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Exodus From Genesis

March 26, 1999 - US
January 10, 2000 - UK

Writer - Ro Hume
Director - Brian Henson

Guest Cast
Damian de Montemas . . . Melkor
Jodie Dry . . . Kyona

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Episode Summary
While attempting to evade PK scans - Moya hides in a cloud of space debris which turns out to actually be a swarm of intelligent space-insects called Draks. The Drak Queen and some of her drones enter Moya because she requires a warm place to breed, and proceeds to nest.

Now Draks are able to disguise themselves by taking on the appearance of creatures whose DNA they can get, Soon they begin to appear as clones of Moya’s crew, which - needless to say - causes a lot of excitement amongst our heroes. What's worse - since their Queen needs heat to spawn - they begin to crank up the temperature aboard Moya - which causes Aeryn to start slipping into the deadly Sebacean Heat Delirium.

But the crew of Moya - being the compassionate lot they are - (Not to mention the Fact that there's no way they can exterminate the Draks, who've taken up residence in the ships interstitial paces.) - negotiate a deal with the Drak Queen whereby she hurries up with her breeding and they hose Aeryn down long enough to hang on until it's all over. And as a bonus - the heat aboard Moya thwarts an attack by a PK Commando Squad and Rygel, who's in charge of Leviathan/Dark diplomacy efforts - wins the esteem of the Drak Queen.

In the end - the Drak Queen makes lots of nice roach-like babies, Aeryn not only gets healthily frigid again, but she and Pilot - former master and former slave - make peace. And everyone parts friends.

Along the way, John learns the joys of being a very real part of the food chain within a living organism like Moya...

And that's it!

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The episode opens with Moya sailing peacefully through space. Cut to Rygel's quarters where he's humming to himself, eating, and painting a self-portrait...

Rygel: (appraising his handiwork) Ah, perfection!

(cut to another room aboard Moya, John is trying to get away from D'Argo)

John: No! NO! NO! Absolutely not! Just get outta my face!

D'Argo: (chasing him) Don't be a coward. You say you want to clean your teeth.

John: BRUSH them! I want to BRUSH my teeth!

D'Argo: (he's holding a large white slug called a "Dentic" between his thumb and forefinger) But to manually clean your teeth as you describe is highly inefficient.

John: That's too damn bad. You're not sticking that freakin' maggot in my -

(D'Argo grabs John and squeezing his mouth open stuffs the slug in)

John: (talking around the slug and looking very unhappy) What's it doing?

D'Argo: Cleaning all the excess bacteria and food particles. (John gags, D'Argo grabs him and says ominously -) Never - swallow - the Dentic. (suddenly a jolt rocks Moya, Rygel is heard yelling in the distance) Pilot! Report!

Aeryn: (via comm) This is Aeryn. I'm in the Command. You'd better get up here quickly. (D'Argo leaves)

John: (spits out the Dentic and wipes his chin and muttering to himself as he follows) It's kinda minty...

(cut to the Command. Outside the main port we see what appears to be a cloud of small debris swirling in space)

D'Argo: What is that?

Aeryn: Best I can tell, it's asteroid debris. Stay with it, Pilot.

Pilot: Doing my very best.

D'Argo: Asteroid debris does not move like that.

(Moya is rocked again. John and Zhaan enter)

John: Don't tell me - Moya's got hiccups.

D'Argo: You're too close. Maneuver away from it!

Aeryn: The debris cloud isn't our problem.

(she brings up a holographic image of the cloud - and another ship)

John: Hey, that's another ship.

Aeryn: It doesn't know we're here. The debris is blocking their screen.

D'Argo: Pilot, stay behind the debris.

John: It's scanning? That ship is scanning? Wait - does that mean it's...?

Zhaan: Peacekeeper. It's a scout ship. Crais' eyes and ears.

Aeryn: And claws. It's a Marauder. Five man crew. Highest level of training. Success measured by body count.

D'Argo: Marauder changing course.

John: How fast can they...? How fast can they go?

Aeryn: Hetch 7.

John: Hetch 7? Thing's a Hyundai. Why don't we stop playing hide and seek and just smoke 'em?

D'Argo: If they discover us, Crais will know exactly where to concentrate his search. We can NOT outrun a Command Carrier.

Aeryn: D'Argo's right.

John: (sulkily) Of course he is, Ms. Sun. He's been here longer.

Aeryn: Stay with it Pilot. Steady.

Pilot: We're no longer being scanned.

D'Argo: They're passing us by.

Pilot: Thank you. For your help, Officer Sun.

Aeryn: We work together well Pilot.

(cut to another shot of Moya moving through the debris cloud. It swirls about her and part of it can be seen entering her body. Cut back to the Command. John is alone, DRDs bustle about. He watches the eddying movements of the cloud through the main port)

John: Huh... You don't see that every day...

(later - in another room aboard Moya, Aeryn is working, the shock waves from the scans have thrown things all over. John is sitting, watching her)

John: (uprighting an overturned DRD) Go on,. Get out of here. Shoo. Go. Go home. (to Aeryn) So, those marauders really shook you up.

Aeryn: The ship is called a Marauder. The team on board are commandos.

John: Like you? What, you're worried they'll come back?

Aeryn: Unlikely.

John: But not impossible?

Aeryn: Marauders follow a very strict search pattern. It's a crosshatch star pattern. Clean. Efficient. No prey escapes. Moya got lucky. Simple as that.

John: You ever serve on one?

Aeryn: My application for transfer was awaiting Crais' approval when I got caught in this... this little mutiny. I'm sure your world has no force so... ruthless, so disciplined.

John: We call them linebackers. Or serial killers. Depends on whether they're professional or amateur. Look, you're not in this alone. Everybody on board has had their lives derailed from what they thought they were going to be. Should be... We're stuck together. As long as we are, we might as well be-

Aeryn: What? Family? Friends? (she gives a derisive little laugh) I want neither.

John: Somebody's got to be there when you need it.

Aeryn: (as she leaves) No offense - human - but what could I possibly need from you?

John: (to himself) Oh, I don't know. Manners... personality... stock tips (he follows her out - something seems to be watching him as he goes)

(cut to Zhaan and Rygel in his quarters. They're cleaning up)

Rygel: Ugh.. darn it. Some fapoota is going to pay for this!

Zhaan: Let me help you. (she sets Rygel's portrait back up and looks. It's absurdly childlike) Is that how you see yourself?

Rygel: Mm. Mother always said I was the best looking. That's why she had my older brothers banished. She said my face belonged on the Imperial Seal. But now, of course, it's ruined.

Zhaan: (amused) It's more accurate than you think. (she wipes paint off Rygel’s face. There is a long shot of the action as if someone is watching. Zhaan walks to the painting and taking up a brush begins to paint very quickly)

Rygel: What do you think you're doing? Hey, do you mind? (she steps away, revealing a realistically regal portrait of Rygel. He stares) Oh. Is that how you see me?

Zhaan: Mm. It's called a spirit painting. We Delvians do it for recreation. (Rygel giggles with pleased embarrassment) It's rather rushed.

Rygel: It looks like Rygel the Great. Rygel 1. My most honored ancestor.

Zhaan: Obviously a part of his spirit resides within you.

Rygel: (grunts and says to the painting as Zhaan leaves) You had it so very easy.

(cut to John and Aeryn in a maintenance bay)

John: Hey, I'm missing one of those little - uh, pointy things with the laser probes?

Aeryn: (gasping) Aren't you hot?

John: No.

D'Argo: (on comm) Aeryn, Crichton. I'm showing abnormal thermal fluctuations throughout the ship. Can you confirm maintenance bay reading?

Aeryn: I told you it was hot! (directing him to the thermostat in the room) By the door.

(a large insectile creature hiding under a table shoots a sliver at Aeryn as she reaches under to retrieve spilled tools, it misses. She doesn't notice it)

John: D'Argo, the giant Ouija board says - uh - optimum plus 3.

Aeryn: Feels like plus 30. How long to fix it D'Argo?

D'Argo: Not long, once we isolate the cause.

Aeryn: Well then, stop talking and start isolating.

(the thing under the table shoots another sliver - this time it hits Aeryn in the wrist)

Aeryn: Ow! Ow.

John: You okay?

Aeryn: (brushes the sliver out of her skin) Yeah. Metal splinter. We're done here.

(they leave, the bug picks up the sliver)

(cut to the Command. D'Argo is examining a sliver he evidently just pulled from himself. He tosses it away as John and Aeryn enter)

Aeryn: Why is it still so hot?

Pilot: Moya’s' propulsion system is generating more heat than usual at this speed.

D'Argo: Diagnostics is showing some sort of blockage in the vents preventing its discharge into space.

Aeryn: What about the congelation coils?

Pilot: All attempts to chill the ship have been overridden by the heat buildup.

John: "Chill" being the operative word here Aeryn. It's a little warmer, what's the big deal?

Pilot: Even shutting down every non-vital system, it's going to be optimum plus 15 in the next 6 hours.

Rygel: Worse than morons. Find the blockage. Clear it.

Aeryn: Look, I'll fix the damn problem myself. (she turns to go)

Zhaan: Stop. We'll search together tier by tier. Pilot, please assist in the narrowing process.

D'Argo: (to Aeryn as he leaves with Zhaan) On Luxan, this is a mild winter morning.

Aeryn: Humph. Another reason Sebaceans hate his world.

(later - cut to John and Zhaan in a corridor)

Zhaan: This main valve controls the heat for all of tier 7.

John: Great. We'll just turn this sucker off. (he attempts to shut it off to no avail. Zhaan chuckles and reaches over to show him how) Oh, yeah. No, I knew that.

Zhaan: It's all right. There's so much new information for you to assimilate. Sometimes the smaller things will elude you.

John: Well at least you get that. The others treat me like I'm some kind of Earth idiot.

Zhaan: Well granted they're not the most patient beings - but - what did you expect?

John: Oh, I don't know. A little slack, maybe? At least they know where they are, how things work. It takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to open the door.

Zhaan: You'll need to develop some patience yourself if you expect to survive here.

John: I'm trying. Ooh I am trying. But y'know, with Aeryn and D'Argo, it's like everything is a test. It's like I'm in some never-ending frat hazing at Alien U.

Zhaan: Frat? Hazing?

John: (sheepish) Next planet I'll, rent ya a copy of "Animal House"...

Zhaan: John, they are soldiers. Win their respect.

John: And exactly how do you do that? I mean, short of cutting someone’s throat.

Zhaan: Actions. Actions speak to them. Actions like tactical maneuvers, defending the ship... Fixing the heat.

John: Right. Hey - Thanks.

Zhaan: (as John sets off on his own) There's a lot more of these to check - are you sure you've got the hang of it now?

John: Oh yeah, Just watch me - spring into action. Look I'll uh - check the vents in the living quarters. I'll meet ya back on the Command.

(later - cut to John entering his quarters, he doesn't notice a bug stealthily pulling hair from his comb)

John: (on comm) Tier 5 passageway clear Pilot. Ditto on Zhaan and Rygel’s quarters. Checking mine now.

(he spots the cat-sized bug - it squeals and skitters away. John skitters in the opposite direction, he jumps up onto a ledge)

John: (deeply skeeved as he tries to keep an eye on the huge insect) Um... anybody - uh - anybody hear me? Anybody?

D'Argo: (on comm) D'Argo here.

John: Yeah, I uh... think I've found our problem.

D'Argo: What is it, Crichton? (another bug scuttles across the floor) What is it? Crichton?!

John: Bugs.

Aeryn: (on comm) Stop wasting time; ships' beetles don't clog exhaust vents.

John: Yeah, well, they might if they're two feet long! Somebody tell me what these things are?

D'Argo: You need to capture one.

John: (under his breath) Yeah, capture one. Right.

Aeryn: We're on our way. Whatever you do - don't let them back in the vents.

John: (to the bugs) Between you and me - you guys can go anywhere you want. (he continues to try and stay off the floor by leaping from ledge, to furniture. The bugs seem to be getting more aggressive. John yells as one rises up on long legs and blocks him)

John: YAH! Oh hell it just stood up! (he and the bug face off - John grabs a silky bed sheet and charges it. He gets it in the sheet and yelling beats it furiously against furniture and the wall. He staggers away with the sheet, bug guts dripping, it briefly comes alive again and he flails it wildly against the floor and walls some more. It's finally dead)

(later - cut to Zhaan’s lab. She's chanting softly as she dissects Johns' catch)

Rygel: You're praying for this parasite?

Zhaan: We don't know it's a parasite.

Rygel: It's on board this ship uninvited!

Zhaan: My concern, too Rygel. But if I can analyze its DNA, perhaps we can understand why it's here.

Rygel: (dipping a finger into the bug’s blue gooey guts and sniffing it) Well, the others think there may be dozens of these things - even hundreds throughout our living quarters.

Zhaan: I believe Crichton’s' supposition is correct. He said they must have come aboard when the flock or swarm - thing passed over us. (Rygel wipes his finger off on Zhaan’s robe. She looks up from her equipment - Rygel, thinking she caught him - looks apprehensive -) Crichton? It's Crichton’s DNA?

(cut to a corridor in Moya where D'Argo is trying to cut through a door sealed by blue stuff with a whining laser saw. John stands nearby)

John: (to Zhaan via comm) My DNA? How can that bug be carrying my DNA?

Zhaan: Well, that's what the analyzer's saying.

John: Well, analyze it again.

Zhaan: I intend to. But another specimen would be helpful John. Alive this time if possible.

John: Oh, yeah, no problem. Hell, the damn things are related to me.

Aeryn: (enters - she gestures towards D'Argo) What's behind there?

John: (stops D'Argo) Hey, what's back there?

D'Argo: (growling) Ion backwash chamber. Should be a giant, empty room. The beetles have completely isolated it. All four entries are sealed. Pilot! We need that alternate entry!

Pilot: (irritated) I am still attempting access.

D'Argo: (flummoxed by the failure of his tool to penetrate the blue sealant) Nothing can resist a prism laser saw.

John: Well, you'd better check the warranty, 'cos that stuff ain't budging. Zhaan says we gotta capture another bug. Alive this time. Says she wants to check some unreliable data.

Aeryn: (disgusted and clearly uncomfortable) Huh. Data's not the only unreliable thing around here. (she storms off)

John: What's her problem?

D'Argo: Sebacean heat delirium.

John: What?

D'Argo: Sebaceans lack the gland necessary to regulate extreme thermal increases.

John: Wait - Crais and those other bastards chasing us are cold-blooded? Literally?

D'Argo: It's a weakness not enough of them die from. PILOT! I will wait no longer. (he takes his laser and begins cutting through Moya’s' wall to get into the backwash chamber)

Pilot: (furious) How dare you cut into Moya without warning! (a DRD zaps D'Argo)

D'Argo: (yelps and kicks the DRD away) Hey! You had your chance!

(Pilot snarls in his Den and D'Argo continues cutting. Moya groans. John approaches Aeryn who's gone to sit by herself)

Aeryn: We have to get in there.

John: Maybe you should lie down.

Aeryn: No, I need to be left alone

(the cutting and Moya’s' groans continue)

John: Heat delirium?

Aeryn: As our cells overheat, the nervous system shuts down. First short-term memory, then motor functions. The last thing to go is long-term memory.

John: Sounds like an ugly way to die.

Aeryn: We don't die. Our body lives on in that state. It's called the Living Death. It's the only time we kill our own from mercy.

(D'Argo gets through the wall)

John: You see anything?

D'Argo: (frustrated) Another bulkhead! (he punches the wall - bugs scuttle and squeal behind it and in the vents)

(later - a corridor - John, talking to himself, rounds a curve and sees Zhaan)

John: My DNA... my DNA. Great. (lights flicker) The giant space cockroaches are eating out the lights. (coming up to Zhaan) Please tell me you made a mistake on those tests. (he helps her open a valve) There's no way my DNA is inside those things. (he realizes what Zhaan is doing) Zhaan, it's making it hotter, not cooler. (he reaches to shut the valve and Zhaan attacks him - knocking him across the corridor) OH! (he rubs his jaw and watches as Zhaan vomits blue stuff onto the valve - it hardens, freezing it in its open position) What the hell? (Zhaan walks away)

(cut to the Command. Aeryn is there - John enters)

John: D'Argo, Rygel! (he sees Aeryn and come up to her) How do you say, "We're screwed," in your native tongue? Zhaan just beat the crap out of me and then spit up that blue snot the bugs use. She must have been infected or something when she - (Aeryn is ignoring him as she works at a console) Aeryn? Aeryn - you're -you're not sweating. That's heatstroke.

Pilot: (on clamshell viewer) Commander Crichton, she is initiating a thermal increase.

John: Aeryn, you gotta stop. Aeryn you're only going to - (Aeryn attacks him and he is thrown back) Aeryn, no! (he tries to pull her away from the console - she responds by knocking him across the room) Okay! Hardball.

Pilot: (curiously watching Aeryn beat the crap out of John) Do not let her execute the command!

John: Thanks a lot, Pilot. That's a big help. Aeryn!

(he lunges at Aeryn and grabs her arm. Amid buggy squealing - the arm is torn off and Aeryn collapses her insides are blue glop. Pilot gapes. John gapes. Aeryn enters)

Aeryn: (slowly taking in the scene of a duplicate of herself dead on the floor and John still holding the arm) Crichton. What are you - (John gets to his feet and moves to her side as they stare at the dead thing on the floor) - doing?

(cut to Zhaan’s lab. Aeryn’s double is on a table)

John: It was exactly like you - the way it moved, the way it felt. I mean, it felt real. Alive. It looked and acted totally alive. It was impossible to tell the difference.

D'Argo: The fact that it was trying to sabotage the ship wasn't a clue to you?

Zhaan: He had no reason to suspect. This is a perfect duplicate of Aeryn’s 'exterior, right down to the micron.

Aeryn: Did it communicate?

John: Not a word. (to Zhaan) Neither did you when you attacked me in the passageway.

Zhaan: I was never in the passageway John.

John: No, the other you. This bug was in my room. It must have sampled something - hair, whatever. It was going to use my DNA to make a copy of me.

Zhaan: The perfect camouflage.

John: The perfect army.

Aeryn: If there are hundreds of these creatures on board -

Zhaan: Then we could be meeting our replicants at every turn.

D'Argo: Then we will kill them all. On sight.

Zhaan: And how will you tell us from them?

D'Argo: (pulls out a knife) We will cut off the tip of our small finger for identification.

John: How about something a little less permanent? (he produces a can of spray paint and proceeds to place an orange mark on everyone's hand)

Aeryn: Look I don't care about replicants. What we've got to do is - wait - what was I going to say? (rising panic) I had something to say, I know I did!

Zhaan: (softly - to John) We really need to lower the ships' temperature.

D'Argo: (quietly) All the climate regulators have been sealed by the blue sludge.

John: Can we find something, make something - that will dissolve this blue gunk?

Zhaan: I've certainly got enough to analyze.

Aeryn: I'm going to go work with Pilot. I'm fine.

John: Right. And all we have to do is find where they're hiding.

(cut to the corridor - John, Rygel and D'Argo are by the hole in the wall D'Argo opened)

Rygel: (outraged) If you say the heat's affected you, I won't assume you've lost your mind. Those things are in there!

(John pounds on the wall - which produces much squealing and scuttling of bugs)

John: There you go. That should scatter them long enough for you to get through.

Rygel: I'll go when it's more definite, thank you.

D'Argo: You'll go now. (he takes hold of Rygel’s hoverchair and chucks the Hynerian out of it and into the hole)

Rygel: What are you- ? YAAHH! Luxan manners never fail to amaze me!

(D'Argo grunts with satisfaction at John who grunts back)

(cut to Pilots' Den. Aeryn is next to his Console)

Aeryn: If we can't turn the temperature down, isn't there at least some way to - (she's panting) To stop it. - from - ?

Pilot: (eyeing her with cautious concern) Officer Sun?

Aeryn: I am a Peacekeeper. A Sebacean. Look. (she extends her hand - it is shaking) I can't hold a weapon. I can't hold a thought.

(she swoons slightly - Pilot catches her and supports her, one arm around her back)

Pilot: It is strange to be so close to a Peacekeeper I do not fear. That is a compliment. The only thing I haven't tried is a full propulsion shutdown. It would allow me to open the cargo doors to space.

Aeryn: It's too dangerous. We leave ourselves open for attack.

Pilot: (sharply) We are already under attack. (he withdraws his arm and returns to his work, initiating the shutdown - Moya’s' cargo bay doors slide open to space)

(cut to Rygel, crawling through Moya’s' vents and between her bulkheads with a flashlight. John and D'Argo are in the corridor calling in to him)

Rygel: (there's organic-looking gunk on the floors) Guh! I can hear something. (D'Argo bangs on the wall, bugs scuttle away) Gluuuuh! What the yotz was that?

D'Argo: Just trying to scare whatever's in there.

Rygel: Well, it worked!

John: We need to get the heat down.

D'Argo: Really? What a good idea.

John: Did you see the look on Aeryn’s face? It's like she was staring at her own death.

D'Argo: Or hoping for it. With Sebacean heat delirium, death is preferable.

John: Have you seen someone in this death state?

D'Argo: Yes. I've seen Peacekeepers suffer as she does. (he bangs on the wall again) They often beg for their own death. I cannot say I did not find the sight most enjoyable.

John: You want her to die?

D'Argo: (long pause) That's not true. She was one of THEM. Now she's a comrade - like you.

John: (snorts) Now there's a load of bull. You hate her right? You hate Peacekeepers and you hate her you want her to die.

D'Argo: (hissing, pushes John to the wall) Listen human. Everyone is frustrated. We're all hot. And we're all going to be a lot better off if we stop just wasting time and just fix this blasted ship.

John backs away and gives the wall a pound - bugs scurry.

Rygel: Aaarghh! Will you STOP that?

John: Just find the problem Rygel. And fast.

D'Argo: The little wretch is doing the best he can.

John: Yeah and in the meanwhile Aeryn is melting away.

D'Argo: Look human - for what it is worth. the part of me that wants Aeryn to live is greater than the part of me that wants all Peacekeepers to die.

John: (walking away) It's not worth much.

D'Argo: It's all I've got.

(cut to Pilots' Den. Aeryn is still there, slumped on the floor against his Console now)

Pilot: Ah... a few degrees cooler. That's all. I'm sorry.

Aeryn: Not your fault.

Pilot: I cannot reactivate the consumables refrigeration unit. I have no place to bring your core temperature down. Perhaps the others can think of a way to help you.

Aeryn: Why would the others care? My kind imprisoned them. I'm sure they haven't forgotten. (Pilot nods silently)

(cut to Rygel in Moya’s' ducts - grunting and groaning all the way. He finds an opening and crawls through. He sees a huge insect nest - bugs are hatching out of it amid much juicy squelching)

Rygel: (on comm) Bad news, people. Very bad news.

John: What is it, Rygel?

Rygel: GLAH! (the bugs hear John and notice Rygel’s presence) You trying to get me killed?! Of course you are. You sent me in here! Oh! It's hotter than squag! Gah! And they're building some kind of - nest!

D'Argo: Nest?

Rygel: Too many letters for you, Luxan? Try "hive"!

John: They're making us their home.

Rygel: Then I'm moving!

(cut to Zhaan’s lab)

Zhaan: (on comm) John, D'Argo! I've found a substance that dissolves the sealant. Now we can take back control of the - (a large stinger is shot into her throat, she collapses, gasping and choking)

(cut back to the corridor)

D'Argo: Zhaan! (he runs for her lab)

John: D'Argo!

Rygel: (lost in Moya’s' walls as he tries to get out) Where the hell is the hole, you bastard! WAAAOOHH! They're after me!

(cut to the Command - Zhaan has disappeared)

D'Argo: Pilot! Report! Where is Zhaan?

Pilot: Unknown. But Aeryn Sun is down here. Almost unconscious, I'm afraid. (a DRD examines the inert Aeryn)

(cut back to the corridor)

John: Rygel?! Are you all right?! Rygel! Rygel!

(A replicant of John drops from the ceiling and comes up from behind. It touches Johns' shoulder. John turns)

John: D'Argo, wha - (he stares at the replicant, who sees the orange mark on Johns' hand and promptly imitates it perfectly) Can, um - are you-are you able to speak? Communicate? Man, this is freakin' weird. Can you understand me? (the replicant attacks him) You know my moves. Yeah, and I know yours. (they fight, John knocks the replicant down and chortles) That's why Eddie Marx kicked your ass in the 7th grade! You fought fair! (the replicant recovers and comes at him again - the fight goes on)

(cut to the Command, D'Argo enters carrying Aeryn)

D'Argo: Pilot! Report! Where is Zhaan?

Pilot: Still no sign. My scans do reveal a growing number of bipedal entities moving about the ship.

D'Argo: Who knows how many more there are...

John: (entering) Infinite. (shows the head of his replicant) Minus one.

D'Argo: How do I know that you are Crichton?

John: Because I'm talking and the replicants don't do that. If they could, they would tell you that these markings - they're useless. They instantly adapt to whatever they see.

D'Argo: Where's Rygel?

John: Where's Zhaan?

D'Argo: There were signs of a struggle in the lab. We cannot find her.

Aeryn: (delirious) Did we pass the obstacle test? (clutches at John) I don't want to fail commando training.

D'Argo: We can do nothing else. Those invaders are isolating us.

John: We gotta find Zhaan. We gotta stick together.

Rygel: (on comm) The yotz with Zhaan. What about me?

John: Rygel! Where are you?

Rygel: (from the nesting chamber) Back where I started from if you must know. If I sit perfectly still, they don't advance. Yet when I move - they get disagreeable!

D'Argo: Right. (in a commanding tone) Don't move!

Rygel: If we ever survive this, Luxan, you must become my advisor. Fa-poo-tah!

John: What's going on in there?

Rygel: Nothing of concern, unless you count the fact that this thing's spitting out replicants like a Billian yard rat!

John: They've already won. Why - why do they need more of us?

Zhaan: (entering - in shock) Help me. I - I can't... I can't get this stinger out. It's pumping some kind of venom into me.

D'Argo: I'll cut it out.

(Zhaan sharply rebuffs him and straightens, staring suddenly - possessed)

John: Zhaan?

Zhaan: (in a strange androgynous voice) I am Monarch of the Drak.

John: Drak?

Zhaan/Monarch: These are my aggregate. (three replicants enter at the Monarchs' gesture) You attacked me during my genesis and you must die.

John: What the hell is "genesis"?

D'Argo: You ask the wrong warrior! This is one of them! (he draws his Qualta blade)

John: No! It's the real Zhaan! She's talking. The Xeroxes can't do that. (to the Monarch) What have you done to our friend?

Zhaan/Monarch: I use her for my voice. She will die when you die to save genesis.

John: Genesis? The nest. The nest! This is some sort of spawning? And you're the - you're the Queen?

Zhaan/Monarch: Life must continue.

John: You live in space - freezing space. But you need warmth to lay your eggs or - or to give birth. Only to give birth. So, when you're finished, you'll go back to space.

Zhaan/Monarch: That is our cycle. Why do you threaten us?

John: Threaten you? (to D'Argo) They didn't attack until I killed that first bug in my room. We started this damn war.

D'Argo: It is still a war. Either we die fighting them or we die from the heat!

John: We didn't know! (to Monarch) We didn't mean to harm you. How much - time - do you need to complete your cycle?

Zhaan/Monarch: Time?

John: Time, yes. You don't know time. Is your cycle nearer the beginning or is it nearer the end?

Zhaan/Monarch: I have birthed half my young.

John: Half. That's good. Half is - (looks at Aeryn) But does it need to be this hot?

Zhaan/Monarch: Warmth propels the emergence. Your habitat is capable of even greater warmth, but it resists. Tell me why it does this.

John: Because it's a living being. A host. And this heat is very bad for our habitat.

D'Argo: We must strike before she decides to strike!

Zhaan/Monarch: You are enemy! (the replicants advance on him)

John: If you keep it this warm, our habitat will die and there will be no heat. And all of your young will die. (the Monarch pauses and her replicants stop)

(later - cut to one of Moya’s' prison cells. The crew is gathered there except for Rygel who's still trapped in the nesting chamber)

Rygel: (on comm) Oh! What the yotz kind of deal it that?

John: Best we could do.

Rygel: Yet another reason I should handle all negotiations.

John: Just don't worry. It's only a couple more hours.

Rygel: I can't stay here for a few more hours! I think this thing is salivating And my body has functions!

John: Stay put. As long as we don't move until genesis is over, she'll keep the heat down and we shouldn't see any more replicants - only baby Draks.

Rygel: (dubious) What do they eat?

Zhaan: (herself again after D'Argo has removed the stinger, she is referring to Aeryn) I think we caught it in time. Any longer at that level and she would have suffered permanent damage. Let her rest John. She needs to recover some strength before she is aggravated again.

John: (concerned about Zhaan) How about you?

Zhaan: I can still sense her deep inside.

John: What was that like?

Zhaan: Like we're imprisoned in this room with the ship just out of reach. I was within my own mind but I couldn't reach past and feel what I wanted.

John: I'm glad you're safe Zhaan.

Zhaan: Now you've struck this truce we're all safe.

John: (walks back to Aeryn) Feeling better?

Aeryn: (gulping) No How much longer?

John: (gently) I don't know. We didn't cover the life-cycle of deep space insects at JFK High.

(cut to Moya’s' wide open landing bays. A Marauder lands and several PK commandos emerge. They find the dead Aeryn replicant)

Kyona: Lieutenant Melkor!

Melkor: Officer Sun. How fortunate for you to be spared the punishment of a Captain Crais court-martial.

Kyona: Something is wrong here, sir. This ship is floating dead in space with is cargo doors wide open. Our scans show her propulsion systems are fully operational. Why?

Melkor : When we secure the rest of the ship, you will have your answers.

PK3: Lieutenant!

(a D'Argo replicant enters)

Melkor: Stand fast Luxan! (the replicant advances and the Peacekeepers kill it) Our objective is Command. Advance pattern Decca. Shoot to kill is your order.

(cut back to the cell)

John: She's cranked up the heat again.

Aeryn: Why?

Pilot: Weapons fire on board!

D'Argo: Weapons fire?

John: What?

Pilot: Moya’s' neural links have been badly affected by the heat, but I believe it came from the maintenance bay. I'm picking up five unidentified life forms and a ship in the transport hangar. The Marauder!

John: It must be the Monarch. She thinks that we've broken the deal.

(cut to the PK commandos in a corridor - another D'Argo replicant appears)

Kyona: Lieutenant, there's another Luxan!

Melkor: Steady, Sergeant. This transport was only carrying one Luxan. (kills the replicant) Enemy rear! (shoots a Zhaan replicant. They continue on - looking sweaty and uncomfortable)

(cut back to the cell)

John: Monarch! Speak with me! We aren't the ones attacking you! Speak with me, dammit!

Aeryn: It's up to you.

John: Aeryn, no. I'm trying to -

Aeryn: Before the Living Death takes hold, you have to be prepared to kill me. Promise.

John: No, not a chance.

Aeryn: You said I'm not alone. A friend would do this for me, family would do it swiftly. (John looks grim)

(cut back to the commandos)

Kyona: (panting) The heat, sir -

Melkor: (he tries to shut a heat valve) The prisoners have done this. It's their only defense.

Kyona: But what's this sealant?

Melkor: We must resist.

PK3: We must retreat!

Melkor: I'll attribute that to heat delirium, Officer! The Command is this way. Move!

(cut to Rygel and the nest)

Rygel: I can't do this. I can't!

John: (on comm) We don't have a choice.

Rygel: Do you know what you are asking me? Do you realize how - hideous this thing is?

John: You wanted to negotiate, now here's your chance.

Zhaan: Ask him what Rygel 1 would do.

John: Rygel, Zhaan wants to know - Rygel? What's happening?

Rygel: (approaching the nest) I am Rygel, 16th of my lineage, Dominar of the Hynerian Empire. I am at once your equal and your humble petitioner requesting an audience.

(the nest opens and Rygel waddles into it)

John: What's happening? Rygel! Rygel, come in. Come in, Rygel. He has to be there.

D'Argo: That is enough. He is gone.

John: Look, it was my idea to send him in there.

D'Argo: And it failed. But WE are still alive.

Aeryn: He's right.

John: Zhaan, what do you think -

(The Monarch has taken over Zhaan again)

John: Monarch?

Zhaan/Monarch: Silence.

John: You have to listen to me. Those people out there - they only look like us-

Zhaan/Monarch: Silence.

John: I will not be silent. You're killing us for no reason!

Zhaan/Monarch: I have communed with your sovereign. He is most agreeable. I trust him.

D'Argo: (shouting) Rygel is NOT my sovereign!

John: (sotto voce) He is today. (to Monarch) Then you know we wouldn't hurt you.

Zhaan/Monarch: I know all.

(cut to the PKs who are struggling against the heat)

Melkor: These creatures, whatever they are, they're no real threat to us. We continue forward.

Kyona: Sir!

Melkor: (seeing a replicant) Crichton. (he shoots it and a bug scuttles out) What the...? (he shoots bug, back in the cell Zhaan/Monarch screams in pain)

John: Locked in this room, we can't help you. Let us out - and we can stop them.

Zhaan/Monarch: (as she releases them) I will allow the thermal to lower.

John: No. Wait.

Aeryn: (suffering terribly) Do it.

John: Don't lower the heat. Crank it up.

(Monarch leaves Zhaan as the heat increases)

Zhaan: (referring to Aeryn) I'll look after her. Go.

John: (to D'Argo) It's just you and me.

D'Argo: Actually, it is just me. And you. (he leaves)

John: Aeryn...

Aeryn: I feel the Living Death.

John: No. No, you hold on. I won't let it happen.

Aeryn: It's not your choice. Remember your promise.

(cut to the PKs - now in extreme distress)

Melkor: Move!

Kyona: (agonized) No! (they pass D'Argo - playing dead - he jumps up and takes the last PK and his rifle)

(cut back to the cell. Zhaan is bathing Aeryn with water)

Zhaan: Pilot? More pressure. (Pilot affirms) Colder water.

Aeryn: (delirious) Living Death. Crichton... promise...

(cut back to the PKs)

Kyona: Sir?

(several Crichton replicants surround the PKs)

Melkor: (frantic) Shoot them! Shoot them all!

(cut to cell)

Aeryn: (moaning) Promise... promise... Crichton!

(cut to the PKs - John enters. They are pretty much helpless by now)

John: Did you ever have one of those days where life just ain't what you thought it was going to be?

Melkor: I killed you!

John: I'm still here.

Melkor: (collapsing) What kind of creature are you?

John: That's a good question. It's too bad Crais didn't ask that before he declared war on me.

D'Argo: (entering in full warrior mode) Crichton! Out of the way!

John: No, D'Argo, this one's mine. (to Melkor) We got two choices here, Peacekeeper. You can stick around and find out how hot it's gonna get. Or you can return to your Captain Crais.

D'Argo: Crichton...

Melkor: You would let us leave?

John: Tell him he picked the wrong species to screw around with. He wants a fight... fine. Look around. Take a good look around. Multiply that by thousands. Let's get you back to your ship.

(Melkor lunges and puts a knife to Johns' throat. D'Argo steps in and puts his newly stolen PK gun to Mellor’s' head)

D'Argo: I believe the human Crichton gave you a choice.

John: Go ahead. Use your blade. Then next time Crais sees my face, his crew'll be dead and he'll be staring up from a pool of his own blood. (Melkor, is psyched out and overheated. He gives up and collapses)

(later - cut to a corridor. DRDs are busy vacuuming leftover blue glop from the walls and floors with tiny hose attachments)

D'Argo: Brave gamble, Crichton.

John: Nah, you wouldn't have let him skewer me. Right?

D'Argo: You risked Aeryn Suns' life. I would still have preferred killing them on the spot.

John: Well, this way there's a chance Crais'll catch the hint and leave us alone. (D'Argo looks skeptical) A small chance.

(cut to the Command. Rygel is asleep and snoring. John enters and wakes him)

John: Big fella! You look refreshed.

Rygel: Well a three hour bath'll do that for you. I had blue crud way up in places you don't want to know about.

John: You did a hell of a job today.

Rygel: Yes. Well there's a lot of Rygel 1 in here! You know if I had new clothes of trey-spun shimmer weave the resemblance would startle you!

Pilot: (on clamshell viewer) I'm pleased to report that the temperature is now at optimum.

John: That's good news for Aeryn. Where is she?

Pilot: I believe - on the Terrace.

Zhaan: The Draks are leaving. Monarch wishes a final word with us.

(once more the Monarch speaks through Zhaan)

Zhaan/Monarch: We are pleased. Genesis is completed.

John: That pleases us, too, Monarch.

Zhaan/Monarch: We are also pleased by the encounter between us.

John: Well, I think I can speak for all of us when I - (Monarch walks past, ignoring him and goes to Rygel)

Zhaan/Monarch: We shall not meet again, Great Ruler.

Rygel: Don't worry. This one will last me a lifetime.

(Monarch leaves Zhaan. The Draks leave Moya)

Zhaan: They'll be gone soon. So remarkable.

(later - cut to a corridor outside Zhaan’s quarters. John is walking her there)

John: Easy now. Just lean on me.

Zhaan: Yes I know I can.

John: (opening the door) Home sweet home.

Zhaan: I'll be fine from here. (John turns to leave) Oh - I must say, you handled yourself like quite a man of action today!

John: m (turns back) Yeah - I'm getting the hang of a few things. 'Course - when I do-

Zhaan: (finishing for him) -things change and you find you're more confused than you were before.

John: Yup. Pretty much.

Zhaan: Time and patience.

John: "Time and patience." Is that your answer for everything?

Zhaan: Yes. Because it's always the right answer.

John: All right. How does time and patience answer this. We see the Draks, or saw them - as pests. Something to be stepped on and crushed.

Zhaan: We were ignorant.

John: Well I definitely polarized one on sight and I would have done the same to the Dentic and those germ - bugs you injected me with when I first came on board.

Zhaan: The translator microbes.

John: Yeah, those guys. See but, you see them as good.

Zhaan: Well we've learned to work with them. Isn't it the same where you come from?

John: I guess. I mean, some people keep - pets that others would just as soon eat.

Zhaan: If you're asking for a distinction I think it's often unclear. Moya is alive and she's our protector. But she's also our servant and she relies on us and we rely on her. It's a mutual symbiotic relationship.

John: So who lives and dies in your world? Is it as arbitrary as it is in mine?

Zhaan: The answer is reverence for all living beings. Which may come with -

John: - time and patience. (he turns to leave)

Zhaan: (calling after him) I get the feeling you're going to get the hang of things soon!

(cut to Moya’s' terrace Aeryn is there alone as John enters. The terrace is a sort of patio atop Moya that is protected from the vacuum of space by an invisible barrier)

John: Hey, remember me? Didn't we meet at a party a few years back?

Aeryn: Some of what happened, I can't recall - but almost everything else has come back.

John: How are the shakes?

Aeryn: (shows steady hand) I'll be fine. You know, I always thought that lesser life forms were useless. Just something to be squashed.

John: Yeah, it's... it's humbling when you realize that - You're not talking about the Draks, are you?

(she smiles thinly)

John: Fine. Well, on behalf of lesser life forms everywhere, I accept the - compliment.

Aeryn: Could you have kept your promise?

(he doesn't answer, but looks out at the Drak swarm)

John: You know, all things considered. there are worse ways to end a day.


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