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A Human Reaction
August 29, 1999 - US
April 3, 2000 - UK

Writer - Justin Monjo
Director: - Rowan Woods

Guest Cast

Gigi Edgley . . . Chiana
Phillip Gordon . . . Wilson
Kent McCord . . . Jack Crichton
Richard Sydenham . . . Cobb
Andy Cachia . . . Technician
Frankie Davidson . . . Vendor

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Episode Summary
"A Human Reaction" opens with Pilot finding a wormhole like the one through which John arrived. (It isn't hard to find since it just opens up right in front of Moya.) John's excitement is only heightened when, looking into the wormhole, Earth can be seen, tantalizingly blue, at the other end. He quickly makes the decision to enter it in the hopes of getting home. And so, after saying heartfelt farewells to the crew of Moya - he's off through the wormhole and -

To Earth. But the joy of homecoming is short-lived when he finds himself greeted with something less than a tickertape parade. He is imprisoned, quarantined and interrogated by authorities fearful and suspicious of the alien technology he brought back with him. And although his father, Jack, the Famous Astronaut, is able to spring him - things get nightmarishly worse when D'Argo, Rygel and Aeryn show up.

The fears and suspicions of John's fellow Earthers quickly turn very ugly. Rygel is killed and dissected. D'Argo is shipped off to another military facility. And John - aghast at the behavior of his people - helps Aeryn escape captivity and goes on the lam with her.

But something more subtle is wrong with this whole picture. John begins to realize that every person and every place he is seeing - are people and places - some out of context - that he's seen before. Aeryn behaves rather oddly - rather unlike herself...

In a revelatory moment - John discovers that everything he has experienced since leaving Moya is a sham - a construct created by an alien race known only as The Ancients who are capable of using his own thoughts and memories to recreate Earth and its environment. But despite what seems a cruel hoax, their purpose is benign. It seems they are homeless themselves and sought to test out Earth as a potential new settlement. By watching John and the Humans of his mind react to the idea of aliens - they are able to rule out the Earth as a safe haven for their race.

John is devastated with the disappointment even as he is relieved that Rygel and D'Argo never were in any real danger. The Ancients like him personally and wish him well. He resumes his voyage with Moya a little sadder and presumably a bit wiser in terms of the way he perceives himself and humanity and non-humans.

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The episode opens with Moya moving peacefully through space. John's voice is heard saying "It's always the same here Dad - nice and quiet." The scene shifts to Chiana and Zhaan walking in a corridor aboard Moya. They are not being nice and quiet...

Zhaan: (prim) Chiana what it this?

Chiana: (sulky) I don't know.

Zhaan: Look at it please.

Chiana: Well I, uh -

Zhaan: (accusing) It's my bessom oil.

Chiana: (defensive) What? I didn't take it!

Zhaan: I found it in your chamber dear.

Chiana: Yeah well maybe it just - OK so I took it. Arrest me.

Zhaan: (over Chiana’s muttering) Look Chiana when we agreed to let you stay on board you - you promised to adapt to our ways -

Chiana: I changed my mind. YOU adapt to me! (they continue to snipe at each other in the background as the scene shifts to John, recording a message for his Dad in nearby room)

John: (weary, having heard the petty spat outside) Yeah... It's always the same here, Dad, nice and quiet. (he sighs heavily and rolls his neck to loosen up tension before continuing) It's late. No. It's space. I don't really know what time it is. I miss the sun. Day... nights... simple things. Anyway I, um - I wanted to tell you about this thing. I'm holding it right now. (he's holding a hair between his thumb and forefinger) It's my first gray hair. Yeah, I wouldn't mention it, it's just that - afraid I might be growing old out here.

Pilot: (cut to his Den, speaking to John via comm) John Crichton, you'd better get up here.

John: (muttering as he gets up to go and answer the summons) I can't deal with this... (there is the sound of Moya powering down)

(cut to the Command as John enters. Rygel is there)

Rygel: Why have the engines stopped?

John: (hangdog) Okay Pilot, I'm here. What's the problem this time?

Pilot: (earnestly) Moya hasn't sensed anything like this since the day you arrived. (John's attention is directed to the main viewport and he sees, directly ahead of Moya - a liquid blue wormhole undulating in space)

John: (suddenly alert) Pilot how long has that been there?

Pilot: (on clamshell viewer) It just appeared on my scanners. But it's already breaking apart. Stability's down to 80%

Rygel: What are you up to Crichton?

John: (excited) Rygel, do you see this? Do you see this?

Chiana: (entering, in a contemptuous tone) What's that?

Rygel: (businesslike) That is a pathetic, little waste funnel which I care little about. We're supposed to be on our way to the commerce planet. Where I believe they have Hynerian marjools.

Chiana: (bitchy, referring to John) Is he the captain? Because if he's NOT the captain, then how does he get to stop the-

John: (embattled) THAT is - a wormhole!

Rygel: Yeah, yeah - Now restart the engines if you please. (funny how they don't even CONSIDER that PILOT stopped the ship...)

Chiana: What if *I* wanted to stop the ship?

Pilot: (intrigued - and ignoring Rygel and Chiana) Crichton! Look at this!

John: Oh my God… (as if mesmerized, he moves towards the main viewport)

Rygel: What? It's just a tiny blue planet. What are you getting so worked up about? It's got no particle rings, no red moons -

Chiana: (dismissive) Totally unimpressive.

John: That's Earth. (cut to the wormhole. As we look down its shifting tunnel we can see the Earth at the far end) That's my home.

(a short time later - cut to Aeryn, somewhere on Moya. She's sitting alone. staring pensively into space. John enters, wearing his IASA flight suit and crouches next to her. She doesn't look at him)

Aeryn: You're going now?

John: Yeah. Yeah Pilot says we're running out of time. (he gazes intently at her, waiting)

Aeryn: I can't go with you.

John: (looks away, frustrated) Aeryn - this could be our only chance.

Aeryn: No, this is your only chance. I'm not certain I'll belong there.

John: You would. You will - I promise.

Aeryn: (still staring resolutely into space) I'm sorry.

Pilot: (cut to him in his Den) Crichton, wormhole stability down to 57%.

John: (giving Aeryn a last look, he stands and exits) I'm on my way.

(cut to the docking bay where John's module, the Farscape 1 sits. He enters, followed closely by Zhaan)

Zhaan: That wormhole could blast you out anywhere!

John: I know.

Zhaan: Pilot says it's unsafe and it could -

John: (as he prepares the module) It could kill me Zhaan - I know. You've given me every good reason not to go. I could end up dead. I could end up more lost than I am. You've given me every single thing except one.

Zhaan: What?

John: This could be Earth. This is the way I got here - through a wormhole - could be my way home. Gotta do this Zhaan. (she watches him regretfully) Look. However this turns out - this could be good-bye. And uh - I know you didn't expect me to be here - but thanks. You saved my life. All of you.

Pilot: (in his Den) Crichton! Stability down to 48%.

John: Yeah - I'm going Pilot. (D'Argo and Rygel enter, as they approach John, D'Argo sneakily swats Rygel away so he can face John alone. They look at each other quietly) Good-bye Big Guy. I uh - hope you get your chance one day. To go see your son.

D'Argo: I hope so too. (they clasp hands) Good-bye. John. (John walks to Zhaan and lays his hand against her head)

Zhaan: (whispering) John Crichton - remember - there's a part of me inside of you. Take care of it.

John: I will. (he strokes her face and she smiles before he approaches Rygel) Sparky.

Rygel: What?

John: (as Aeryn enters) I'm not taking my stuff. So I thought I'd give it to somebody. (Rygel makes an interested sound) To Aeryn.

Rygel: No you can't do - (John smiles - Rygel laughs, realizing he's joking. John makes eye contact with Aeryn and says softly-)

John: Bye. (he turns to his module)

(cut to the Farscape 1 arcing away from Moya towards the mouth of the wormhole)

Pilot: (on comm) 39% stability.

John: I'm doing this as fast as I can Pilot.

(cut to Moya’s command where Aeryn, D'Argo, Rygel and Zhaan have gathered to watch John's progress and dream of their own journeys home...)

Pilot: (to John via comm) You're almost at entry vector. Just a little more. (cut to a brief shot of John in the module, watching the wormhole, hesitating) Now! Go now Crichton! Entry angle confirmed! GO!

Zhaan: (softly) What's the matter with him?

Rygel: (gruffly, under his breath) Just go, you lucky probakto. Go.

D'Argo: Crichton...

John: (on comm) Yeah D'Argo.

D'Argo: I understand the fear. If you don't do this now, you will regret it forever. You must - go - now.
Do it John. (cut between the faces of John in his module and Aeryn, watching silently from the Command)

Pilot: (despairing) 34%.

(cut to the Farscape 1)

John: (shaking himself from his reverie) Thanks Big Guy. (he takes out his Dad’s lucky puzzle ring, given to him on the day he left Earth) Okay... Hope this'll work... (and holding the ring on its chain next to the throttle of his module - he dives into the wormhole)

(cut back to the Command)

D'Argo: John, can you hear me?

Zhaan: Pilot, are you reading anything from him?

Pilot: (sounding both sad and awed) He's - off my sensors. He's gone.

(cut to John, hurtling through the wormhole)

John: Pilot! Are you tracking me? Pilot? (there is no response as the turbulence of the wormhole increases and intense light flickers over his face, causing him to squint. A sonic boom is heard and the light intensifies to blinding white - which slowly gives way to blue sky. The scene shifts to a quiet beach, the only sound is the gentle sea surf and the Farscape 1 is parked on the sand. Time passes as John seems to waken and orient himself. First the canopy of the module opens and the sun bathes his face in light. After awhile he stumbles from the cockpit, laughing, and collapses on his back onto the beach)

John: (bellowing) Helloooooooo skyyyyyyyy! (there is another time lapse and the beach scene shifts, dreamlike, from deserted to urban, lined with hotels across a blue bay. A woman is walking along the shore and John jogs up behind her)

John: (calling to her, a big grin on his face) Excuse me! Miss! (she turns towards him but her eyes seem drawn to something behind him) Look I know this - this is gonna sound insane, but this is Australia, right?
(he notices she isn't looking at him) What?

John turns around to see what the woman is looking at. Several soldiers appear at the top of the dune behind him and a helicopter also rises into view. He is unconcerned and grins, throwing his arms wide in greeting.

John: Hey! Guys! Where ya been? (but he grinned too soon - the soldiers level their rifles at him and one man, Wilson, steps to the fore and takes aim with his rifle) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait! I'm John Cri - (Wilson fires a tranquilizer dart into John's thigh. John extracts it incredulously and turns to flee - but the drug takes effect and he collapses onto the sand of the beach, now deserted again, and passes out)

Time passes. John is in a semi-conscious state. He is aware of lying on a table in an ultra-modern medical facility being examined by capped, gloved and gowned doctors. Things go dark again and the scene shifts to a glass-walled holding cell where he is now fully conscious. He is being interrogated and photographed with a military camera. His flight suit is gone, replaced by government-issue prison wear of loose pants and a tight white muscle tee. (it's Australian government issue OK?)

Wilson: (on the outside of the glass cell) Let's go again. So why did you land in Australia?

John: I didn't land - I crashed.

Wilson: And what is your mission here?

John: What are you talking about? I don't have a mission.

Wilson: Have you been here before?

John: I'm John Crichton. You know that Wilson. (Wilson eyes him) What? Wait - you - you - you think I'm an alien?

Wilson: (chuckles and repeats his question) Have you been here before?

(the camera whines and flashes brilliantly as it records another photo of John. Time passes)

John: Australia. Yah. Three times. You were here with me last year when I tested the Farscape’s engines Wilson. So what the hell is going on?

(the flash of the camera blots out the scene and time passes. John sits wearily in his cell as a man speaks to him in an African language from the other side of the glass)

John: This is the 12th guy, Wilson. How many more you gonna roll in here before you believe these are translator microbes in my head and not some space virus?

Wilson: (ignoring John's question) What did he say?

John: (going into stubborn mode) Well, I think he said... that until he gets some answers, he's not gonna play any more. (and with that John retreats to a bench at the back of his cell and glowers at Wilson from the shadows)

Time passes and John sits in his cell. Wilson and the photographer are gone. Another soldier sits outside the cell reading a paper while he stands guard. John is stir-crazy by now. He approaches the glass.

John: Hey Cobb, when am I gettin' out of here?

Cobb: (without looking up) Don't know.

John: Can I get a newspaper? (Cobb ignores him) Oh COME ON Cobb! What am I gonna find out? I mean- (frustrated) Look I been away for - what did you say? Seven months? I just wanna know what's happened! Something since I've been gone. Who won the Superbowl Cobb?

Cobb: I don't know.

John: (in despair and throwing caution to the wind) I know you're Australian, Cobb, but you gotta know who won the Superbowl! You know who Ty Cobb is? Cobb? No? How 'bout Babe Ruth? You know who Babe Ruth is?

Cobb: (blandly) Some fat guy who played for the Yankees.

John: (yelling and pacing his cell) Good! Fat guy! At least you know something!

(cut to Wilson and a sketch artist who is showing him drawings of Moya’s crew)

Wilson: You're kidding me?

Artist: This is how he described them. (at that moment a commotion is heard from outside the room. Jack Crichton has arrived to see John)

Soldier: (loudly) I'm sorry sir, there's no access. Stop sir!

Jack: (also loudly) Outta my way! (in his cell John hears his father’s voice)

Soldier: Stop sir! This is a restricted area, sir!

Jack: (as he makes for John's cell) Back off soldier!

Wilson: Kill that switch.

John: Dad! (at Wilson’s order the audio between John and those outside the cell is cut. Jack turns towards Wilson)

Jack: I've waited two days. I wanna see him.
I want to see my son, now!

Wilson: Jack, that's what we're trying to determine. Whether it is your son.

Jack: What have you done to him?

Wilson: He's got foreign microbes in his brain stem. And the Farscape module has been modified by non-human technology. (we can see John in the cell behind Jack, shouting, but we cannot hear him) You know how this works Colonel. Once we confirm John poses no threat, then you can see him.

Jack: I don't buy that. I wanna see him now!

(cut to shortly later - there's nothing like having a Famous Hero Rocket Jockey for a Dad - the door to John's cell slides open and Jack enters. The audio has been restored and the father/son reunion is subdued as Wilson looks on. Jack and John stand several feet apart and watch each other)

John: Dad... Get me outta here. Please.

Jack: I need to ask you some questions. (John waits as Jack circles around him. He's intimidated, but also understands what Jack is doing) What happened on your 10th birthday?

John: What? 10th birth-? I don't know. I can't remember.

Jack: We were living in Annapolis.

John: Annapolis. Right. You were late. Again.

Jack: Why?

John: (struggling to remember the answer to Jacks self-centered question) You said... you said they held you at Houston for tests. You missed your flight, but you commandeered a jet and you came anyway.

Jack: (nodding) I woke you up at four o'clock in the morning…

John: (easier now that what he valued about the incident is being recalled) And took me fishing - at Sawyer’s Mill.

Jack: You caught the biggest damn bass I'd ever seen.

John: It was a trout, Dad.

Jack: It was a trout. I missed you son. (the tense moment passes and they embrace as Wilson watches)

John: (whispering to Jack as they hug) What's going on? I know recovery procedure as well as anyone. This is way beyond routine.

Jack: Nothing's been routine since the day you left seven months ago. That wormhole you went through is still there. You opened a door, son. A door to Earth we don't know how to close.

John: Get me out of here.

Jack: I will.

(later - cut to John and his Dad sitting on a seawall overlooking the urban beach)

John: I don't buy this Dad.

Jack: What?

John: Wilson. Letting me out. There's no way he'd let me out of his sight if what you say is true.

Jack: You know Wilson?

John: Yep. Know Cobb too.

Jack: He hasn't let you out of his sight son. See that van in the parking lot? Those two women to our right - the one in the red with the headphones, other one sunning herself on the rocks?

John: Yeah, I see 'em.

Jack: They're watching us. They like to get real close. (he removes a pin from his jacket, his flight wings. It is bugged and emits a staticky sound. He tosses it into a tidal pool where a crab pauses to inspect it) Listen, a global alliance has been set up to track the wormhole. Ray Wilson's been put in charge by the Pentagon.

John: What the hell does he want from me?

Jack: He wants you to relax so that I can tell whether or not you're really my son. Then, he wants to know everything you know about the wormhole and everything you saw on the other side.

John: Oh give me a break Dad! I'll tell him everything. You know that.

Jack: I know that.

John: (he removes the chain with his Dad’s lucky puzzle ring on it from a pocket and hands it to Jack) I kept that safe for you. Don't know if it brought me luck. But it saved my ass.

Jack: You know when you disappeared in Farscape 1, I - had to deal with the possibility that you might not be alive.

John: Well now you know... Now you know how I felt as a kid every time you went on a mission.

Jack: (looks down briefly at the puzzle ring before laying a hand on John's shoulder) C'mon, son. We got a lotta work to do.

(cut back to the military installation where John had been imprisoned. Technicians are working with models of the wormhole as armed soldiers stand guard. John enters - he's talking with his mouth full)

John: They have... worlds out there. People out there that you would not believe... But they do not have chocolate. Hang on a minute. (he sees a yech doing something with the Farscape 1 and goes over to him) Hey. No. Don't do it like that. It's a propulsion fin. It's part of the hetch drive. Okay?

Tech: Yes sir.

John: (he starts away from the tech but then stops and mutters to himself-) Deja vu. (he turns back towards the man and asks-) Have we met?

Tech: Yes, sir. Last year in the Simpson Desert, when you were down there for the shuttle tests.

John: You were with Cobb, right?

Tech: Yes sir.

John: (sotto voce) Right. (louder) Well, it's - um... It's good to see you again. (he leaves, with a backward glance at the tech, seeming a bit nonplussed at the odd coincidence of finding yet another person from his past on the recovery team)

(cut to a view of one of Moya’s transport pods arcing downwards through the clouds of Earth. Cut back to the military installation where John is standing by Wilson. An alarm sounds)

Soldier: Sir!

Wilson: What's going on?

Soldier: Track comm from sector 3, sir. Something else has come through the wormhole.

Wilson: (shouting as he jogs towards the readouts) Bring him! (John is hustled along by a soldier) What have we got?

Soldier: There's an unidentified ship tracking in on the same trajectory as the Farscape module. F-16s are scrambling for a visual.

Wilson: (demanding - to John) Are they here for you?

John: What?

Wilson: (accusatory, frightened, breathless) Are they here to save you?

John: I don't know…

Wilson: (shouting) Who is it? (he shoves John towards the monitor showing a poor video of the sky) Who is that?

John: Look, I can't see wha-

Wilson: WHO IS IT?

John: (yelling back) Who's on first, what's on second - I DON'T KNOW. I CAN'T SEE 'EM!

Soldier: F-16s locked and ready.

John: (now able to make out an image on the monitor) Wait - that's Moya's transport pod. Tell 'em not to fire!

Wilson: Are they here to attack us?

John: (his words tumble over each other in his rush to speak) No, - they're not here to harm us Wilson! Just tell them not to fire!

Wilson: It's not my call Crichton.

John: Tell them Wilson! They don't have any weapons on board the transport! Tell them not to fire!

Wilson: (after a brief stare-down with John he turns to the soldiers and says matter-of-factly -) Tell them not to fire.

(time passes - the pod lands and its occupants - Aeryn, D'Argo and Rygel - are taken into custody. We see them being brought into bio-containment on stretchers and the scene shifts to the cell formerly occupied by John. He sits with them, listening to their story. Rygel sits next to Aeryn on a cot)

Aeryn: After you left, your Earth disappeared through the wormhole.

Rygel: It was her idea to see what was going on.

Wilson: (breaking in on the intercom to the cell) What are they saying Crichton? (cut to a view of the cell from outside. D'Argo is seen standing off to one side. Wilson, Jack and the others hear Rygel and Aeryn speaking in their native languages - the lines are subtitled)

Rygel: (his native tongue sounds like atonal scat singing) But don't think for a minute we were going after you!

Aeryn: (and Sebacean sounds very much like an audio tape being played backwards) I just wanted to get a closer look. But the wormhole caught us and pulled us in. (cut back to the interior of the cell) There was nothing I could do.

John: (noticing Rygel looking rather peaked) Rygel? You okay?

Rygel: No! I'm frelling sick.

Wilson: (on intercom) What are they saying?

John: They're scared, Wilson. That's what they're saying.

Rygel: I'm not scared. I'm sick. What the yotz did you give me? (at that moment D’Argo’s temper flares and he charges the glass cell wall and the staring humans on the other side)

Jack: (on intercom) Son are you okay in there?

John: I'm fine. (D'Argo growls and John ignores him, speaking gently to Rygel-) It's the tranquilizer Rygel. That's - that's what's making you sick. It'll wear off soon. You're gonna be okay.

(cut to outside the cell where we hear Rygel’s plaintive response in his native Hynerian)

Rygel: Why are they treating me like this?

(cut to back inside the cell)

John: They're freaking out. You're an alien and... (wearily) They're freaking out. (Rygel looks truly pitiful)

D'Argo: (in a low, dangerous tone) I vowed I would never be taken prisoner again.

John: You're not a prisoner. Trust me. I'm gonna take care of you guys.

Rygel: Crichton, I feel frelling terrible.

John: Yeah - I'm gonna get someone in here for you, Rygel. (he rises and knocks to be buzzed out of the cell. He and D'Argo exchange an intense look as John walks free, leaving the Luxan behind)

(later - cut to John, anxious, seated in a waiting area within the installation. Jack approaches)

John: What's going on? What's taking so long?

Jack: Relax.

John: And do what Dad? (he waves a magazine at Jack before tossing it aside with frustration) Read a magazine? They're all seven months old Dad. They don't want me to have any idea what's going on.

Jack: If what you say about those aliens is true - they can help us unlock the universe. You're positive they're not here to harm us?

John: (sounding sad and guilty) No. They came looking for me. They were worried.

Jack: You trust 'em?

John: A lot more than I trust Wilson. I like 'em, Dad. They're my friends…

Cobb: (entering) Sir, we need you in the medical unit.

John: What's the matter?

Cobb: I think you should see this.

They follow Cobb into a pristine white room. Medical personnel are leaving and Wilson watches through a window looking into the operating theater as John and Jack approach a table. Rygel is lying upon it, dead and dissected. His internal organs are exposed by clamps holding the skin of his torso open. John gazes, stunned by his friend’s horrific and sorry demise.

(cut to John, storming out of the operating theater after Wilson. He throws a chart at Wilson and screams-)

John: WILSON! WE SPENT OUR LIVES WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT! We sent Voyager! We left damn greeting cards on the moon! And as soon as they get here - LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE DOING! (Wilson makes no response) They can help us. Just take a step back and you look at what you're doing. You think about it.

Wilson: (coolly) Don't worry I've thought of everything Commander. (he exits)

John: (hissing after him) You make me sick!

(cut back to the holding cell where Aeryn and D'Argo wait. John enters)

John: Official word is... Rygel died from an allergic reaction to the tranquilizer.

D'Argo: And what do you think happened?

John: (choking up a bit) It doesn't matter what I think D'Argo. (Aeryn stares intently at him, John glances at her, then looks quickly away) No. I think they killed him.

D'Argo: You know that those animals killed him!

Aeryn: And then they cut him open.

John: They said they were just trying to restart his heart.

D'Argo: They were studying him. Like an animal. Like an alien. Which one of us do you think they'll kill next Crichton?

John: D'Argo, it's - not gonna go down like that.
Look, I know that you have no reason to trust me -

D'Argo: You're right! I don't trust you. (in a threateningly quiet tone) But you tell those Humans that when they come for me - I'll kill them!

John: (softly) D'Argo, don't -

D'Argo: We tried it your way and one of us is dead! Go. (he looks away from John. John rises and crouches down before Aeryn)

John: Aeryn?

Aeryn: (in quiet disgust) You know Crichton, Peacekeepers wouldn't even kill their prisoners to study them. D'Argo's right. Just go. (as John rises to leave she covers her mouth with her hand as if sickened)

John: (to the guards) Let me outta here.

(cut to outside the installation, John leans over a railing, head resting on his arms, we hear the surf sounds and see the buildings of the city in the background. Jack approaches him)

Jack: Son?

John: I gave 'em my word Dad. Told 'em I'd take care of 'em.

Jack: You were naive to think you could protect them from people like Wilson.

John: (turning to face him) I need a favor Dad.

Jack: Name it.

John: I want you to call in every marker - that you have. Every general. Every undersecretary. Every Pentagon mistress. You tell them what's going on here and you get them to stop it. (he begins to walk back towards the military installation)

Jack: What are you gonna do son?

John: I'm just gonna plead with Wilson. I'm gonna - beg for their lives.

Jack: Nono, I know that look John. You be careful.

John: I'm just gonna make him understand Dad.

Jack: Son, are you willing to die for those creatures in there?

John: I gave my word. (he exits)

(cut to John as he enters the building. He passes the Farscape 1 and enters the operating theater. Rygel’s body is gone but John senses, or sees something on the other side of the table, he advances and finds a soldier, sprawled motionless on the floor. John squats down to look at him and someone else silently enters the room behind him and crouches down behind him. It is Aeryn and she trains a rifle on John's head)

Aeryn: Did I kill him?

John: No.

Aeryn: Are you with me. Or them?

John: I'm with you Aeryn. Trust me. Put down the gun. (she lowers her weapon) They know you're out?

Aeryn: (her voice husky) They took D'Argo somewhere and when the guard came back for me, I was ready for him.

John: Where'd they take him?

Aeryn: I don't know. But I'm not waiting for them to come back.

John: All right then. Let's move. (they exit, John in the lead. As Aeryn fells a guard with the famous Peacekeeper Pantak Jab - John approaches their next obstacle)

John: Hey Cobb. You find out who won the Superbowl yet?

Cobb: What do you want Crichton? (as he focuses on John, Aeryn enters and takes aim at Cobb with her rifle. She speaks something in Sebacean, which DOES has an eerily menacing sound) What's is she doing here? (Aeryn says something else) What did she say?

John: She says she wants to shoot you Cobb. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but I figure since you've pushed us this far it doesn't really matter does it? Where is D'Argo?

Cobb: (pleased to deliver the news) They flew him to another base. He's gone Crichton. You can't save him. (Aeryn reverses her rifle and drives its butt into Cobb's head. John seizes Cobb’s ID and pistol and takes aim at him)

John: (furious) Can't you be reasonable? You're wrong in what you're doing here Cobb. You're wrong.

Cobb: (coolly) You're not gonna shoot me are ya?
(John whips the pistol against Cobb’s face, knocking him mostly senseless)

John: You're wrong. (he gives Cobb a vicious kick as he backs out) That's for Rygel.

(later - cut to Aeryn and John on the run. They have left the military installation and are in a green-hedged residential area, cars parked along a tree-lined street. It's raining as John jogs up the walkway to a house. Aeryn follows, slower because she is fascinated by the rain and tilts her head back to catch the drops on her face and tongue)

John: Aeryn, pick it up! I wanna get out of this rain. This is the place.

Aeryn: Rain. That what you call this? I like it. (she stops)

John: Aeryn! (he tries unsuccessfully to use Cobb’s plastic ID to disengage the door lock)

Aeryn: Why this place?

John: My Dad and I stayed here last year. He said we could use it as a safe house.

Aeryn: (suddenly attentive) Your father told you about this place?

John: Yah.

Aeryn: Crichton, he's with them. This is the first place they will look for us.

John: I don't think so. I trust him. (he jimmies the ID between the lock and the door jamb again, this time succeeding in popping it open) Ladies first.

(later - cut to Aeryn and John in a bedroom of the house. John stands by a window and watches the thunderstorm over the city. Aeryn sits on the bed eyeing a bottle she's holding)

Aeryn: So what's this?

John: It's beer. Alcohol. Trust me, it's just what we need right now. Down the hatch. (he takes a swig of from his own bottle)

Aeryn: (uncharacteristically agreeable) Down the hatch. (and she takes a long drink of hers)

John: You like it?

Aeryn: Yes. (takes another long chug) It's like Fellip Nectar. A fellip's a creature on Tarsus and they get the nectar from -

John: Aeryn, please - Don't tell me where it comes from - just drink the beer. (she studies her bottle in silence) Sorry.

Aeryn: What for?

John: Everything. What's happened here. Getting you stuck on Moya. If it wasn't for me, you'd still be the happy little Peacekeeper dominating the lesser races.

Aeryn: Mm. I got a lot to blame you for Crichton.

John: (staring moodily out the window. it thunders and a ambulance siren is heard) Look at that.

Aeryn: What?

John: That's it. Earth. Minus the sunshine.

Aeryn: You know you were right. It's actually very beautiful.

John: (with his eyes still fixed on the storm outside, he sits down next to Aeryn) Were you scared - to join me when I left Moya?

Aeryn: Yes. (a long pause) I won't be recaptured Crichton. They will have to kill me if they come to take me tomorrow.

John: I know. (he rests his head for a moment on her shoulder and slowly moves his lips, just above the curve of her neck. She slowly turns her face towards him and their lips meet)

(cut to the next morning. The view from the safe house window is of a sunny dawn. Aeryn is up and dressed in a man’s shirt and jacket. John moans in his sleep. She looks annoyed)

Aeryn: (sharply) Get out of bed John!

John: (moaning) Morning.

Aeryn: (she picks up a map and sits down next to him) Come on! I've worked on that plan we talked about.

John: (struggling to get up) Aeryn - um - about last night...

Aeryn: (all business) Yes it's fine John it's just not top priority now. I've gone through all these pictures and I've found a few places that seem to be uninhabited enough to hide in.

John: Aeryn - (he seems to be intending to say something else but catches sight of her and changes his mind) You're right - we - um - have to find a place to hide.

Aeryn: Let's go.

John: Oh no. You're not going anywhere dressed like that. (she gives him a perplexed look)

(later - cut to Aeryn in a deeply cut flower print dress and a little cardigan. She dubiously eyes her reflection in a mirror)

Aeryn: You sure about this?

John: (lounging in an armchair and watching her) You look fine. When we go - (at that moment there is a knock at the door. They both startle and take up defensive positions, Aeryn grabs Cobb’s pistol)

Jack: (calling from outside) John?

John: It's my father.

Aeryn: I knew it! He's betrayed us! There'll be soldiers outside.

Jack: John, you in there?

John: No. He won't. I trust him.

Aeryn: I don't! (John glances s at her and opens the door to his Dad)

Jack: (entering to find Aeryn, her pistol trained on him) You okay son?

John: Yeah. Remember Aeryn Sun?

Jack: (watching her carefully) We actually never met. (she speaks and Jack hears the backwards recording sound of her language) What's she saying?

John: (to Aeryn) He doesn't have a gun. (she repeats what she said louder, in a frightened tone, to John) I'm not gonna search him.

Jack: (gazing steadily at Aeryn and the gun) Is she ever gonna put that down?

John: I don't think so. What are you doing here? Does Wilson know you're here?

Jack: No. It's not gonna take them long to start searching places we've been before.

John: Did you talk to anybody for us?

Jack: Everybody. No one's gonna help us son. It's too dangerous.

John: And what about you?

Jack: I don't matter in this. Official word is that these aliens never existed. D'Argo is on his way to a military base in Utah and the warehouse has been swept clean. (Aeryn speaks Sebacean in a bitterly angry tone and moves towards Jack)

John: Aeryn, back off. (she throws him a look) Please. (she slowly backs down)

Jack: Listen. The two of you have to get out of town. You've gotta find some place that's safe. I'll hold them off here as long as I can.

John: No. No, I don't want you to cover for me.

Jack: This is the only play son. You're in this too deep. They're not gonna let you just walk away. At least this time I get to say goodbye.

John: (realizing he's right. Aeryn is observing their interaction intently) Well uh... We'll hole up somewhere and I'll uh... I'll contact you.

Jack: No. If I know anything... they'll try to make me tell 'em. Just go.

John: (meeting Jacks eyes for a long moment) Goodbye Dad. (he gathers up his gear and exits. Aeryn follows, but pauses at the door. She turns back to Jack and says something to him in Sebacean before turning to leave)

Jack: Thank you. Aeryn Sun. (she looks back at him, startled by his comment and the understanding it implies and stares at him a moment before continuing out with John)

(later - cut to John and Aeryn walking across a public plaza in the city)

Aeryn: Why is everyone - looking at me?

John: It's 'cause they think you look good. (a woman walks past them and John's head snaps around in a double-take - it's the same woman he saw that first day on the beach. Dressed in the same clothing)

Aeryn: What?

John: That girl - she was on the beach the other day when I crash-landed. That one.

Aeryn: So?

John: (disturbed and concentrating) I think I know her. I think... We went to high school together. It was only for a couple weeks, we never talked, but - (Aeryn giggles) Yeah, yeah - she looks familiar. (Aeryn giggles again and tosses her hair as she turns away, as if trying to draw John's attention. He follows her but is quickly distracted again by a magazine kiosk. He begins rifling through the issues for sale)

Vendor: Hey, can I help you, mate?

John: They're all seven months old! (angry) Why are they all seven months old? (he menaces the vendor)

Aeryn: John, stop it.

John: (loudly) I've seen all these before! They're from when I left!

Aeryn: What are you doing John? (she tries to get in front of him but he keeps stepping around her to get at the vendor)

John: I know you, don't I?

Vendor: What?

John: (shouting) Yeah! Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah! You're the guy on the beach the other day!

Aeryn: (as the vendor denies John's accusation) Shhhhhh! Just keep your voice down!

John: (ignoring her attempts to calm him, points at the vendor and yells as people stop to stare) I used to ride my bike past your house in the 5th grade!

Vendor: I don't know what you're talking about. I've never seen you before in my life.

John: (reaching a fever pitch of anxiety and agitation) EVERYBODY HERE AERYN! I KNOW THEM ALL! I KNOW WILSON! I KNOW COBB! (to Aeryn) I know you.

Aeryn: John! Stop it! Keep your voice down. What are you doing?

John: I KNOW EVERYONE! (he reaches in his duffle and whips out a gun which he brings to bear on Aeryn)
GET AWAY FROM ME AERYN! GET AWAY! BACK OFF! (she and the vendor do back up from the agitated John) Every place I've been, I've been there before. Every place. (and with that he begins to run amok, confronting various startled bystanders as he goes) Frank Kokonis! I dated your sister!

(cut to the crazed John, entering a pool hall whose occupants look up at the gun-wielding madman)

John: (looking around) YEAH! Here we go! (maniacal cackle) This is exactly the way I remember it. I know all you guys, don't I? It's a little out of context, but I know you. (he walks around the room looking at the people who stare back, silently) How the hell you been? (he stubs out a woman's cigarette) Quit. (he examines each person) And what the hell are you doing here? Yeah I been here.
(he proceeds to the Men’s Room and kicks open the door) Been in there. Nothing new. (he looks around and spots the Ladies Room door) But I've never been in there.

And with that John charges the Ladies Room door and slams it open - to find nothing. Nothing but a wall of shimmering orange and yellow light. John is stunned out of his wild rage and steps backwards, thunderstruck.

(cut back to the military installation. John is approaching it with simmering determination. Wilson is standing outside)

Soldier: Sir!

Wilson: STOP!

John: Make me. You're not gonna shoot. You're not even Wilson.

Wilson: Where's the female alien? (John brushes past Wilson’s drawn gun without even slowing his stride)

John: I'm going to talk to the man in charge and we both know it ain't you.

(cut to the inside of the military installation. The interior is dim and completely cleared out but for a single chair. Jack Crichton sits there, waiting. John stops beside him)

John: Who are you?

Jack/Ancient: You did well John. Most species don't do as well.

John: What is all this?

Jack/Ancient: Everything here is a physical creation from your memory.

John: But you're not real.

Jack/Ancient: Well... I'm not your father.

John: And what about my friends?

Jack/Ancient: They're real. Living matter. They were investigating the wormhole we'd created from your memory so we decided to use them in our trial.

(suddenly we see that the space is not entirely empty - the glass-walled holding cell is still there. D'Argo and Rygel stand, mannequin-like at the glass and D'Argo speaks to John via the intercom)

D'Argo: Crichton, enough is enough.

John: D'Argo!

D'Argo: Get us back home.

John: Rygel! They didn't kill you?

(cut to Rygel, now sitting, quite un-mannequin-like in front of a huge plate of snail-like creatures)

Rygel: (exuberant) Kill me? (cackles with glee) These people treated me splendidly! They gave me marjools Crichton! Wonderful Hynerian marjools! Whoever you are! I THANK YOU!

Jack/Ancient: Of course we didn't kill him. We created his corpse.

John: Why? Why would you make me think that he was dead?

Jack/Ancient: We needed a - human reaction - John. Your reaction

John: (snaps - he grabs Jack by the shirtfront pushes him against a column) YOU MADE ME THINK YOU WERE MY FATHER! (but at that moment Jacks shirtfront where John has grabbed onto tears away along with flesh - Jacks chest is exposed as glistening fibrous muscle-like tissue, decidedly not human innards. John is horrified and drops the bit of alien facade he tore off. Jack seems unharmed and continues calmly)

Jack/Ancient: I'm sorry. For the trial to have value you had to believe everything. Let me show you. (he turns and walks away, John, bewildered, his hands full of alien wetness stammers-)

John: Are we... anywhere near Earth?

Jack/Ancient: Actually we're not far from Moya. We brought you here - to recreate your memory.

John: Well, if you can make all this. Why not just... make a wormhole to take you to Earth?

Jack/Ancient: That would use all our remaining power. We only have enough left to transport our race one last time. We had to be certain of how we'd be received.

He leads John into another room where white light slowly pulsates. There are great hive-like structures suspended from the ceiling. Alien creatures buzz against their walls as if looking out at John with glowing red and yellow eyes.

Jack/Ancient: Though space is without boundaries, there are but a few planets where we can live.

John: (gazing with a mixture of awe and wariness at the hives with their flickering, buzzing occupants) So you're looking to take over someone else's?

Jack/Ancient: Not take over. Cohabitate. To replenish our hive. The Ancients have stories of a world that will welcome us. We can only hope they're true. You can move closer.

John: Thanks. Close enough.

Jack/Ancient: We had to find out whether humans would welcome us or fight us.

John: (as he looks up at the hives and the Ancient speaks he sees snippets from his own mind unfold in the air around him) You've stolen my memories.

Jack/Ancient: I'm sorry to have taken this form. But I thought the best spy would be a father. As seen through his son’s eyes.

John: You stole my memories.

Jack/Ancient: We had no choice.

John: Show me... What you really look like.

The Ancient masquerading as Jack Crichton consents and steps away from John. There is a bright transformational light and the Ancient is revealed as a short, spindly-limbed creature with a thick torso and a sort of duck-billed face with insectile mandibles framed by dreadlock-like tentacles. His eyes glow orange/red and he speaks in a deep male voice.

Ancient: Many of us hoped that Earth might be our welcoming place. If all people were like you maybe it could be. But they're not. In your memory we saw millions of Wilson’s and Cobb’s. It also led us to a familiar conclusion.

John: Which was?

Ancient: That the highest life form on a planet is also the most destructive. Your humans would kill us.

John: (looks up at the hives, and it seems their strange buzzing sounds are more like the familiar chirp of crickets than he'd noticed before) So what will you do now?

Ancient: What we've done since before I was hatched. We continue searching for a home.

John: So will I.

Ancient: Here. (he proffers Jacks lucky puzzle ring on its chain to John)

John: Thanks. (he takes it and walks back to the door - through it we see the rolling surf of the beach as John stands, silhouetted there for a moment)

Ancient: Maybe we'll meet again one day John.

John: (looking briefly back, he says softly) Maybe.


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