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They've Got A Secret
June 25, 1999 - US
February 21, 2000 - UK

Writer - Sally Lapiduss
Director - Ian Watson

Guest Cast
Alison Fox . . . Lo'Laan
Grant Magee . . . Jothee

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Episode Summary
In TGAS - what begins as a routine sweep of Moya for booby-traps and other devices left by the Peacekeepers quickly becomes a cataclysmic event that permanently alters the course of their adventures.

D'Argo finds a device and in typically Luxan fashion becomes impatient when he can't understand how to remove it - so he kicks it. It explodes, he's flushed into space and something happens to Moya. D'Argo is rescued but has had some sort of psychotic break and is hallucinating. And Moya? Well she suddenly turns homicidal. And so the race is on to bring D'Argo back to reality so he can help the others figure out what's wrong with Moya before they're all killed - including Pilot who spends most of the episode unconscious and near death.

It develops that D'Argo is reliving his past and that the real reason for his imprisonment is that he was framed for the murder of his Sebacean wife. He has a half-Sebacean son somewhere who he loves dearly and misses terribly. The crew is able to help him work through his repressed trauma and he's able to help them finally deal with the bigger problem that they all have - Moya.

But alas - Moya isn't as easy to talk to with Pilot out of commission and her DRDs trying to kill everyone. But D'Argo directs them back to the place where he kicked out the PK device and they manage to piece together the facts - which are that the device had been set in place to prevent Moya from becoming pregnant and that somehow, when it was removed - she conceived. Her apparently homicidal behavior is nothing more than her own maternal instincts being carried to extremes by the DRDs which are part of her and are reacting like antibodies in their zeal to protect the Leviathan embryo that is now growing within her. Pilot’s near-death is the result of her body diverting the nutrients used to sustain him to her fetus.

John saves the day by communicating directly with Moya via DRD. Although it isn't clear whether what happened was involuntary or not - Moya is able to voluntarily restore life support for Pilot and the crew and make the DRDs stop trying to shoot them.

Pilot claims that little is known about the gestational cycles of Leviathans and so cannot guess how long Moya’s pregnancy will last or what they can all expect in terms of its potential impact upon her passengers. But everyone claims to be ever so happy for her anyway - except for D'Argo whose grief over his own lost child rather puts a damper on his enthusiasm for other peoples parenting fortunes.

Moya and her crew fly blissfully on - and that's it.

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The episode opens with a view of Moya’s underside as she travels through space. Cut to her interior where Aeryn is sitting on Johns' shoulders so she can reach up into the ceiling where she's working on something. There is an electrical sizzle and they both yelp.

Aeryn: What is the matter with you? I'm the one who just got shocked.

John: Yeah well you notice we're in contact down here. Man! I got that one through my ears.

Aeryn: Can you hold still?

John: (Not enjoying himself) Yeah, you know, I could get you something to stand on.

Aeryn: (Intent on her task) Listen I'm almost finished.

John: So what is it?

Aeryn: Some kind of Peacekeeper comms enhancer. Incomplete installation though. Moya must have been called into service as prison transport before it was finished.

(Cut to D'Argo, standing in another corridor talking to Pilot via comm. The scene shifts back and forth between him and Pilot in his Den as they speak)

D'Argo: (Complaining) Sweeping Moyas systems is droid work.

Pilot: (Firmly) It is vital work. Any Peacekeeper technology that remains on Moya may still pose a threat to us. It must be identified and removed.

D'Argo: How many Peacekeeper devices do you expect to find anyway?

Pilot: There is no way of knowing. That is why we must continue with these sweeps, and the DRDs all have their regular maintenance duties to perform. Despite this I have assigned two to assist you.

D'Argo: (As a pair of DRDs roll up to his feet) Two? Out of hundreds. How generous of you. How much longer do you expect this to take?

Pilot: (Crisply) That is not a legitimate question. Considering I have just stated I have no data on how many Peacekeeper devices may still be concealed. It will take as long as it takes.

(Cut back to Aeryn and John in the maintenance bay. They have moved on to another task. Or Aeryn has anyway)

John: Look, out here in the uncharted territories aren't we, a little out of range for the Peacekeeper radar?

Aeryn: It's possible that Crais might get close enough to reactivate devices like these. You may have noticed that he is determined to follow us no matter where we go.

(Cut back to D'Argo and the DRDs. They have a sensor that indicates something down a long, narrow shaft. D'Argo squeezes in and comes upon a shield-like device)

D'Argo: (On comm) Pilot I found some Peacekeeper control panel.

Pilot: Can you confirm?

D'Argo: Yes. This is Peacekeeper markings. Tell me what I should do with it.

Pilot: (His voice on comm in the shaft is scratchy and broken by interference) Be very careful which wire you pull. One is a direct link to the propulsion unit.

D'Argo: Pilot I can't understand you. What should I do? (Pilot’s response is completely unintelligible) Pilot! (D'Argo impatiently snaps off the comm and rips at the Peacekeeper device indiscriminately which proceeds to shoot sparks. In his Den - Pilot throws up his arms and sits bolt upright)


(Cut back to the shaft where D'Argo is thrown back by a shock and shower of sparks flying from the device. He begins a long slide down the dimly lit shaft. The thrumming of Moya’s bio-systems are loud deep inside the narrow tunnel)

D'Argo: Agh! Pilot! Argh! (He slithers to a halt just before the shaft takes a sharp downward plunge)

(Cut to Zhaan as she hurriedly enters the Command)

Zhaan: Pilot! What tier is he on?

Pilot: (On clamshell viewer, the controls on his his Console cast unusually wild pulsating lights over his face as if Moya’s systems are all aflutter) I have no indications. DRDs are searching, but so far no sign of him.

Aeryn: (As she enters the Command with John on her heels) D'Argo can you answer us?

John: Pilot where was he last time you talked to him?

Pilot: Tier 21.

D'Argo: (On comm, panting. He's struggled partway back up the shaft, his comm signal is broken as he frantically and angrily calls-) Peacekeeper! I have a Peacekeeper device down here! What should I do? I have a Peacekeeper device down here!

John: D'Argo - some kind of Peacekeeper what? (no response) D'Argo where are you?

In the shaft, D'Argo, ever the hothead, savagely kicks at the device. It breaks open explosively and emits white light and a strong gust of shimmering particles. Moya shudders and lurches. D'Argo is once again knocked down the shaft, more violently this time.

John: (As Moya groans and shudders) What the hell is that?

Pilot: (Casually informative as he follows D'Argo' progress on sensors) I've got D'Argo back and I've got him on sca-an.

Aeryn: (With dread) I'm reading some kind of explosion.

John: Pilot what tier is D'Argo on?

Pilot: (Not very informative) He's not on any tier.

John: What do you mean? (The scene shifts to D'Argo - his body is flying out of Moya and into the vacuum of space)

(Shortly afterwards, cut to Aeryn in her Prowler approaching D'Argo and retrieving his body)

Aeryn: (On comm) Got him Pilot - bringing him in now.(Soon after - cut to the docking bay, Aeryn is dragging D'Argo in)

He's frozen stiff and he isn't breathing!

John: He was in space for half an hour. There's no way that he's still-

Zhaan: (Crouching down by D'Argo. She and Aeryn ignore John) We must get his respiration started again. (John silently begins CPR by striking D’Argo’s chest) John! What are you doing?

Aeryn: Stop! Hasn't he suffered enough?

Zhaan: (Urgently) That won't help! Turn him! Turn him quick! (They roll D'Argo onto his stomach, she presses her hands against his back) Pulse is faint. Deep space internathermia.

Aeryn: Maybe he was left out there too long.

John: How long can a Luxan last in a vacuum?

Zhaan: About a quarter of an arn.

Aeryn: Maybe.

Zhaan: (As she injects a stimulant into D'Argo) Unless they are revived soon after. (Moya shudders violently, the lights flicker)

John: (Yelling) Pilot! Is there something going on with Moya? (He returns his attention to D'Argo) Come on big guy, come on. Give me one of those big nasty smelly breaths.

Zhaan: Give him a chance John.

John: (As D'Argo gasps and exhales convulsively) WHOA!

D'Argo: (Muttering deliriously as Zhaan hoists him over on his back again and cradles his head) Pilot! Where am I? (He looks up at Zhaan) Lo'Laan.

Aeryn: Lo'Laan?

Zhaan: (Smiling) How do you feel D'Argo?

D'Argo: I'll be all right. You didn't think I'd be that clumsy did you? (He gasps for breath and says dreamily-) Lo'Laan, Lo'Laan...

John: D'Argo what happened? What happened with the explosion?

Aeryn: You mentioned Peacekeeper, did you find a Peacekeeper device?

D'Argo: I... I don't remember. I... I...

Zhaan: He's unconscious again. But he will survive.

John: (As Moya shudders and her lights flicker again) Pilot! What is going on with Moya?

Pilot: (Gazing obliviously at them from a clamshell viewer) Something is wrong?

Aeryn: Yes! Something is wrong. What about that dip that Moya took after the explosion. Have you identified that yet?

Pilot: (Breezily) Working on it.

John: You feeling okay?

Pilot: (Slightly strained) I'm - working on it... Getting some odd readings from some of Moya’s systems.

Zhaan:(Picking some of the shimmery debris from the PK device off D’Argo’s clothing) What are these?

Aeryn: (Must be that Pilot DNA kicking in with this brilliant perception) Looks like debris.

John: It's from the explosion. (Moya trembles again) Pilot, where was D’Argo’s last known location? Right before the explosion.

Pilot: (Seeming to struggle a bit) Uh... Tier twenty-one... aft section.

John: (To Zhaan) You okay here?

Zhaan: Yeah.

John: Lead me that way.

Aeryn: I'm coming with you. (They exit as Zhaan scrutinizes the bits of debris)

(Cut to Aeryn and John moving through the corridors. The scene shifts between them and Pilot in his Den as they talk)

John: Pilot how are we doing? Are we close? (no response) Pilot?

Pilot: (He seems woozy, struggling to keep his eyes open) I - believe so - no further data. I've - been trying to - send some DRDs to as-sist you. But they are not responding.

Aeryn: (Incredulous) Aren't responding?

Pilot: I'm - working to sort it all out - argh - ungh - (He grunts and grimaces with apparent pain) Will - Will - get back to you- (He signs off)

John: Whatever is affecting Moya is bugging Pilot too.

Aeryn: The explosion?

John: Well they have a symbiotic fusion right t? Pilot’s tendrils run all through the ship. Maybe D'Argo set off something that struck them both. Man I am never going to get used to walking around inside a living ship.

Aeryn: You have nothing similar in your culture?

John: Well Jonah and the whale. But no, no contemporary parallels. Except for the horse and rider.

Aeryn: Rider? The horse is a beast of burden?

John: Yeah, not as large as or as sophisticated as Moya here but kinda similar, loyal and intelligent.

Aeryn: That you capture and make work for you.

John: (As they enter a junction of three halls, where D'Argo had been) Yeah, but we love them too.

Aeryn: You love what you enslave?

John: We don't enslave them all right? We ride them. Fine we enslave them. What is that smell?

Aeryn: Smell?

John: Yeah, the air is stale. (Two DRDs are by the opening to the shaft D'Argo went into and are rapidly covering it over) Pilot! We've got a couple of your little DRD buddies with us down here after all.

Pilot: (In his Den, eyes half shut, gasping, swaying woozily) I - don't read any DRDs in that section.

Aeryn: Well they're down here.

One of the DRDs turns towards them and shoots a stream of liquid at Aeryn’s boot, causing it to adhere to the floor. She tries to free herself, but stumbles, laying one hand on the floor. The DRD sprays the adhesive again, gluing her hand down. It then aims its' glue gun at her face and she throws up her free arm to defend herself.

John: Look out! (He lunges forward, seizing the glue nozzle and breaks it off)

(Cut to Zhaan’s lab. D'Argo lies there on an infirmary bed)

Zhaan: (Attempting to scan D'Argo) Pilot, the scanner seems to be working less efficiently than usual. (No response) Pilot?

John strides in. He has the DRDs' glue nozzle stuck to one hand and Aeryn’s boot stuck to the other.

Zhaan: John! What- ?

John: Aeryn and I were just ambushed by a couple of DRDs.

Aeryn: (Via comm - she's still stuck to the floor down on tier 21 and not happy about it) CRICHTON!

John: Yeah Aeryn, I'm working on it. (To Zhaan) Any suggestions? NO! Don't touch it - it's like super-glue.

Zhaan: Hang on a minute, there's something else here.

John: Yeah looks likes the stuff that's on D'Argo.

Zhaan: (Scanning the DRD nozzle) I took all that I could from his hair and clothes. The scanner shows he may have aspirated and ingested some as well.

John: Hey Zhaan, could that be part of what's wrong with D'Argo?

Zhaan: It shouldn't be. The particles are bio-mechanoid. Just like Moya. But I think you're right, (She brings up a hologram of the particles) they are fragments from Moya’s bio-polymer structure. From the explosion.

Aeryn: (Shouting via comm, teeth clenched) Crichton have you gotten the solvent yet?

John: (Staring at the hologram) Yeah I'm looking. (To Zhaan) They're identical. Since when is debris from an explosion that uniform?


(Later - cut to Aeryn and John. John is laying on his stomach on the floor applying solvent to Aeryn’s glued hand)

John: Zhaan said this solvent should do the trick , but it's very strong so I gotta get it only on the DRD gunk, not on your hand...

Aeryn: Right.

John: Then we have to rinse it immediately afterwards -

Aeryn: Right right right. Let's just hurry it up shall we?

John: Excuse me for being careful but this stuff could eat through your skin so -

Aeryn: OK so let's avoid that.

John: My thought exactly so PIPE down and hold still.

Aeryn: You know I'm going to track down this cute droid and rip off both its' antennae.

John: (Concentrating on the glue removal) Tch. Happy place Aeryn. Go to your happy place... Look there's obviously something wrong with the DRDs. We just gotta figure out what it is before they do some serious damage to the ship.

Aeryn: If they haven't already.

John: 'Kay. Try it again. (Aeryn slowly tries to pull her hand away from the floor. She manages to raise it a little) Good! Good good - it's working.

Aeryn: Oh wonderful. At this rate I'll have two whole fingers freed by tomorrow.

John: (In a tone that says he doesn't appreciate her humor) That's good. You're being funny again. Y'know you're lucky it only got your hand and your shoe. If you'd gotten this stuff on another body part it'd be you and Pilot. Permanent fixtures on this ship.

Aeryn: Oh. Let me guess - is that you being funny? This is ridiculous! (She pulls at her hand)

John: Well, it's gonna work. Eventually. (As Aeryn strains) Trust me. Hey easy! You're going to rip your hand off! (With a sticky tear, she peels her hand off the floor triumphantly) See? Told ya it'd work.

(Later - cut to the two of them rinsing Aeryn’s hand)

Aeryn: A bio-mechanoid virus?

John: Yeah, left behind by the Peacekeepers.

Aeryn: As what? Another passive weapon like the Paddac beacon?

John: Exactly. D'Argo must have found something, did something to release it. Still sting?

Aeryn: Solvent's off I think.

John: Good.

Aeryn: Just fine.

John: Listen. If it is a virus, which has infected Moya’s systems, that may be what's got a hold of Pilot. D'Argo's still freaking all over the ship, that may not be because of the time he spent outside. It might be because of the virus.

Aeryn: But you are saying this virus is bio-mechanoid. That means it shouldn't affect Pilot or D'Argo.

John: I know something is… And if it is a virus in Moya’s system, it may be in the atmosphere generators. Which means we could be breathing it in right now.

(Cut to Zhaan, escorting D'Argo into his quarters)

Zhaan: The air is stale in here and the room is cold. Not exactly what you need recovering from internathermia. But I'll see if I can't do something about it for you.

D'Argo: Lo'Laan, you must stop worrying about me. You work way too hard. (They sit) You are so beautiful I can only dream that's because I make you happy as you make me.

Zhaan: I am glad I make you happy sweet D'Argo. But I also want to make you well.

D'Argo: I'm never more alive or healthy than when I'm with you.

Zhaan: When you look at me, what do you see?

D'Argo: Hhmmmm... I see... my future. No matter what the others say, I see you and me together. (He seems suddenly distressed and gets up and moves away from her)

Zhaan: (Rising too) D'Argo, tell me. Let me help you. Who is Lo'Laan? (He stares at her, his lips move slightly but no sound emerges)

(Cut to the galley. John sets a drink down in front of Aeryn and takes a seat himself)

John: I dunno, maybe that's why the air smells so stale.

Aeryn: Why?

John: Because of the virus. It's all over the ship.

Aeryn: That's a hasty conclusion. Let's wait and see what Zhaan’s analysis shows.

John: Look, Moya’s a living being right? And there are viruses galore out here in the galaxy. I mean hell - what are our chances that we're gonna catch the Korubian plague or something?

Aeryn: Well it all depends on each creatures' immune systems, whether they're capable of fighting off invaders or creating an inhospitable breeding ground.

John: Right. Okay - Sebaceans, for example. Do you have inoculations? I mean, how do you guys deal with all the stuff floating around out here?

Aeryn: Well, we're born and bred on ships. We're in a totally controlled environment until we're sent off on our first Peacekeeper assignment.

John: Wait a minute. So, you guys just zip around the galaxy, hoping you don't pick up some STD? Space Transmitted Disease?

Aeryn: No, we're issued a standard number of - 'inoculations' - as you call them, against all known destructive bacterial and viral matter.

John: Do we have any of that on board?

Aeryn: And if some new malicious organism is discovered, our scientists engineer an anti-substrate, a growth blocker, to stop it from affecting our systems.

John: So, basically, you... you have no disease.

Aeryn: Basically, yes.

John: What about Moya?

Aeryn: If anything attacks one of her systems she starts fighting back.

John: Aeryn, you were born to this. I mean, this science, you've had it your whole life. You have no idea how advanced it all is to me.

Aeryn: I think I do.

John: No. I don't think so. Disease and death are rampant on my world. Bacteria and viruses destroy crops, animals, people at - at incalculable rates.

Aeryn: Well, each ecosystem has its own logic, so maybe yours is a simpler way of keeping populations under control.

John: No. No, no, no. This is a better way. The suffering that you've managed to avoid with your science is immeasurable.

Aeryn: Creatures still die out here. And we find new ways to suffer. And to make others suffer.

John: Well, I never said Earth had a monopoly on that.

Aeryn: But you say that you want to go back to this place, Earth, a place that you tell me has so much disease and suffering?

John: Well, you guys don't have chocolate.

(Cut to soon after, still in the galley. Aeryn and John are getting some lunch. A pair of DRDs on the floor seem to be making some sort of modifications to each other)

John: (Eyes the DRDs who stop for a moment and look directly back at him) Aeryn...

Aeryn: What? (She turns to look as she takes a bite of food - and immediately spits it out) Ugh! That's spoiled! The refrigeration unit must not be working.

John: (Opens the refrigerator door and quickly slams it back shut) WHOA! That definitely ain't working. Pilot!

Pilot: (Flickering into view on the galley clamshell) Yes?

John: We have another systems malfunction to report.

Pilot: (He's straining to speak) Not - a malfunction. I'm seeing - seeing signs of intent-

Aeryn: Pilot?

Pilot: Intent - intentional sabotage. (He pitches forward, unconscious at his Console)

(Cut to shortly afterwards, Moya is pitching and rolling violently, most of her lights are out. John and Zhaan are in the Command. Aeryn is next to Pilot in his Den)

Zhaan: (Crying out) Moya's struggling to compensate, to take control for Pilot!

Aeryn: I can't revive him.

Zhaan: (With dread) Aeryn, is he dead?

Aeryn: No, but his vitals are extremely low.

John: (The turbulence is terrible as he calls-) We'll do what we can for him as soon as we get the ship stable. I'm getting a lot of peaks and valleys here!

Zhaan: The systems Pilot modulates are out of control. Moya is showing major chemical surges.

John: Virus. (In the Den, Aeryn quietly lays her hand on one of Pilot’s control panels and pushes it down. The turbulence stops) How'd you do that?

Aeryn: I think this control is ballasts . And this - (She touches another) -is illumination.

John: Aeryn thanks - you've done it.

Aeryn: I don't know how.

John: (Quietly, to Zhaan) When Aeryn was injected with Pilot’s DNA it must have made some permanent change.

Zhaan: That was all flushed out of her.

John: Was it? Aeryn, whatever you're doing, just keep doing it. (Aeryn looks over her shoulder at Pilot, who's slumped to one side with his tongue hanging out)

Zhaan: Moya's still working to assume more control of systems. She is trying, but environmentals are still malfunctioning. Atmospherics are at a minimum. What we are breathing now is all we've got.

(Cut to D’Argo’s quarters. He's sleeping. Rygel enters and looks around at the furnishings)

Rygel: (Murmuring to himself as he snoops) Hmm... oh... That's... Hm... That's beau- oh - that - Oh!... (he picks up some small bauble. D'Argo awakens) Oh! Ah - I was just trying to, uh-

D'Argo: (Still hallucinating) I know exactly what you're trying to do Jothee.

Rygel: Jothee?

D'Argo: Come here boy.

Rygel: Boy?

D'Argo: Now. (He advances on Rygel, who backs up hurriedly)

Rygel: Oh no - D'Argo! Listen! This isn't what it looks like. I'm not - oh! OH! (D'Argo grabs him and gives him a huge hug) You're crushing me - AAHH!

D'Argo: (Releases him and getting down to Rygel’s level, says in a fatherly tone-) Now what did I say about going through other peoples' things?

Rygel: What is the matter with you?

D'Argo: Now. (He points to Rygel’s chest and when Rygel looks down he brings his hand up chucking him under the chin)

Rygel: Wha? OW! How dare you handle me this way!

D'Argo: (Chuckles and tickles Rygel) Jothee, you are so BIG!

Rygel: Doh! My size is never a matter for discussion!

D'Argo: I - uh, I think I know why you're upset. You are old enough now to realize that we're outsiders here. You look different to the others and they're treating you like a stranger.

Rygel: Strange is right.

D'Argo: I know exactly how you feel. You know when your mothers' family first saw me-

Rygel: (Deeply offended) What about my mother?

D'Argo: -they despised me. So that's why we had to get away.

Rygel: Not far enough!

D'Argo: Well, we came to a place where no one could tell us what we thought or felt was wrong.

Rygel: Well I'm telling you you're wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! WRONG! (D'Argo tickles him again) Ah! Ah! NYAH! HAHHAH!

D'Argo: (Laughs) Ah -I love you son.

Rygel: Son? You think I'm your. s- ?

D'Argo: Yes son, no matter what happens I will always love you.

(Cut to Zhaan’s lab. She is working while John looks at xray-like films of Moya)

John: Pilot’s tendrils run all through the ship. He could have picked up the virus anywhere, on any tier. (Zhaan sneezes) You okay?

Zhaan: The air is getting staler.

John: Yeah, but are you going to be okay?

Zhaan: For a while thanks.

John: Hey Zhaan, can this ship function without Pilot?

Zhaan: Theoretically yes. Moya is an independent living being. Pilot and the DRDs are merely servicers in aid of her operations.

John: What about the environmentals? The lights, the air?

Zhaan: Those things are not here to keep Moya functioning. They're here for us and Pilot controlled those.

John: Is there any way for us to communicate with Moya? Without Pilot?

Zhaan: I know of none.

Aeryn: (She's with Pilot, her image appears on a clamshell viewer, Pilot still slumped behind her) I found something.

John: Aeryn, what you got?

Aeryn: From what I can read of Pilot’s personal-monitoring system, his blood is being nutrient starved. Now it may not be the only reason he's unconscious but it's all I can figure out for now.

John: Well the virus must be starving him - get him some nutrients.

Aeryn: I'm on it. (She signs off)

Zhaan: (Looking up from her work) Except it's not a virus. This test just confirmed that the particles are not a distinct organism like a virus. They are actually made up of Moya’s genetic material. They are a part of Moya. They must be fragments from the explosion.

John: No they can't be fragments. They are all perfectly uniform in size.

Zhaan: But John, they are a part of Moya.

John: Just before the accident, D'Argo said he saw some - Peacekeeper something.

Zhaan: Yes.

John: Whatever it is - that must be the answer.

(Cut to Aeryn. She has a flashlight and is crouching through a small tunnel. Along the roof of it is running a huge, umbilical-like organic structure)

Aeryn: Well. Pilot. I hope this works. (She lifts a thing that looks rather like a huge bug-spray pump and using it like a syringe she injects fluid into the umbilical)

(Cut back to John and Zhaan. Moya shudders as Aeryn injects. The lights come up some)

Zhaan: (Murmuring) Wonderful!

John: Where's D'Argo?

Zhaan: Rygel's watching him.

John: (Calling to him over comm using the clamshell viewer) Rygel? Rygel? (On the viewer Rygel is seen struggling out of a sheet on a bed) You are NOT sleeping!

Rygel: (Indignant) No, I'm NOT sleeping! D'Argo tucked me in and went for a walk! He thinks I'm someone called Jothee!

Zhaan: D'Argo is not with you?

Rygel: No. Are you not listening? He went for a walk and he's looking for - Lo'Laan.

John: (To Zhaan) Lo'Laan? That's what he called you earlier. (Zhaan acknowledges this and John goes off looking for D'Argo)

(cut to D'Argo, elsewhere on Moya. He seems lost in thought. John finds him)

John: How you doing?

D'Argo: I feel... unsteady.

John: Yeah. Look. I know a little while ago, you were floating in deep space in your street clothes. An' I know you're going through some stuff because of it, but we're in deep guano here bro. We need your help.

D'Argo: (Coldly) You need me Macton?

John: Macton? D'Argo I'm not Macton. What was that name you called Zhaan? Was it Lo'Laan? Who is Lo'Laan?

D'Argo: Who is Lo'Laan? You may despise your sister for marrying me Macton, but do not mock her by feigning to forget her name.

John: Marrying? Wait a minute, these people are real? You were married?

D'Argo: (Uncertainly) Crichton?

John: Yeah D'Argo, it's me. And you're here. On Moya. Look we've got trouble. Big trouble. We need to know what happened down there, what caused the explosion. We need to know what you saw.

D'Argo: Explosion. I was... I was in some kind of shaft. There was a shield. Peacekeeper shield. It was holding something back.

John: Holding back what? (But D'Argo loses it again and shoves John against the wall)

D'Argo: Macton you dare deny your own sister’s name? You dare to dishonor her even though she is dead?! (He savagely throws John to the floor and begins to cry, grief-stricken, as John stares)

(Cut to Aeryn, in Pilot’s Den and John, walking down a dark, narrow corridor with a flashlight. They speak via comm)

Aeryn: (Pilot is still out of it behind her. One long arm stretched limply over the Console) Crichton, are you sure this is such a good idea? I really can't be certain of what I am reading, what I'm doing -

John: We don't have a choice Aeryn. D'Argo said he found some kind of Peacekeeper shield in a shaft we have to locate.

Aeryn: Can't D'Argo tell us?

John: (The flashlight goes out) Damn! (He whacks it and it comes back on) No Aeryn, his memory's all over the map. Short-circuited. (The flashlight continues to flicker) Aeryn, we got to be getting close to the source, send down some emergency lighting in this section. (In the reddish gloom he sees a few DRDs) Uh-oh - eyes.

Aeryn: Eyes?

John: (Creeped out) Yeah, like a cave scene in a Yosemite Sam cartoon. DRDs. They're blocking the passageway. I've got to find another route.

Aeryn: There should be parallel passageways that vector off on that tier. I think.

John: You think?

Aeryn: (Snaps) Look, do you want to come up here and try to handle all of these thousands of controls.

John: No-no-no. I'm vectoring! I'm vectoring! (He retreats hastily from the DRDs and seeing a small opening squeezes through it into a larger corridor) Aeryn? I need a fix on my current location! (But suddenly DRDs eyes light up, hundreds of them, on the walls, floors and ceiling around him) Holy mother- (The DRDs advance and some open fire. John flees) AERYN! (He dives for the opening he came in by and slides halfway through on his belly only to come up face to face with DRDs on the other side, their tiny, but powerful guns, locked and loaded in his face. He freezes and whispers-) Aeryn, shut down the DRDs.

Aeryn: Don't be ridiculous Crichton.

John: JUST - do it! (The DRDs go dead)

(Cut to another room on Moya. A shut-off DRD is on a table. Aeryn, John and Zhaan are seated around it looking grim. They speak in hushed tones)

John: So where are Rygel and D'Argo?

Zhaan: D'Argo took his 'son' on an excursion.

Aeryn: What are we going to do about these? They're vital servicers. We need them operational.

John: Well, they are not exactly operational as it is, Aeryn. You missed that Hitchcock picture playing back there a little while ago. A flock of these little guys just tried to kill me. They are not shooting glue anymore.

Zhaan: Could this be related to what we've been calling the virus?

John: No, no you're right. It's not a virus. These guys aren't bio-mechanoid. They're entirely mechanical - wires, gears, servos. No, a virus wouldn't have any affect at all. No they only do... what someone tells them to do.

Aeryn: But Pilot is unconscious.

John: Pilot isn't the only one who controls them.

Zhaan: Moya.

Aeryn: You're saying that Moya wanted the DRDs to try and kill you?

Zhaan: The DRDs shut down of the environmentals - do you think that Moya was causing all of this?

John: Moya has an independent intellect right? Well maybe the explosion that D'Argo was involved in short circuited that. Or maybe she consciously cut off Pilot’s resources in order to prevent him from keeping us alive. Our beloved ship may be trying to kill us.

(Cut to Zhaan’s lab. She and John are examining the films of Moya’s body)

Zhaan: It would be so much more efficient to bring this data up on the view screen.

John: We can't access Moya’s intellect without letting her know what we're doing.

Zhaan: I can't believe Moya doesn't know.

John: How do you know about the few bacteria inside of you? No you don't know unless you get a symptom.

Zhaan: (A little offended) My body carries no bacteria.

John: Aeryn is that all of them?

Aeryn: (As she enters with more films) I'm sure there's a lot more. What exactly are you expecting to do?

John: I'm trying to find a direct access to Moya’s higher functions. We may have to shut her down.

Aeryn: But that would be like... like when Moya was still wearing the Peacekeeper control collar.

Zhaan: What if we can't get it up again?

John: It may be the only way to save her- (Moya groans and shudders) -and us. I think the most direct access point is gonna be in Pilot’s chamber. Aeryn? (She nods and exits)

John: (To Zhaan) You and I, we may have one other chance. Rygel where are you?

Rygel: (Suffering from the indignity of it all) Getting a piggy-back ride!

John: Well see if you can get a ride back up to Command.

(Cut to the Command)

D'Argo: (To Rygel, fatherly) You must hold still, we're up in the mountains and the air is very thin.

Rygel: So it's mountains now. Do you know I sincerely believe you require physical restraint?

D'Argo: You are making things very difficult for your old man if you- (He stops as John and Zhaan enter)

Zhaan: Hello D'Argo.

D'Argo: Lo'Laan. (He goes to Zhaan and embraces her passionately as John looks on) The more I know you, the more I love you, the less I understand. How could you give up everything to love someone like me?

Zhaan: Yes sweet D'Argo. I do so love you too.

D'Argo: I am never going to let you go from my life.

Zhaan: D'Argo.

D'Argo: Yes?

Zhaan: I need your help.

D'Argo: Anything.

Zhaan: We are in great danger.

D'Argo: We are in no danger. Not here. They're not looking for us anymore. We're safe, you, me and Jothee.

Zhaan: We are not safe. Our ship-

D'Argo: (Interrupting her) Our ship is gone. I destroyed it soon after we landed. There is no way they can trace us here.

Zhaan: Where is here, sweet D'Argo? (D'Argo seems to see her for who she is and backs away, disoriented)

John: D'Argo! (D'Argo whirls to face John and is again delusional)

D'Argo: Macton! (Rygel gasps at D’Argo’s hostility)

John: (Playing along with D’Argo’s delusion) What are you doing? Here? With her? You keep your hands off my sister.

Rygel: (Has no clue what's going on) Your sister?

D'Argo: You have nothing to say on this, Macton.

John: I have everything to say on it. I reject you and I reject your marriage. (Moya groans and yaws) No! You think yourself worthy of her? When you cower from her memory.

D'Argo: (husky) Her memory burns in my very soul. (he backs away, and turns towards Zhaan, struggling terribly with his emotions) You... You're dead.

John: D'Argo, you have to remember.

D'Argo: (Sobbing) I don't want to.

John: You must. You must remember everything. (Furious, D'Argo attacks John and throws him across the room)

Zhaan: Crichton!


D'Argo: YOU KILLED HER! To keep her from me. You killed Lo'Laan!

Zhaan: (Horrified) Her own brother killed her?

D'Argo: (Approaching Rygel who whimpers apprehensively) I never had the chance - you were so young... I never had the chance to tell out why your mother and I went away from the world that we knew. (Fighting tears) Jothee, please understand, I had to send you away. I was charged with your mother’s murder. Before they arrested me, I got you to another planet, safely away. To a place where I prayed that Macton and others like him would never find you. I had no other choice, but I can't be sure you have remained safe until I see you again. I can't... (Rygel gapes sympathetically)

John: (Softly) D'Argo.

D'Argo: Macton arrested me. He still had her dried blood on his hands.

John: Macton? I thought you were arrested by a Peacekeeper?

D'Argo: (Bitter) It was quite a coup for him.

John: Macton was a Peacekeeper?

Zhaan: If he was a Peacekeeper, then Lo'Laan was -

D'Argo silently produces a hologram chip and an image of a beautiful Sebacean woman holding a tentacle-headed toddler rises from his hand.

Zhaan: Your family.

D'Argo: I remember it all.

John: D'Argo, the explosion here on Moya. Do you remember where? (D'Argo nods)

(Later - cut between Aeryn, in Pilot’s Den, working at his Console and the others in Moya’s corridors)

Aeryn: I'm inside the access point to Moya’s higher functions. I'm almost through the shut down procedure.

Zhaan: We understand Aeryn. (To John) If you can isolate the source of the problem then we may not have to shut down Moya’s higher functions. But be careful John, you may be going to right in where the particles are most concentrated.

Aeryn: I can't do it. I can't get through. There is no way to shut down Moya’s higher functions. But I do have access, I can cut the connections.

John: Cut them? Permanently?

Aeryn: This isn't my decision alone. If I do this, we all have to be a part of it.

John: (Looking at the others) Cut 'em. (He, D'Argo and Zhaan continue their search of the narrow, red-lit corridors deep inside Moya)

D'Argo: Somewhere around here.

John: It can't be, Aeryn and I checked this entire-

D'Argo: (Interrupting) No, this way. (They come to the place where D'Argo entered the narrow shaft) The DRDs have sealed it up. (He kicks out a piece of the seal the DRDs placed and John dons a space helmet with an oxygen tether and enters the shaft. It is very dim and strewn with debris. Aeryn begins cutting into where Moya’s higher functions are with a laser saw)

John: Right D'Argo, I'm in. Where's the Peacekeeper panel?

D'Argo: What do you see?

John: (Looking down the shaft which resembles a rollercoaster tunnel) Infinity.

D'Argo: Then you're close either way.

John: Thanks a lot... I've reached a ridge.

D'Argo: Just keep going, it's not much further.

John: You'd better be right, 'cos I'm running low on oxygen.

Aeryn: (Stops cutting to report) I'm through the protective casing. I'm going in.

John: I think I found it, I'm at the Peacekeeper shield. It's definitely all lumped up with the particles.

Zhaan: John, can you see the source?

John: Hang on, there's something further down.

Zhaan: You can't go much further John, you're almost at the end of the cable.

John: I found another opening, there's something through here, some sort of cavern.

Aeryn: (Reporting) Okay, I'm cutting now.

Zhaan: John, Aeryn is through! She is beginning to sever Moya’s higher functions.

John: Oh my God...

D'Argo: Crichton! What do you see?

Zhaan: John? John can you hear me?

D'Argo: Crichton, what do you see?

John: I'm not sure. Zhaan how much do you know about - uh - Leviathan physiology?

Zhaan: Not a great deal, why?

John: (He plays his flashlight beam over a strange structure in the chamber he's entered) Do you know how they reproduce?

D'Argo: Reproduce?

John: Yeah, I think - I think Moya's pregnant.

Zhaan: That's why the particles are bio-mechanoid.

John: Yeah, it's a catalyst, the catalyst for pregnancy.

Zhaan: Then Moya wasn't trying to kill us after all.

John: (Gazing at a roughly Leviathan-shaped creature, about the size of a walrus, suspended in a structure that resembles Pilot’s station) No, she's - protecting her baby.

Aeryn: Crichton, I've almost got it.

John: Aeryn, what was that?

Aeryn: I said I'm almost done, The higher functions are almost severed. (The others begin shouting frantically to her, all at the same time)

Zhaan: No! STOP!


John: Aeryn! Listen to me - you have to stop cutting NOW!

Aeryn: All right, I've stopped. Why?

Zhaan: We'll explain later! Just put down the saw!

John: (Removes his helmet and stares at the thick umbilicals supporting the fetal Leviathan) Moya, I wish there was some way I could communicate to you, to let you know that what you're doing to nourish your baby is killing Pilot. And us. (he sees all the dead DRDs around the fetus) DRDs... The baby needs the DRDs. We're killing the baby. Aeryn! You've got to turn back on the DRDs!

Aeryn: (Leaning against Pilot’s Console with her arms crossed, looking miffed and no doubt knowing exactly how Pilot feels now) Wot? What is going on down there?

John: (Screaming) AERYN, TURN BACK ON THE DRDS, NOW! (They come to life and advance on John. He drops to his knees and lays his weapon aside. He is seen through the DRDs' perception) Moya, I don't know if you can hear me through this DRD. Hell I don't even know if you can understand me without Pilot translating. We would never hurt you or your baby, we're happy that you're having a child. Do we have to die so that your baby can live? (The lights and air comes on. The DRDs retract their weaponry and stand down)

Zhaan: Fresh air! Crichton the atmosphere is back on. We can breathe again.

John: (Standing as the DRDs retreat and looking at the fetus) Man, how big that thing is gonna grow.

(Later - cut to the Command)

Zhaan: Pilot, we are all very glad to see you up and back on your feet.

John: At least up anyway.

Pilot: (Sounding a little uncertain) I'm feeling much better, thank you.

John: Here's what I don't understand. How could Moya do this without your permission?

Pilot: (Sounding speculative) I'm here to serve her, she may do whatever she feels is necessary to ensure her survival and now I suppose, that extends to her offspring as well. To nourish the fetus during the very tenuous period right after conception, Moya needed to re-route a few resources.

Rygel: TCH! A few resources? She nearly suffocated us and starved you.

Pilot: (A la Scarlet O'Hara) That is all behind us. The fetus is alive and well.

Zhaan: Pilot there must be other changes to come as the fetus develops. What can we be expecting?

John: (Flippant for a guy so recently goggling at the wonders of Alien Babies, scarcely bothering to look at Pilot) Yeah. Is there some kind of 'What To Expect When You're Expecting A Baby Leviathan' book? Dr Spock... Mr Spock.

Pilot: I'm afraid Pilots are not privy to any special knowledge regarding the gestation cycle of Leviathans. Speaking frankly, I don't know what we can be expecting.

John: Well whatever it is, we have to remember the Peacekeepers put up a shield to keep it from happening.

(Cut to D’Argo’s quarters. He is sitting at a table holding his hologram chip, contemplating it. Aeryn is at the door)

Aeryn: How are you feeling?

D'Argo: I never had the chance to say thank you.

Aeryn: (Entering) Thank me?

D'Argo: Outside the ship, you came after me in the Prowler.

Aeryn: In all the excitement, I'd forgotten all about it. You're welcome. Your wife’s brother... The one who... The Peacekeeper. Is his name Macton?

D'Argo: Macton Tal

Aeryn: I don't know him. May I see her? (D'Argo activates his hologram chip. Aeryn smiles) She's quite beautiful.

D'Argo: Does it surprise you that such a Sebacean woman could love me?

Aeryn: D'Argo, it's ingrained in Peacekeepers from birth that we must keep the bloodlines pure. Such unions are evil.

D'Argo: (He flicks off the hologram and takes a deep, shaky breath) Do you therefore think that my son is evil?

Aeryn: No. Because in his eyes I see you. D'Argo, no matter what happens to us, I will never tell anyone about your son. (She leaves him)


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