRACA: What?

SCORPIUS: The rest of the armada is to continue to engage the enemy, covering our escape.

BRACA: But, sir, we're winning—

SIKOZU: Without this carrier, all remaining units—

SCORPIUS: My orders are clear.

BRACA: Sir, you're asking us to withdraw our troops, our ships, our—

SCORPIUS: (grabs Braca's uniform and growls) Yes! That's it!

BRACA: Plot an escape route! Close hangars! Rig for maximum speed.

SCORPIUS: He is alive, Sikozu. (holds up Sikozu by her waist and sits her on a console, looking triumphant) John Crichton is alive.

(on Qujaga, the water planet, John is being interrogated by Caa'ta and a female alien - High Priestess Muoma)

CAA'TA: One more time. Begin again.

(sitting down in front of a metal grille, with barely controlled impatience, he starts to relay his story)

CRICHTON: Fine. For the 89th time. Once upon a time, there was a boy named John. And John was an astronaut. He lived in a faraway place called Earth. (we see images of the launch of the Farscape One) Which is so far away, you've never heard of it. One day when John was out doing astronaut things, a big blue wormhole gobbled him up and spat him out at the far end of the universe. (footage of John's arrival through the wormhole, during the battle between the PK and the escaped prisoners on Moya) Things were looking grim in Mudville - (he calls to Earth, still hoping to receive an answer) Canaveral? Till our hero met an amazing living ship, (D'Argo roughly grabs him) made some nice new friends (Rygel spits on him) and he hooked up with his dream girl. (first meeting with Aeryn, who promptly throws him to the floor) We could've lived happily ever after, but the Peacekeepers raped, chased and tortured us for years on end. (PK soldiers marching through Moya's corridors, Grayza's rape of John. Images of the Aurora Chair and Crais ordering: - Fire!)

Then two months ago, we got our asses shot off again. This time it was the Scarrans, (Staleek, looking very menacing) big reptiles. Oooh! And Moya, our living ship, limped her way to your happy planet for a little R&R. Because we figure, it's empty! Hey, no one is gonna bother us.(John and Aeryn on the boat)

CRICHTON: We're gonna have a baby! Will you marry me?


(back to the present)

Next thing, me and the future Mrs. Crichton are having a private moment when you guys fly by. (the alien ship shoots them, breaking them into crystals) Boom bada-bing, squiggly line, squiggly line. Crystallized. And it's two months later. (the aliens look at each other, and at him, and John is clearly at the end of his patience) What?

(Grand Chancellor Maryk's carrier)

MARYK: (reading a report) Retreating.

PK OFFICER: Scorpius has powered off his onboard beacon. We have no way of tracking him.

MARYK: Broadcast this order. Highest priority. The instant his command carrier is spotted, it is to be fired upon. No hailing, no offer to surrender. I want this coward Scorpius and all who fly with him erased from existence!

PK OFFICER: Aye, Chancellor.

(while they talk another figure joins them on the command deck: at the beginning we see only a very pregnant belly, then Grayza comes into view)

GRAYZA: Scorpius is many things, Maryk. None of them good. But a coward? Never.

MARYK: He has initiated this war, and then turned and run! How do you define cowardice, Grayza?

GRAYZA: Grand Chancellor, (she joins her hands as if in prayer, using a very conciliatory tone) please consider my counsel on this carefully. Hatred of the Scarrans is Scorpius' sole consistent trait. There is something else.

MARYK: Perhaps. But my orders stand. (Grayza does not look pleased)

(on Qujaga, Aeryn is laying on a bed, being examined by the Diagnosan)

CRICHTON: Funny how?

AERYN: Different.

CRICHTON: Different how? Like ice cream cucumber different?

AERYN: I don't know. That's why I'm here.

CRICHTON: All right. Everything is gonna be okay. Do you know why? Because we're done. We're checking out...Finito! Next Ferengi we see, we run. No questions later. From this moment on, (Aeryn playfully runs a finger on his lips, and he, just as playfully, nips at it) my one concern, my life is you and our baby.

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

GRUNCHLK: Are you sure?

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

AERYN: What?

CRICHTON: What..everything all right? She all right? The baby all right?

GRUNCHLK: Doc says he doesn't know what you're talking about. There is no baby.

AERYN: What?

CRICHTON: Whoa, whoa! What do you mean, no baby?

GRUNCHLK: Ah, if there was a little passenger before, it ain't aboard the train no more.

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

GRUNCHLK: Doc says you...never were preggers. (Aeryn divides her attention between the Diagnosan and Grunchlk, looking incredulous)

AERYN: I was.

CRICHTON: She was! She was preg... You were pregnant?

AERYN: (angry, now) I was pregnant!

GRUNCHLK: There is no baby. No nothing.

CRICHTON: Whoa! (he takes hold of her arms) We were in pieces, thousands of pieces.

(cut to the village's central plaza - D'Argo is eating)

D'ARGO: Rygel said he got every single piece off of the ocean floor.

AERYN: Rygel?

D'ARGO: He was very thorough. We made sure of it. Even carried the pieces up in his stomach to make sure he didn't drop them.

(John and Aeryn look at each other and leave at a run - we see them again in the previous chamber, while the Diagnosan examines Rygel)

GRUNCHLK: (to Rygel) Congratulations, mate. You are a mother!

CRICHTON: Oh, no! (hides his face in his hands)

GRUNCHLK: - It's all right. The wee babe is doing just fine.

RYGEL: Yes, but it's doing just fine inside me!

CRICHTON: This is not happening.

AERYN: (grabs the Diagnosan forcefully) Do something!

GRUNCHLK: (tries to detach her from his charge) Hands off, missy.

CRICHTON: (blocking his arm before he can reach Aeryn) Whoa!

GRUNCHLK: The fee. The fee is going up.

CRICHTON: You take it out of him, and you put it back in her.

AERYN: Whatever it takes.

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

GRUNCHLK: Doc won't do it.

RYGEL: Won't? I want this thing removed immediately.

CRICHTON: (angry) It's not...a thing!

RYGEL: Fine. (dripping sarcasm) I want this miracle of life the frell out of me!

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

GRUNCHLK: All right. At the end of the first quadmester. The baby's too small now. Fragile.

RYGEL: First quadmester? Give me a drink! Ohhh!

(in the central plaza the Moyans are sharing a meal)

CHIANA: Hey, princess, the narl's in your stomach? Drad. What does it feel like?

RYGEL: You tell me. (He hits Chiana with his fork)

AERYN: (grabbing his hand and plunking a plate down in front of him) Hey!

CHIANA: Frell! Rygel!

RYGEL: Weeber eggs? I hate them.

AERYN: Apparently babies love them. Seriously, Rygel, what does it really feel like?

RYGEL: Like having a parasite, a large parasite that's growing!

(one of the aliens brings some plates of food, unceremoniously shoving Noranti aside and giving them a nasty look, not the first one they have received from their hosts)

CRICHTON: Okay, what did we do to piss off the locals?

D'ARGO: They're paranoid.

STARK: No, wrong, not paranoid. I've been talking to many of them.

RYGEL: Stark our ambassador? No wonder they're avoiding us.

CHIANA: So, what's their problem then?

STARK: Fear. Abject fear.

NORANTI: Of what?

STARK: Their fear extends to the point of not talking about their fear.

D'ARGO: Perfect. Let's not exacerbate it by staying any longer.

(Chiana's new eyes let her see the energy inside the aliens' weapons)

CRICHTON: D'Argo, beyond that concealment canopy is Armageddon. Do we really wanna fly into that right now?

D'ARGO: I'll ask 'em if we can stay. They're not gonna like it.

STARK: So what should we do in the meantime?

CRICHTON: We get married.

AERYN: What?

CRICHTON: (with a satisfied smile) Now.

NORANTI: You will make a beautiful bride. I will see to it. (Aeryn smiles uncertainly)

(cut to Staleek's Decimator - Ahkna approaches the Emperor)

AHKNA: Emperor Staleek.

STALEEK: What is it?

AHKNA: We have received a deep-space comm cipher.

STALEEK: We receive tens of thousands...

AHKNA: This is from a most unexpected source. With a most unexpected message. It is about John Crichton. The sender knows the Human's current location, an out-of-the-way water planet. No defenses to speak of.

STALEEK: Do the Peacekeepers have him?

AHKNA: Not yet.

STALEEK: Your source, is it reliable?

AHKNA: At the moment, impeccable.

STALEEK: Have a course plotted. We will send a full battle contingent.

AHKNA: A full contingent for one man?

STALEEK: Not for the man. For the knowledge he possesses.

(back on Qujaga - the preparations for the wedding are underway)

CRICHTON: (to High Priestess Muoma) It's very generous of you to do this for us.

MUOMA: It is the first time I have presided over the union of soldiers.

CRICHTON: We're not soldiers. (pointing in the direction of Caa'ta) In fact, he's the only one carrying a gun.

CAA'TA: Either way, your petition to remain among us is being denied. On conclusion of your ceremony, you will all leave.

CRICHTON: Right. (to Muoma) If you don't mind my asking, who are you hiding from?

MUOMA: Everyone.

STARK: (coming at a run from a side corridor) Aeryn's coming! The bride! The bride!



CRICHTON: Come on! (he, D'Argo, Stark and Chiana move toward the place set aside for the ceremony, and John tries to position his friends in prearranged places)

D'ARGO: Okay, are you relaxed?

CRICHTON: I am relaxed.

D'ARGO: I've heard the key in these things is being relaxed.

CRICHTON: I am relaxed. Stand here. Stand.

CHIANA: Wha.. what about me?

CRICHTON: You're right here. Good.

CHIANA: Okay, perfect.

CRICHTON: (to Stark) What are you doing? No, no!

CHIANA: Stark!

(Aeryn comes in, preceded by Noranti who is scattering flower petals. She's in her usual PK leathers, the only concession to the occasion a red flower over her right ear)

STARK: Oh, she looks so...

D'ARGO: Beautiful.

CRICHTON: (with a half-shy, half-satisfied smile) You look great.

AERYN: (clearly uncomfortable) You owe me.


MUOMA: Is there a particular invocation you would like me to use?

CRICHTON: (clapping his hands, looking both happy and embarrassed) Yeah, um... Dearly beloved. (Chiana mimics his gesture)

MUOMA: "Dearly beloved."

CRICHTON: (with a brilliant smile toward Aeryn, who looks at him smiling) We are gathered here.

MUOMA: "We are gathered here."

CRICHTON: Beneath this magnificent... (he turns to look up at the suddenly darkening sky, the outline of a PK carrier breaking out of the clouds; Aeryn raises her own eyes and completes the sentence)

AERYN: Command Carrier.

ALIEN: Take cover in the temple!

(the wedding party starts moving in several directions, most of the Qujagans clearly in a panic, some angry)

D'ARGO: Peacekeepers.

CAA'TA: Lies. All lies!

MUOMA: They seem to know exactly where we are. How, if the concealment canopy is still in place?

CAA'TA: They know because we have been betrayed.

CRICHTON: (grabbing Stark) Stark, go with them. (to Noranti) Witchiepoo, you go as well.

NORANTI: What should we do?

CRICHTON: Convince them it's not our fault!

AERYN: (to Chiana) Hide Rygel. Guard him with your life.

(cut to space, where a smaller vessel detaches itself from the carrier, heading for the planet)

STARK: (following the Qujagans while they run into some sort of hiding place) It's not our fault. It's not our fault. We knew nothing about this. Crichton will fix it. He'll fix it. I assure you.

CAA'TA: (to Noranti) Come on, old woman.

NORANTI: (she's examining some wall engravings, oblivious to the general panic) Now, that's familiar. Why do I know that?

CAA'TA: (grabbing her roughly and pushing her into the hiding place) Now!

NORANTI: (she looks around and something in the architecture of the place quick-starts her memory) Oh. Eidelons. Of course! Eidelons! (to Muoma) Eidelons. You're Eidelons.

MUOMA: Yes, we are. (the vessel from the carrier is landing in the central plaza of the village, John, Aeryn and D'Argo approaching to meet it)

CRICHTON: You know who it's gonna be, don't you?

D'ARGO: I know who it is.

CRICHTON: Bet me. Come on, "D," bet me. How much?

D'ARGO: You're on your own, my friend.

(a panel lifts from one of the landing struts, revealing Scorpius and Sikozu)

SCORPIUS: Hello, John.

CRICHTON: Easy money.

SCORPIUS: Apologies if this is a bad time, but I believe we need to talk.

CRICHTON: How did you find me?

(Scorpius taps a finger against his forehead, and with a cracking sound we're suddenly inside John's head: the setting is a studio, with a big blackboard filled with equations, over which is a portrait of Albert Einstein; Harvey is dressed like a "professorial" suit and has mustaches a mop of hair closely resembling those of the real Einstein)


HARVEY: (speaking with a fake German accent) I vould prefer to be called Albert.

CRICHTON: No. Invisible sidekicks that only I talk to get called Harvey. How the hell did Scorpius find me? He does not play dice with zee universe. He has a great plan, John. But his mysteries unfold slowly. Perhaps they will be answered when zee proper tribute is provided to him. (traces a circle on the blackboard, which becomes a window looking on a blue wormhole) Za wormhole! But in your wormhole veapon! (Harvey raises his right arm stiffly, in a parody of the Nazi salute, while the wormhole on the window/blackboard explodes)

CRICHTON: Listen up, Strangelove, I can find wormholes, sense when they will open. Push comes to shove, I can even navigate one. (he draws a cross on the blackboard, erasing the wormhole and bringing the surface to its previous look) But I cannot..make..a wormhole weapon!

HARVEY:That is true, John. But you do know where to obtain the knowledge. It does not take an Einstein to figure that out, huh?

CRICHTON (scribbling a four-letter word on the blackboard): Make sure he gets that message.

HARVEY (sighing): Yes

(back to the here and now, John is looking up at the sky and Scorpius comes out from behind one the plaza's pillars)

SCORPIUS: So how have you been, Crichton?

CRICHTON: I'm good, Bob. You? The wife? The kids?


CRICHTON: Yeah. I hear business is boomin'.

SCORPIUS: You're right. The Scarrans and Peacekeepers are at war. And the Scarrans will prevail help us build a wormhole weapon.

CRICHTON: Gee, that all sounds reasonable, Bob. Only two problems. No matter what you may believe, I can't do it. And just as important, I don't think Peacekeepers are any better than the Scarrans. So make sure you validate your parking... on the way out.

SCORPIUS: You will find no serenity during this conflict, Crichton. Examine your choices.

CRICHTON: (forcefully) You are not listening. Wormholes, no! Weapons, no! Killing, no. Crichton, no.

(flash forward back aboard the devastated Moya: Crichton is lying motionless on the bed, and we hear a dialogue between him and Scorpius, while the camera pans along the Leviathan's corridors, showing the extent of the damage)

CRICHTON: You want to see it? The thing you've been chasing my ass all over the universe for? Torturing me, my wife, my friends for. You wanna see it?


CRICHTON: Say please.


CRICHTON: Pretty please.

SCORPIUS: Pretty please.

CRICHTON: With a cherry on top.

SCORPIUS: With a cherry on top.

CRICHTON: Happy birthday. Now get out of my sight.

(back to the present - the Eidelons' hiding place)

STARK: D'Argo, D'Argo, a miracle! Eidelons, Jool, Arnessk, peace!

D'ARGO: (after tonguing Stark unconscious, he asks Noranti) Okay, what's he talking about?

NORANTI: Eidelons, Jool, Arnessk, peace!

D'ARGO: (moves her aside) Thank you. (to Muoma) Please.

MUOMA: We are the last Eidelons. All others hunted to extinction.

D'ARGO: Hunted?

MUOMA: Our ancestors possessed the means to influence peace. A gift that sadly has not survived to our generation.

D'ARGO: I'm familiar with the history.

CAA'TA: Then you would also know that 12,000 cycles ago their great temple was destroyed, the conciliators were murdered, and all outposts of our species, slaughtered.

MUOMA: Arnessk was the center of our spiritual power. The sight of the long-lost great temple, upon which this very edifice is modeled. However, today, Arnessk is a barren and lifeless world.

D'ARGO: Perhaps not. We've been there. (the Eidelons look at him in amazement)

(in space, Moya is floating around Qujaga, closely shadowed by Scorpius' carrier)

PILOT: These images are part of a data upload transmitted by Jool before we left her on Arnessk. I have more in the archives if you require. (the images are being sent down to the planet to John, Aeryn and Noranti)

NORANTI: Undoubtedly you will recall... (to Aeryn) Except not you because you weren't there. (Aeryn looks inquisitive) It was right after Crichton realized that he loved you more than anything. And you were as frizbot as a as a scalded ghinka cat, and you...

CRICHTON: Shh. (points to the display) Hmm?

NORANTI: Oh! Arnessk. These ancient Eidelons were not long dead as everyone assumed. (the recording plays on) Just suspended in time for 12,000 cycles. When we reversed the device that was holding them, back they came into existence.

CRICHTON: Yeah! Right after I went swimming with the creature from the black lagoon.

AERYN: That sounds exciting.


NORANTI: There is no doubt that today's Eidelons are a direct descendent of the ancient peacemaking Eidelons of Arnessk.


NORANTI: They have a unique ability tied to their physiology. Which is latent in our host Eidelons. Why can't their ancestors reignite that ability, thus recreating...the greatest peacemaking race in history?

(cut to John and Aeryn walking through the village)

CRICHTON: Am I going insane or is the crazy lady starting to make sense?

AERYN: Yes. But I thought we were finished.


AERYN: What happened to "run first, no questions later"?

CRICHTON: Scorpius. We wake up and he finds us before we have our first cup of coffee.

AERYN: This is not our fight.

CRICHTON: I agree. But as long as there's a war on, everyone's after me 'cause I'm the winner-take-all weapon guy. (they stop beside a fountain)

AERYN: You know, every time we get involved...

CRICHTON: I know. People die.

AERYN: We out of options?

CRICHTON:This Eidelon education program...What are the odds it'll work?

AERYN: Not good.

CRICHTON: Not good is the best odds we ever get. (he throws something into the fountain and walks away, while Aeryn looks pensive)

(cut to one of Moya's pods reaching the hangar bay: it carries an Eidelon delegation escorted by D'Argo - they walk to Pilot's den)

MUOMA: The most exciting aspect is the possibility of learning how to influence peace in others.

D'ARGO: Noble aspiration, High Priestess.

MUOMA: We have discussed it amongst ourselves, and would be most appreciative if you would transport Pikal and Caa'ta to Arnessk for an introductory delegation.

D'ARGO: But we can take many more.

PIKAL: As I have repeatedly said...

CAA'TA: Centuries of hiding do not melt away suddenly, Pikal. (to D'Argo) We remain skeptical about your motives.

D'ARGO: And that's just on our side. (he laughs, but no one laughs with him, and Pilot looks puzzled)

MUOMA: (to Pilot) I know a little something of the Leviathans and their symbiotic Pilots. Peaceful to a fault, if I recall.

PILOT: To Moya or myself, violence is less than an option.

MUOMA: Then I have a simple query. These beings that you ferry, do you trust them?

PILOT: Implicitly.

MUOMA: Then I entrust Caa'ta and Pikal to your care. (Pilot nods in acceptance)

(somewhere else on Moya, the Diagnosan is busy with some strange equipment)

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech)

GRUNCHLK: Tissue transferal conductor. The doc hasn't got all the bits, but you'll probably find everything you need up on your ship. And the doctor will give you detailed instructions.

AERYN: That's unacceptable. He's coming with us.

GRUNCHLK: Ah, no, I'm sorry. The doctor and I do not travel into Peacekeeper territory. We have some previous issues with them.

NORANTI: (she has been examining the equipment intently) Aeryn, this is a relatively simple procedure.

AERYN: My baby is in a Hynerian. It's nowhere near simple.

NORANTI: Of course it is. This part attaches to Rygel, the other part to you. Before you know it, the baby's transferred. So elegantly designed. Anyone can use it. (she places the conductor in Aeryn's hands and starts to leave the room) Good luck.

AERYN: What? Where are you going?

NORANTI: Not with you.

AERYN: Why not?

NORANTI: These Eidelons have just absorbed a thunderbolt revelation. I know more about their ancient culture than they do. They can benefit from my instructions until you return.

AERYN: Can I do it myself?

GRUNCHLK: (slightly embarassed) Oh, ehm...

DIAGNOSAN: (Diagnosan speech) (wags his forefinger in denial)


AERYN: Right.

(the PK flier lands aboard Moya: Scorpius and Sikozu, escorted by D'Argo, meet John in one of the corridors. John is clearly upset)

CRICHTON: (to D'Argo) What the hell is he doing here?

SCORPIUS: We were invited, John!

D'ARGO: (to Scorpius) Stay there! (to John) I've thought this through, John. We need him.

CRICHTON: I don't like it.

D'ARGO: Well, blame me.

CRICHTON: I do blame you. I don't like it!

D'ARGO: I don't like it either. But we are currently flying through Peacekeeper controlled space during a war and he is a Command Carrier officer.

SCORPIUS: Actually my most recent commission was commander of a full Peacekeeper armada.

CRICHTON: Uh-huh. Among other things!

D'ARGO: He knows all the current pass codes. I'll keep him away.

CRICHTON: (he debates with himself for a while, then he gives up, but he's clearly not convinced) I hope so. (to Scorpius) Oh, Aeryn? Rygel? Off-limits! (Scorpius hisses in displeasure, while D'Argo locks him and Sikozu into a cell)

(cut to John and D'Argo entering the Command Chamber)

PILOT: Good morning, Commander.

CRICHTON: Morning, Pilot. (he crosses to one of the consoles) Moya looks beautiful this morning. How much did you miss us?

PILOT: Ka D'Argo, we have received a message that appears to have been hailing for some time.

D'ARGO: First Arnessk.

PILOT: I have enough of a fix that we can begin our journey. I will find the exact location from Moya's data banks as we grow closer.

D'ARGO: Excellent, Pilot. Proceed.

PILOT: Ehm...the message?

CRICHTON: Yeah, sure, Pilot. Who is it?

PILOT: Apparently the Royal Palace of Hyneria coming from someone named...Bishaan.

(cut to Rygel's quarters: he is receiving the message, Aeryn seated beside him)

RYGEL: What is really happening there, Bishaan?

BISHAAN: (appearing in a holographic projection) It is this damned war. The Scarrans have already taken our outer territories. Millions are dead. (Rygel looks shocked) You are a direct descendant of the royal lineage. If our people will unite under anyone, it will be under you. Cousin Rygel, you are welcome to return to Hyneria. You must return.

RYGEL: (managing to look both sad and angry) If Bishaan thinks I'll return to a shared throne, he is beyond deluded. (Aeryn lies him forcefully on the bed) Ow!

AERYN: You're not going anywhere. You rest.

RYGEL: Some mother you're going to make.

PILOT: (from his den he calls out the the passengers) Ship-wide announcement for our new guests. Prepare for starburst, people.

(we see the beginning of the starburst in Pilot's den and then the exterior of Moya, who takes off in a brilliant display of energy. Aboard the Leviathan Stark is looking for Chiana: she's watching Pikal, who appears to be meditating)

STARK: Chiana, Chiana!

CHIANA: In here.

STARK: (he approaches Pikal, falling on his knees) Blessed Eidelon, may I enter the room and... (Chiana kicks him – repeatedly)

CHIANA: Enough!

STARK: (mutters)

CHIANA: What is it exactly about these guys that makes you so faasbotten?

STARK: Are you serious? The Eidelons are remarkable negotiators.

CHIANA: The Scarrans aren't gonna be reasoned with.

PIKAL: But they will if...

CHIANA: If what? (Pikal smiles serenely, then opens his face, revealing several more eyes inside, one of them moving atop a stalk) Frell...Is he propositioning me?

STARK: No. That's a very special gland.

CHIANA: Small. In a weird place. (Pikal closes his face)

STARK: It's an antenna to feelings. An inner eye. Am I right, Pikal?

PIKAL: Yes. And our history leads us to believe...substantially more.

CHIANA: It gets bigger?

PIKAL: (FONT COLOR="#004d88">(with the same serene smile) Not that we know. However, it vibrates. (Chiana looks incredulous) We used to be able to create an energy field that had a calming effect on individuals, allowing them to see reason.

CHIANA: Yeah, but your little, limp thing... It can't do the trick anymore.

PIKAL: Unfortunately not.


(cut to John and Aeryn, contemplating a sleeping Rygel who snores loudly)

CRICHTON: We've really gotta get married. Now.

(cut to Chancellor Maryk's quarters, aboard his carrier: he and Grayza are waiting for her baby's kicks; Maryk holds his hand, quite proudly, on Grayza's belly)

MARYK: She has a good strong kick.

GRAYZA: Perhaps to remind you that you're needed on the command deck. (a light on the nearby console is blinking repeatedly)

MARYK: There is nothing to be done at the moment. You know the situation.

GRAYZA: Situations...change.

MARYK: We are outnumbered, out-gunned, and our populace has grown averse to hardship.

GRAYZA: (lightly caressing his temple) What are you trying to say? More to the point, what are you not saying?

MARYK: We have now lost every single battle since the start of the war. I seek your opinion...on a truce.

GRAYZA: The Scarrans will accept no truce. Only surrender.

MARYK: A surrender then.

GRAYZA: When all is lost... only.

MARYK: What are the signs, my dear Grayza, that all is lost? (he gets up from the bed where they both were lying)

GRAYZA: (her voice is harsh) A military leader who broaches surrender.

(cut to Staleek's decimator)

STALEEK: Crichton has departed the water planet?

AHKNA: My contact has provided approximate coordinates to his destination.

STALEEK: Fearful flight or purposeful journey?

AHKNA: He seeks the means to end this conflict.

STALEEK: Wormhole weapon?

AHKNA: Unknown. Though he does now have a traveling companion...Scorpius.

STALEEK: How well do they guard Crichton?

AHKNA: The Leviathan travels unescorted. Though Peacekeepers now protect the water planet, they have left.

STALEEK: Order the remainder of our battle contingent to engage the enemy there. (Ahkna nods) Defeat them. Then subdue the inhabitants.

AHKNA: And this Decimator?

STALEEK: To follow Crichton, and settle old scores.

(on Moya all is being readied for the second try on the wedding: a table has been set with various foods, and Sikozu lights several lamps with her fingers, then extinguishes the flame by putting the finger in her mouth)

CRICHTON: (to D'Argo) Any good vibes from the Eidelons yet?

D'ARGO: Caa'ta is suspicious. Imagine finding out your 12,000-cycle old relatives are still alive.

CRICHTON: Yeah, I once thought my Aunt Ruth was dead. You can't believe the stuff we found in her closet. (he lifts a plates, sniffing its contents: looking disgusted he hides the plate under the table)

D'ARGO: Do you think they can do it?

CRICHTON: I don't know.

D'ARGO: Think the Eidelons can stop this war?

CRICHTON: If they can't, we get to find another galaxy to live in.

D'ARGO: John, between you and me. If this doesn't work, can you...

CRICHTON: No, I can't.

RYGEL: Ohhh, for Hezmana's sake, why me? (Chiana and Stark are pushing his throne-sled inside the chamber, while John and Aeryn - who looks annoyed - stand side by side)

STARK: You're a Dominar. It has to count for something.

RYGEL: Carry their baby. Marry them off. What next? Let them move in? (sighs) What?

CRICHTON: Your know, forget about it. This is all wrong.

AERYN: Stop! (she unholsters her pulse pistol and points it at Rygel) You...are ruining my wedding.


AERYN: What?

CRICHTON: You're pointing a gun at the baby. (Rygel gestures toward the gun, signaling to Aeryn to put it away and, after some hesitation, she does)

RYGEL: Ahem... (while he starts talking, Aeryn turns John toward the speaking Dominar) I've traveled with the two of you for quite a while now. Known you since you first met. Over the cycles, there were times when it looked like you were gonna kill each other. Other times we couldn't have got you off each other with a chelsyk fire hose! (Chiana giggles) Sounds like a marriage to me. (John and Aeryn smile to each other and then hold hands) So...(Rygel clears his throat) upon my pronouncement, may these two be joined as one and evermore let nothing come be (something seems to be amiss, because everyone looks up in alarm)...oh!

AERYN: (pushing John to the side) Move! (an harpoon explodes from the ceiling, striking the place where John was a moment before - everyone dives for cover)

D'ARGO: Pilot!

CRICHTON: What the frell is that?

PILOT: We're under attack by Tregans!

(cut to space: a ship is attacking Moya, firing a salvo of harpoons)

AERYN: (to Rygel, in a commanding tone) You, hide.

PILOT: DRDs are reporting multiple harpoon strikes. Each with a hauling line attached.

D'ARGO: Can Moya free herself? (they are all quickly moving through Moya's corridors)

PILOT: There are too many! The Tregan ship is already pulling us in.

AERYN: We're still in Peacekeeper territory. Most likely they're mercenaries.

CHIANA: What does that mean for us?

D'ARGO: It means that they're probably less likely to take prisoners.

SCORPIUS: I've counted at least seven two-man craft coming towards us.

AERYN: They'll attempt to incapacitate Pilot and simultaneously cripple Moya's vital systems.

SIKOZU: One way or another, this will all be over in half an arn.

CRICHTON: Scorpius, these guys work for the Peacekeepers?

SCORPIUS: Quite likely.

CRICHTON: Right. (he grabs Scorpius by the front) You're with me. I wanna hear those pass codes. (he moves away from the others along a corridor) If the Dark Lord here can't convince them we're a Peacekeeper vessel, make sure you have an outstanding plan B!

AERYN: D'Argo, we'll protect the neural cluster. Chiana, Sikozu, go find Caa'ta and Pikal and keep them safe.

STARK: (agitated as usual) What, what about me?

AERYN: How best can you help?

STARK: I can stay out of your way.

AERYN: Excellent.

(in the hangar bay the attackers have landed and move quickly toward the interior of the ship)

SCORPIUS: This may not go as smoothly as you'd hoped.

CRICHTON: What? You don't do improv?

SCORPIUS: When I received the signal you were still alive, my departure from Peacekeeper service was less than sanctioned.

CRICHTON: Meaning what?

(they are intercepted by their attackers, who meet them on their way to the hangar)

SOLDIER: (he's a Peacekeeper, while the others with him are furry, wolfish-looking aliens) You there, hold position.

SCORPIUS: (softly, to John) We're about to find out. (addressing the soldier) Do you know who I am?

SOLDIER: Scorpius. (the weapons of the intruders keep pointing at them)

SCORPIUS: I take it, you are sentries for this sector, yes?

SOLDIER: I wasn't informed you were out here, sir.

SCORPIUS: Nor do you know it now, lest it cost you your life. In special service to the Grand Chancellor. (the soldier relaxes and lowers his weapon) I order you to release and vacate this ship.

TREGAN: That won't happen.

SCORPIUS: And you are...?

TREGAN: Chief of my vessel. Our orders are to commandeer any ship not broadcasting a Peacekeeper ident.

SCORPIUS: My mission would be jeopardized by advertising such a beacon.

TREGAN: Your mission is more than jeopardized. It is over!

(while this goes on, Scorpius has placed himself between John and the aggressors, all except one, who is behind the human)

SCORPIUS: Who is in charge here? Whom should I be addressing? (he faces the soldier menacingly) And who is going to take the blame?

SOLDIER: (he hesitates a while, then he orders) Chief, release the harpoons...on Scorpius' authority. (to Scorpius) Your command code, sir.

SCORPIUS: 767 Decca Helon

SOLDIER: Scorpius, it is an honor to meet you face-to-face.

(in that moment, a device on the arm of the lead Tregan signals that Scorpius' code is incorrect and all hell breaks loose: taking advantage of the moment, John shoots the Tregan behind him and uses Scorpius as a shield against the fire from the boarding party, while running away back the way they came. The blasts from the weapons are all absorbed by Scorpius' body armor and John manages to find them both some cover)

CRICHTON: That's a damn nice set of body armor. Does that come in blue? What the hell did you do when you left the fatherland? Steal the goose that lays the golden egg?

SCORPIUS: (serenely, almost amused) Deserted my post.

CRICHTON: What? For little ol' me? It's amazing what a man will do when he's in love. (still using his nemesis as a shield, John manages to reach Pilot's den)


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