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Back and Back and Back to the Future
April 2, 1999 - US
December 13, 1999 - UK

Writer - Babs Greyhosky
Director - Rowan Woods

Guest cast
Lisa Hensley . . . Matala
John Clayton . . . Verell

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Episode Summary
In BBBBTTF Moya and her crew happen upon a strange alien ship which is disintegrating under very mysterious circumstances right before their very eyes. And of course before they can go safely on their way - they get a distress call from the alien ship’s crew. The crew is comprised of only two people - who happen to be Ilanics. Now Ilanics are not only genetic cousins of the Luxans, but are close allies as well. D'Argo, who is of course Luxan, is thrilled and insists the pair be brought aboard Moya where he is immediately smitten by Matala - who is quite the Ilanic pin-up girl.

Now unfortunately, Matala and her platonic buddy - the scientist, Verell - neglected to mention that they have a quantum singularity in a jar which they've brought with them over to Moya. They also don't mention that that is the thing which destroyed their ship. They DO admit to D'Argo that they were doing weapons research because the Ilanics are at war with a race called the Scorvians - the much-reviled archenemies of Luxans and Ilanics alike. As one might expect, this further inflames D'Argo’s passions.

But before D'Argo can run off and join the Ilanic army - John has to mess everything up. The feckless human is accidentally exposed to the singularity and promptly begins experiencing temporal distortions that give him glimpses of possible future events. One thing is consistent in these flashes besides the their very tactile sexual and murderous nature - and that is that Matala is a Scorvian spy poised the nab the singularity and kill them all as soon as her a Scorvian cruiser masquerading as an Ilanic ship arrives to pick her up at a pre-designated point to which Moya is taking them.

Getting D'Argo to accept the truth about his Ilanic Mata Hari isn't easy - but at the last minute when the ship they meet at the rendezvous point tips its cover - he comes to his senses. Matala is allowed to make her break - but before she can deliver the goods Verell, who she has mortally wounded - causes the singularity to self-destruct. And thus both Matala and her Scorvian buddies get their just deserts.

D'Argo and John agree that there's nothing like lack of whoopee to cloud a guys judgment and Pilot is heard on comm - but never seen.

And that's it.

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The episode opens with Rygel, D'Argo and Zhaan on Moya’s Command. They are watching an alien ship out the main port, it is disintegrating amid flashes of green light, seeming to implode and fold in upon itself.

Rygel: (spooked) Pilot, blast us out of here.

D'Argo: (forceful) Agreed! We may be in danger too!

Zhaan: But there may be survivors, someone still aboard.

Rygel: We drink to honor their memories later. But we leave here now.

Pilot: Do we have a consensus?

D'Argo: Reverse course!

Zhaan: Closer.

Rygel: We leave here now.

John: (entering) Is there a problem? (catches sight of the eerily disintegrating ship) Damn! Who does that belong to?

Rygel: Don't know. Don't care.

Zhaan: It's sub-atomically disintegrating John. We have no idea what's causing it.

D'Argo: Reason enough to stay clear.

John : (staring at the ship - he spots something leaving it and heading towards them) What is that?

Pilot: Attention. Transmission coming in. (He brings up a visual of two aliens, in a small shuttle craft, they are Matala and Verell)

Matala: Please! Help us. Power's malfunctioning. Life support gone.

D'Argo: (Quietly, gazing at the images of the two aliens) Pilot, bring that ship aboard.

Pilot: But you said yourself we may be in-

D'Argo: Do it.

(Pilot growls in disgust)

Zhaan: We have our consensus Pilot. Deploy the docking web.

Pilot: (Resignation) Deploying the web.

(soon after - cut to the alien shuttle coming to a wobbly landing in the docking bay, John and Aeryn hurrying to catch up with D'Argo who has come to greet it)

Aeryn: Hurry up Crichton!

D'Argo: Their ship's in trouble. Come on.

(He and John board the ship, D'Argo carries Verell out, John takes Matala)

John: (To the moaning Matala) I got you. Hang on. C'mon. Hang on. (He deposits her on the floor of the docking bay by Verell and says to D'Argo-) I'm gonna check the shuttle for others. (He re-enters the ship and as he looks around, touches a panel that sends green electricity crawling up his arm, he gasps and squeezes his eyes shut in pain, D'Argo appears behind him)

D'Argo: Crichton. There's no one else aboard. (The line is repeated several times, as if on a stuck recording)

John: (Eyeing his hand and arm uncomfortably) Yeah... I heard you the first time.

(Cut back to the Command where Zhaan and Rygel continue to watch the larger ships' disintegration)

Zhaan: We must be able to do something. There may be others on that cruiser.

Rygel: Not anymore.

(Cut back to the others. Matala and Verell are recovered from their ordeal. They have large, fleshy tentacle-like growths on their heads and facial tattoos reminiscent of D'Argo’s. Verell is an older male. He has two long tentacles on his chin and one coming off either side of his forehead. Matala is a younger female and has only the forehead tentacles. Hers are pulled back and fastened behind her head though. Verell’s hang loose. Their tone of voice is oddly flat. Matala’s is low and usually deeply sensual. Verell’s is the voice of a strong old man, who chooses his words for clarity and simplicity)

Verell: We weren't even aware of the malfunction until the phase couplers overloaded. By then, all we could do was evacuate. Fortunately, Matala and I were the only crew.

Matala: (To John, noticing him favoring the hand that was shocked aboard the shuttle) Are you hurt?

John: No, no. Just a little tingly. Must've touched a live wire or something.

Matala: (Her voice is oddly monotone, silky) Half the shuttles' power conduits had ruptured. I shut those circuits down. (to Verell) The cargo's fine. No damage to its' containment.

Aeryn: What is the cargo?

Matala: Do you expect me to tell a Peacekeeper?

John: Well, she's retired. Sort of.

D'Argo: We all have escaped from the Peacekeepers. She is one of us now.

Aeryn: Yes. So. Your cargo?

Verell: Scientific apparatus would be more accurate. We have been studying deep space gravitational fluctuations. We were on our way to rendezvous with another cruiser not too far from here. If you could take us there-

D'Argo: Of course. Our ship is yours.

Verell: You honor us Ka D'Argo.

Matala: You need the coordinates of our rendezvous point.

D'Argo: Our guidance station is this way.

Matala: (Gently restraining Verell from getting up) Ah, rest and revitalize. I'll take care of it. (To John) Thank you. (As she leaves, John experiences an intense mental flash of Matala fondling him)

John: (Wincing) Mph! Ooh- uh, ah...

Aeryn: Something the matter?

John: ...uh... No. I just had a, uh... Whew! I don't know what I just had.

Aeryn: Well perhaps you need to rest and revitalize too.

John: Yeah. Guess that's a good idea. (he quickly leaves)

(Cut to the Command)

Zhaan: The coordinates are now locked in.

Matala: (To D'Argo) How soon can we get there?

Zhaan: Pilot will let us know soon enough.

Rygel: Of course, the real question: What's it worth to you? Bearing in mind of course that we've already saved your lives.

Matala: Yes, you have. And we're most appreciative.

Rygel: Then you'll want to express that appreciation before we agree to-

D'Argo: No bargains. These are my friends.

Rygel: Friends? You? (Small laugh) You've only just met them!

D'Argo: (Takes hold of one of Rygel’s earbrows and twists it, Rygel yelps) My friends are Ilanic, genetic cousins to the Luxans. Our races have been blood allies for over 1000 cycles. We shall extend them every courtesy. (Gives another twist) Is that clear? (Matala bows her head and Rygel grunts painfully) You must excuse the Hynerian. His manners match his size. (Rygel growls)

Pilot: We will reach that location in twelve arns.

Matala: Perfect! And the cruiser shall reach us there soon after.

D'Argo: Is there anything I can offer you in the meantime, to eat or to drink?

Matala: For myself, no. But I'd like to get Verell to eat something. Will you accompany me?

(Cut to the maintenance bay where Verell sits with his equipment)

D'Argo: (Serving him) More Verell?

Verell: No. Thank you. So. You Zhaan and Rygel escaped Peacekeeper imprisonment and commandeered this ship.

D'Argo: I've left out one part. The crime for which I was imprisoned.

Verell: Was it treason?

D'Argo: No! It's-

Verell: Then- I don't need to hear of it. Matala and I owe you our lives. Whatever your past, exile from your own kind is atonement enough. How long has it been?

D'Argo: 8 cycles.

Verell: Then you haven't heard. The Ilanic sector is at war.

D'Argo: Scorvians.

Verell: Yes. 3 cycles ago they attacked an outlaying colony. Completely unprovoked. Slaughtered two million civilians. We've been fighting ever since. Massive casualties. And no end in sight.

D'Argo: Are the Luxans? Do they fight at your side?

Verell: Your people have been more than generous with troops. Armaments. Far beyond what our mutual treaty requires.

D'Argo: (Emotional) How can I help you now?

Verell: Luxans truly are the best allies one could want. Just getting us to the rendezvous point will help the war effort more than you can know.

(Cut to the docking bay. Aeryn making to look into the Ilanic shuttle)

Matala: (Entering) Get away from that hatch!

Aeryn: What's inside there?

Matala: We've already told you. There is sensitive equipment that contains a cycles' worth of complex sensor readings.

Aeryn: Mm. Well I'd like to see it. (She turns towards the hatch)

Matala: (Exposing a concealed weapon as she makes a move on Aeryn) I said get away!

Aeryn: (Whirling about to deflect Matala’s attack. She smiles slightly) You've had some training.

Matala: Care to test it?

D'Argo: (entering) Is there a problem here?

Aeryn: I was just scanning for those burnt out power conduits she mentioned. I thought if I could identify them the DRDs could repair them.

Matala: I never asked you to fix anything.

Aeryn: Well I took it upon myself.

Matala: Please D'Argo, if anything were to happen to our data all our hard work would be lost.

Aeryn: Surely, an operational pod is of more use to us than-

D'Argo: (Forcefully to Aeryn) You RESPECT their wishes. I do not want to see you in here again.

Aeryn: Fine. I'll leave you both to it. (she leaves)

D'Argo: She will not return. (Matala turns towards the ship and retracts the weapon she pulled on Aeryn)

(Cut to Zhaan, Aeryn and John talking about the Ilanics)

Aeryn: (The scene picks up in mid-sentence) ...someone would send a cruiser with only two scientists all the way out here just for research?

Zhaan: There are many species who seek- (Her line is cut off as John experiences another intense mental image - one of Matala raping him. He groans, as if dizzy) Were you going to say something?

John: No! - guh - yes - I'm - I'm sorry, just went somewhere else for a second there. You were saying?

Aeryn: I dunno, I just don't trust them. The female especially.

John: Matala? Wh-why not?

Aeryn: Well, she's clearly leading D'Argo around by his mivonks and I think she's having some sort of affect on you.

John: (Hastily denying any such idea) Me? That's B.S. She's an entirely different species. We could never- (But at that moment he has another mental flash - Matala has him pinned against a wall with her head in his crotch, she's saying: "Hold still. You'll like this." amid much throaty chirring and hissing)

Zhaan: Is something wrong, John?

John: Something's happening and I- Something like I've just been... I'm just gonna get some air. (he leaves, clearly very uncomfortable. The first flash was almost a pleasant joke but they are increasing in intensity and violence)

Aeryn: We have air in here. What is the matter with him?

Zhaan: He is Crichton.

(Cut to the maintenance bay. Verell is sitting and working with some of his equipment)

Verell: Ah, D'Argo. Come in. Please

D'Argo: I do not want to disturb you.

Verell: Not at all. Don't forget, for nearly a cycle my only companion has been Matala.

D'Argo : Some would find that situation most desirable.

Verell: Ah...then you find her-desirable?

D'Argo: Please forgive me. I had no right.

Verell: There's nothing to forgive. Matala is a colleague, nothing more. If you want her, then by all means, begin the Luxan Chase.

D'Argo: I uh - I couldn't.

Verell: As you wish. It's clear she wants you.

Matala: (Appearing out of the shadows behind Verell) D'Argo! It's so kind of you to let us borrow your work bench. Are you repairing something?

D'Argo: Uh, building. Something.

Matala: Could it be a shilquin?

D'Argo: How did you know?

Matala: Oh, I've always taken special interest in Luxan objects. The workmanship is exquisite. Your hands are quite skilled.

John: (Entering) D'Argo! (He sees Matala and Verell and is instantly uncomfortable) Oh - uh - Hi.

D'Argo: (Excessively jovial) Friend! Crichton!

John: Hey, can I, uh, talk to you? (D'Argo, hot with anticipation of success with Matala, hesitates) Now. (D'Argo awkwardly excuses himself and goes with John)

Matala: (With deep contempt as she watches them go) Trouble.

(Cut to the corridor)

John: Listen, D'Argo, Ilanics are related to Luxans, right? So you know all about ‘em.

D'Argo: Distantly related.

John: Right. Well. Ilanic women. When it comes to attracting men do they have any...uh, what? Special pheromones? You know, body chemistry that acts as an aphrodisiac.

D'Argo: (tersely) No.

John: How about - how about mental abilities, do they have like telepathic powers of seduction? Psychic Spanish fly? You know. That?

D'Argo: (crossing his arms) Why do you ask?

John: Look- No, no- This has nothing to do with you. Look, I've been having these flashes. And I'm somewhere else. And Matala's there. Right? And we're, like, getting horizontal. Vertical. Hm?

D'Argo: (Icy) You. And Matala.

John: Yeah, I know, it's crazy. I mean, are we even compatible? I don't know. But, but - it's real. I can feel her. I can touch her!

D'Argo: (Leaning closer to John) You are fantasizing about her. Remove her from your thoughts.

John: Trust me, I'm trying. (D'Argo emits a basso growl and walks away) Hey. Hey, check the attitude pal! (shouting after him) She's not my type!

(John experiences another flash - but this time it seems to be a time lapse - suddenly Aeryn is in front of him)

Aeryn: Where is he?

John: Who?

Aeryn: D'Argo. Is he still acting like Verell and Matala’s personal servant? (He doesn't answer, Aeryn waves her hand in front of his face and he again experiences a time lapse, he is again alone in the corridor)

John: Personal serv - ? (He looks around and mutters to himself) That's new. (He turns to leave an runs into Aeryn coming down the hall towards him)

Aeryn: Where is he?

John: Who?

Aeryn: D'Argo. Is he still acting like Verell and Matala’s personal servant? (He doesn't respond, she waves her hand in front of his face) Did you hear me?

John: Yeah, I heard you fine. Twice.

Aeryn: You are very odd Crichton. (she continues on her way)

John: (To himself) That just happened. That was real. That happened. Which means, I'm not hallucinating. So if I'm not hallucinating, then... I'm seeing the future? (Matala passes slowly, gazing intently at him as she goes) Oh, boy. That's the future. (He goes to his quarters and looks at himself in a mirror. He immediately has a mental flash. In it, he walks into the maintenance bay to find Verell, dead. D'Argo rushes past him to Verell. Matala comes out of hiding, knocks John down and snaps D'Argos' neck. She then comes back to him and snaps his neck. John snaps out of the flash) Ungh... Okay John. Don't freak. Get a grip man. You don't know you've come unstuck in time. (He turns around at the sound of someone screaming)

(cut to John finding D'Argo in the hall near the maintenance bay)

John: D'Argo! Wait! Oh, thank god you're okay. Look, man, you can't go in there.

D'Argo: Why not?

John: Because Matala's in there and she's gonna try to kill you. Me. Us. And stab Verell. I don't know, she might have already done it!

D'Argo: Crichton, you disgust me. Do you think this clumsy ruse will turn me away from Matala?

John: No, no no. Y'see, it's not a ruse. Look, I know it sounds crazy but-

D'Argo: You want her and you'll do anything to get her.

John: I do not - want - Matala. Would you listen to me? Look, open your ears...or your tentacles...or whatever orifice it is you listen with. I think the woman is dangerous.

(Verell enters)

John: Verell. Where's Matala?

Verell: She just left with the Peacekeeper. Aeryn.

D'Argo: I have brought you some kantala tea.

Verell: Most kind of you. Bring it right in.

(Verell and D'Argo exit back into the maintenance bay and close the door behind them)

John: (To himself) This is not happening. It's not. It's just not happening.

(Cut to Aeryn and Matala walking down a corridor)

Aeryn: I'm glad you're joining me.

Matala: Me too. And I'm really in the mood for some physical activity.

(John comes upon them)

Matala: John. Aeryn's invited me to partake in some physical conditioning with her.

John: Good. Good. That's real good. So you'll'll be down in the cargo bay, right?

Aeryn: Yes, as usual.

John: For a while, right?

Aeryn: Yes, as long as she can keep up.

Matala: (Taking Johns' hand and pressing her palm against his) How's your hand? (He doesn't answer and remains at arms' length, eyeing her warily)

Aeryn: (to Matala) Well come. If you're coming.

(Matala lets go of his hand and leaves with Aeryn. John wipes his hand on his pants and goes in the opposite direction)

(Cut to Rygel eating in the galley)

Zhaan: (Entering) Rygel.

Rygel: MMPH! Son of a - (He recovers from the start she gave him and amid much chewing and smacking says-) Zhaan! Did you see how much food D'Argo gave those Ilanics? Well, he's not getting my share!

Zhaan: (Preoccupied) You've been aboard Moya longer than anyone else except Pilot.

Rygel: Your point being?

Zhaan: You know her sounds and her rhythms. Just stop and listen to her for a moment.

Rygel: All right. (he pauses and stares into space for moment before resuming his feeding) Moya sounds fine.

Zhaan: Does she? Not to me. Something feels...out of balance.

(Cut to the cargo bay. Aeryn and Matala face off on a mat emblazoned with the Peacekeeper logo. They engage in martial arts type combat. God forbid they could just have a nice cross trainer and Nautilus circuit. But they have aggressions to burn off...)

Matala: (Contemptuously) I suppose Peacekeepers don't need to know that much. Their females have no need for science or culture. Or even the art of attracting males.

Aeryn: (Coldly) Unlike females who can only achieve their goals by seducing male...after male... (She knocks Matala to the mat and then offers her a hand up) I guess we both have our unique talents.(They continue, Aeryn again knocks Matala down with a head-butt. Matala seems stunned. Aeryn approaches and again offeres a hand up) More? Or are we through here?

Matala gets up and instantly draws her right hand up over her head, fingers pulled together into a wedge. Aeryn stares up at the hand as if mesmerized by it and Matala brings it down, hitting Aeryn a snakelike strike in the chest with her fingertips. Aeryn drops, unconscious.

Matala: (In a harsh hiss as she bows her head at Aeryn’s prostrate form) I thank you for the exercise. (She leaves)

(Cut to Matala walking down a corridor)

Zhaan: (Approaching her from behind) Matala! (They face each other slowly) The first symptoms of trouble aboard your ship - what were they?

Matala: Verell told you. We knew nothing until the phase couplers overloaded.

Zhaan: Think back. Slight irregularities meant nothing to you?

Matala : We noticed nothing. And what does it matter now? Our ship is gone.

Zhaan: Perhaps Verell will help.

Matala: I'm sure he'll be glad to help you. When he's free. And while we wait, you can help me.

Zhaan: Yes?

Matala: I'm curious about Crichton.

Zhaan: (Curtly) Far too complex I'm afraid for you to know in the short time that you'll be here. I suggest you shouldn't try. Now, I really must speak with Verell.

(Cut to the maintenance bay, Zhaan is with Verell)

Verell: I don't blame you for being concerned. Especially after what happened to my ship.

Zhaan: You said it was phase related? And didn't become apparent until ilt was too late to fix?

Verell: But it was caused by a malfunction in our core regulator, a subsystem that Leviathans like Moya do not possess. In fact I doubt that Moyas' phase imbalance actually exists. Probably a sensor synapse out of calibration.

(Cut back to Rygel still eating with much juicy slobbering and belching. John enters, muttering to himself)

John: D'Argo and Matala... I can interrupt these future events... I got to... (To Rygel) I need to keep people from - from - from seeing each other.

Rygel: Must you gibber while I'm eating? Or at all?

(John has another mental flash. It starts out as the one he had previously where he finds Verell dead. This time he watches his back and when Matala jumps him he tries to stop her. This seems to jerk him out of his fugue state and he stumbles, accidentally pushing Rygel’s face into his plate - Rygel begins choking and gasping unintelligibly)

Zhaan: (Entering) John! What is it?

John: This is gonna take a lot of explaining. (He exits, Zhaan glances at Rygel but doesn't seem particularly concerned. As if the sight of him choking on food is nothing very unusual)

(Cut to Matala, Verell and D'Argo in the maintenance bay)

Verell: We weren't here to research but to field test a new weapon. One that could end our agonizing war against the Scorvians.

Matala: This weapon is so powerful that it requires a containment field. We didn't realize this until our cruiser had malfunctioned. By the time we got it working, it was too late.

Verell: Luckily we were able to save the weapon. It's in our shuttle.

D'Argo: Is Moya in any danger?

Matala: No. The containment field will protect her. And us.

D'Argo: Why didn't you tell me this before? Didn't you trust me?

Verell: You are a Luxan but you also are - were - a prisoner. We cannot be certain of your loyalties.

D'Argo: Are you now?

Matala: We need you, D'Argo. Whatever the risks to the ship, it must be taken. Without this weapon, millions more Ilanic lives will be lost.

Verell: Can we count on you?

D'Argo: Yes.

(Cut to Zhaan’s quarters. John is there talking to her)

John: (Picking up a glass mask Zhaan has on display) Believe me, I know how crazy it all sounds.

Zhaan: Premonitions. Future flashes. The concept is a fascinating one.

John: (Rueful chuckle) It could just still be a concept you know. I could just be going plain old bonkers here. I guess it's about time for that to happen.

Zhaan: If these future flashes are indeed occurring as you say John, then you could simply alter the sequence of events and change the future.

John: I thought of that. You know, just lock myself in my room and wait for them to leave. But Matala could still murder Verell - and D'Argo. If that's what she intends to do. I just don't know why she would want to kill us. I don't know what the gain is - (The mask slips from his hands and shatters, Zhaan seems to suppress a sound) Hell! I'm sorry.

Zhaan: That's all right, John. (There's a long pause)

John: Zhaan. You said you didn't quite buy Verell’s explanation for the phase imbalance, right?

Zhaan: Not entirely.

John: Well I think it's time the old goat spilled his guts.

(Cut to John storming into the docking bay)

John: Verell! You've been lying to -to- (Matala turns toward him. She's the only one there) -ga-ah - us.

Matala: Why would he do that?

John: Where's Verell?

Matala: (Approaching him) You need to calm down. Rest and revitalize. I have a technique that just might-

John: (He grabs a heavy object and brandishes it at Matala as she approaches him) Back off nature girl! And keep your hands to yourself! Now you tell me what really happened to your ship! And why are you trying to kill Verell? (Matala sees D'Argo approaching through the door behind John and suddenly throws herself onto the floor. D'Argo draws his Qualta)

Matala: D'Argo! Help me! He knows the truth! He threatened to tell the others, make them turn against me unless I pleasured him!

John: (Head swiveling from Matala to D'Argo) What? She's lying. I never- (D'Argo runs John through with his blade. Verell enters)

Verell: D'Argo! What are you doing?

(In a flurry of action Matala leaps up and kills both Verell and D'Argo)

(Cut back to Zhaan and John in her quarters. The shattered mask reforms itself and returns to Johns' hand)

Zhaan: (Repeating) If these future flashes are indeed occurring as you say, John, then you could simply alter the sequence of events and change the future.

John: I-I-I just did. I just did. I changed the future and I made it worse! (He drops the mask again. Same reaction from Zhaan as before) Um- sorry...

Zhaan: That's all right John.

John: Again... (He crumbles the shards of the mask in his hands. Then, frustrated-) Don't you get it? I just had another look into the future and this time instead of Matala snapping my neck, D'Argo skewers me with his Qualta blade!

Zhaan: So, according to this premonition, D'Argo will kill you?

John: Yeah, I think the Ilanics have turned him around somehow. I don't know.

Zhaan: I will talk to him.

John: (Shouting) Talk? What? To give me a character reference? I just felt the blade slice through my guts! Okay?

Aeryn: (Entering) I just found something out. Matala is not Ilanic, she is Scorvian. Her Ilanic appearance must be the result of genetic surgery.

Zhaan: How do you know this?

Aeryn: Because she fights like a Scorvian.

John: The workout - you set that up? You saw her moves? You saw the- (He imitates the striking movement he has seen her make in his flashes)

Aeryn: Scorvian Neural Strike, yeah. How do you know about that?

John: Yeah, I saw it in the future.

Aeryn: What do you mean?

John: Look- just- You know what? Ask me later. Just ask me later when I got more time, of course, I'll probably be dead three or four times by the time you ask, but-

Zhaan: Crichton is right. We may not have much time. If Matala truly is a Scorvian agent, then perhaps she is only with Verell to spy on him.

John: No. Spy? No, no, no. Kill, yeah. I guarantee you, Verell’s research is a lot bigger than academic research. And I think that D'Argo knows about it.

Aeryn: Look, enough talk. I say we confront them and force the truth out of them.

John: No, no, no! No. We can't do that. No. Because D'Argo thinks that Verell and Matala are some kind of Ilanic angels.

Zhaan: Then we separate them. We get D'Argo and Matala out of there and talk to Verell alone. Once he understands that we are not the enemy, then-

Pilot: Zhaan? Zhaan?

Zhaan: Yes, Pilot?

Pilot: I thought you'd want to know, the phase imbalance in Moyas' converters is getting worse.

Aeryn: (Slyly) If there is a problem with Moya, perhaps D'Argo would be helpful in tracking it down.

Zhaan: (Into her comm) D'Argo, we have a slight technical problem. Something about a phase imbalance. Can you meet us in the Command. Give us your assistance, please?

D'Argo: (On comm) I'll be right there.

John: I'll lay odds. One of the noodle heads, they come up with D'Argo and lay off this phase imbalance as insignificant.

Zhaan: What if all three come up?

Aeryn: There's no way they'll leave the shuttle unguarded. One of them will remain behind.

John: Well that would be Verell. He's not gonna leave his work. Watch.

(Cut to D'Argo and Matala in the corridor on the way yo the Command)

D'Argo: The others are worried about the core temperature in the pod.

Matala: The imbalance can't be significant. They worry over nothing.

(John enters and conceals himself)

D'Argo: Why can't we tell them then?

Matala: What if they don't believe us? What if they demand to know more about what Verell is doing?

D'Argo: The Scorvians are devious. But I can assure you that no one aboard this ship is a Scorvian spy.

(Matala pushes D'Argo against the wall)

Matala: Ka D'Argo. You have already proven yourself a hundred times over. Tell me, is it possible you would ever consider joining us?

D'Argo: What do you mean?

Matala: Becoming a soldier for the Ilanic corps. Pledging to fight by our sides in the battle ahead.

D'Argo: Oh, I wish I could do as you ask. But it's not nearly so simple as that.

Matala: (Caressing D'Argo’s face) Is it because of your crimes? Verell told me. He and I have no secrets.

D'Argo: I did not tell Verell what my crime was. No one on this ship knows the real truth.

Matala: It matters not what has become between you and your people. D'Argo. War does not recognize multiple loyalties. On the battlefield (She continues to stroke him, he seems mesmerized) there is only them... and us.

Zhaan: (On comm) D'Argo, I'm waiting for you.

Matala: We should go.

D'Argo: (Panting as Matala disengages) I'm on my way, Zhaan.

(Cut to the maintenance bay where Verell is. John enters)

John: Verell.

Verell: Please, I'm extremely busy. These data correlations demand my total attention.

John: Well, I suggest you refocus your total attention because there's some crap going down here that might just be of interest you.

Verell: Crap?

John: Yes. Crap. Crap, like I know you're not out here in the uncharted territories doing research. Crap, like you have enemies called the `Scorpions' and that your trusted colleague Matala is a spy for them - who, as best I can tell is dead set on killing you.

Verell: You're talking nonsense!

John: Yeah. Well. My entire life has become nonsense so I suggest you listen to me. Because if I'm right, it means all of your research ends up in the hands of your enemy. So D'Argo and I, we pull you two out of the shuttle. I go back in and I get zapped by some loose - wire - or something. You remember that?

Verell: Vaguely.

John: Well, ever since then, I've been having these time flashes. Into the future.

Verell: Temporal dislocation.

John: Excuse me?

Verell: (Scans John with a device) Entropic oscillations. Anomalous phase signatures. That would account for the dislocation you are experiencing.

John: Temporal dislocation.

Verell: You must have been exposed to-

John: Exposed to WHAT?

Verell: What you said about Matala. What makes you believe that? What exactly did you see in the future?

John: Exposed to what? What's in the damn shuttle?

Verell: A quantum singularity.

John: A black hole.

Verell: A minute particle of one, yes. Its' power and application are unimaginable. It is the ultimate weapon.

John: You capture a piece of a black hole, and you're gonna to use it as a weapon?

Verell: My species' very existence depends on it. If you are right about Matala, she will kill for it.

Matala: (Entering with D'Argo) Right about Matala, Verell? In what way?

D'Argo: Explain yourself.

Matala: What has he told you?

Verell: That you are not who you say you are. That you are a Scorvian imposter.

Matala: (Sweetly) Oh, can't- (She steps up next to D'Argo as she moves towards Verell and suddenly raises her arm for one of her strikes)

John: Aeryn now.(Matala strikes D'Argo and seizes his Qualta) Get your ass in here! (Matala attacks and John dives for cover) Now, Aeryn!

Verell: Matala- (She kills him, takes his research and flees)

John: (Going to D'Argo) D'Argo?

Aeryn: (Entering with her pulse rifle) Crichton! She sealed the doors. What happened?

(Cut to Matala in the nearby shuttle, powering it up)

John: Told ya, she's making a run for it.

Aeryn: Not if I can help it. (She fires at the shuttle)

John: No! Aeryn! Oh God! (The rifle fire damages the shuttle and the black hole is released. It destroys the shuttle there in the docking bay. Then it destroys Moya)

(Cut back to Zhaan’s quarters where she and John are still talking)

Zhaan: If these future flashes are indeed occurring as you say, John, then you could simply alter the sequence of events and change the future.

John: Oh, man. It just happened again.

Zhaan: What did? A premonition?

(John stands up and deliberately crushes the mask with his foot)

Aeryn: (Entering) I've just found something out.

John: Yes,. Yes. We know. Matala's not Ilanic, she's a Scorvian in disguise.

Zhaan: Matala a Scorvian?

Aeryn: How did you find out?

Zhaan: He says he is experiencing the future.

Aeryn: The future? He can barely function in the present.

Zhaan: If Matala truly is a Scorvian, then she is with Verell to-

John: Spy on him. And to kill him. Look. I've already lived through all this.

Aeryn: Well, whatever's going on, I say we confront them and force them to-

John: Doesn't work.

Zhaan: Then we separate them and-

John: Been there. Done that. It's not gonna work.

Pilot: Zhaan?

John: Yes, Pilot. We know. The phase imbalance is getting worse.

Pilot: That's correct. How did you- ?

John: No not now, Pilot! (He concentrates) D'Argo. The key is D'Argo. Okay? D'Argo is the key. As long as he is with Matala, the timeline keeps getting worse and worse. We have to talk to him. Alone. We gotta get him away from Matala. We cannot ask him to come up to Command and deal with the phase imbalance because he's gonna bring Matala with him. We have got- (Long pause) We gotta try something new.

(Cut to the maintenance bay)

Matala: (She's doing something with D'Argos' hand) Ready for transport, D'Argo. Hold still.

Zhaan: (Entering) I'm sorry to disturb you, D'Argo. But could you speak to Rygel?

D'Argo: Now what's he done?

Zhaan: He has presented a bill for the rescue and transportation of our guests. He intends to present it to the Ilanics when we rendezvous.

Verell: My people would be more than-

D'Argo: I won't hear of it. I have explained this to him before. I will explain it to him again. Excuse me. (He and Zhaan leave)

(Cut to another room on Moya, where Zhaan has brought D'Argo. Rygel isn't there)

D'Argo: (As the others stare silently at him) Where is that Hynerian bandit? Where is he? Where is he!

(Cut back to the cocking bay)

Verell: (Working) Yes. That does at least solve the containment field instability problem. (to Matala) How much time until the rendezvous?

Matala: (Ominously) Sooner than you think.

(Cut back to where John, Aeryn and Zhaan are talking to D'Argo)

D'Argo: And you believe these premonitions of Crichton’s are genuine?

Zhaan: He is convincing enough.

Aeryn: We need to subdue Matala as a precaution, if nothing else.

John: And we need to get that shuttle out of Moya, ASAP. Listen, D'Argo, I wish to God Matala was telling you the truth. That you could go off with her and join the Ilanic wars-

D'Argo: What are you talking about?

John: (Muttering) Oh yeah, you haven't had that conver- (Louder) Look, Matala's gonna offer you that to keep you off balance and to distance you from us.

D'Argo: I don't believe any of this. It's YOU who are trying to distance me from THEM!

Zhaan: D'Argo, please. If what Crichton is saying is so-

D'Argo: Well, it isn't so!

John: Leave us alone. Let me talk to him in private.

Aeryn: Crichton, are you sure?

D'Argo: There is no more to say.

John: Just - go. Go! (Aeryn and Zhaan leave)

D'Argo: There is nothing you can say to me that-

John: You shut up and you listen to me! In that future conversation when Matala offers you to go to the Ilanic wars, you tell her it isn't possible. You tell her that your crime, the crime that you were imprisoned for, would stand in the way. And not the crime that you told us not the crime that you say you were imprisoned for, but the real crime. The crime that you've been keeping secret from everybody aboard this ship.

D'Argo: How do you know that? You can't...

John: Well I do know. And I'm telling you the truth. D'Argo, Matala is the enemy. Look, I'm sorry.

Aeryn: (Reentering) Crichton, there's a vessel approaching.

John: It's the Ilanic cruiser.

Pilot: We're still some distance from the rendezvous point- (Surprised) It IS an Ilanic cruiser.

Aeryn: Or looks like one. Like Matala, it might be Scorvian on the inside.

John: How fast can we starburst outta here?

Aeryn: We'll be in her gun range long before Moya is ready.

Zhaan: Can we outrun her without starburst?

Aeryn: No, but I can outmaneuver her, keep her from weapons lock.

John: Zhaan, talk to `em. See if you can distract `em. See if you can find out who they are.

D'Argo: Scorvians look nothing like Ilanics! If they refuse to make visual contact, you have your answer. (he leaves)

Aeryn: In which case, I start dodging.

John: Matala. D'Argo, wait! We gotta play this smart! (he goes after him)

Pilot: Communication coming through.

Ilanic ship: Greetings. We regret that our comm system has a malfunction. Permission to dock and come aboard?

Aeryn: Don't even bother responding Zhaan. Pilot?
(Manual flight control silently slides into view) Got it, Pilot.

(Cut to the cdocking bay. D'Argo enters, John behind him. Matala is standing over Verell. They look up)

D'Argo: Verell! Stand away from her.

Matala: D'Argo? What's wrong?

D'Argo: Who are you, Matala? Who are you, really?

Verell: What is the meaning of this?

Matala: What are you going to do D'Argo? Shoot me?

D'Argo: If I have to. If the approaching ship proves to be a Scorvian vessel. (Matala surreptitiously draws a concealed knife)

Matala: (Smoothly) No, D'Argo, you'll see. The coming ship, it's Ilanic. D'Argo, trust your heart. Your heart knows the truth. You can trust me. (D'Argo is lulled and Matala lunges forward as John shouts "No!" She seizes Verell and holds the knife to his throat. She then hisses in a harsh voice-) Get back! I will kill him.

D'Argo: Matala.

Matala: Shut up! D'Argo drop the rifle. Drop the rifle! Kick it towards me now.

(D'Argo puts the rifle down, but slides it out of her reach instead)

Verell: Matala, why are you doing this?

D'Argo: (As Matala makes nasty lizard noises) She is a Scorvian. My word as a Luxan.

(Matala slashes Verell and the chase is on. She flees for the shuttle, John and D'Argo in pursuit. They battle her but she whups John and eludes D'Argo and makes the shuttle. D'Argo comes up with the rifle to shoot at it. John restrains him)

John: D'ARGO LEAVE IT! NO! You try to stop her with this thing, you're gonna kill us all. You have to trust me.

(Verell sags over his workstation, Zhaan is with him)

Verell: Black hole... black hole...Must destroy before the Scorvians... (He releases the black hole from its containment by a small remote control as the shuttle clears Moya. Cut briefly to Matala aboard it, looking worried...)

John: (Observes Verell’s action and gazes after the shuttle) Pilot, I need starburst and I'm talkin' right now!

(Pilot manages this and Moya initiates starburst as the shuttle hurtles toward the Scorvian cruiser and both are torn apart by the black hole)

(Later - cut to Moya exiting starburst)

Pilot: All clear.

D'Argo: It's over.

John: Sorry. I should have seen it coming.

(Cut to the Galley where Rygel is winding down his binge)

John: (Entering) Rygel! Li'l camper! You look good! (He sits down next to Rygel, who looks like hell - but quickly retreats) JEEZ! What is that smell? WHEW!

Rygel: Tail end of a food binge I'm afraid. Very difficult to stop when you get going. Which bit of me looks good, exactly?

John: The bit that's not jumping back and forth in time. (Rygel claps a hand to his mouth, nauseous and John teases him by waving a food cube in front of him) Food cube? Ooh! Food cube! (Rygel exits is a hurry as D'Argo enters) Hey, how ya doin'?

D'Argo: I will recover.

John: (Sniggering) Yeah, when?

D'Argo: Do you mock me?

John: D'Argo, I mock all of us. You know you're not the first to have his head snapped off by a chick.

D'Argo: I do not want to talk about it.

John: Fine. But I'm right.

D'Argo: My personal life is not for discussion.

John: This is a stupid question, but- Do you consider your true crime part of your personal life?

D'Argo: I don't want to talk about it. (D'Argo starts to go, then pauses) Crichton. I am normally unaffected by females during a crisis. It's just... it has been so long.

John: (thoughtfully) Now that, I understand. (D'Argo leaves) Man, do I understand.


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